Measure for Measure

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Duke and Frier Peter.Enter Duke, in his own habit, and Friar Peterhabit (n.)
dress, clothing, costume
MM IV.v.1
Duke. DUKE 
These Letters at fit time deliuer me,These letters at fit time deliver me. MM IV.v.1
The Prouost knowes our purpose and our plot,The provost knows our purpose and our plot.purpose (n.)
intention, aim, plan
MM IV.v.2
The matter being a foote, keepe your instructionThe matter being afoot, keep your instruction,matter (n.)
affair(s), business, real issue
MM IV.v.3
keep (v.)
look to, attend to, follow
afoot (adv.)

old form: a foote
on the go, in existence
And hold you euer to our speciall drift,And hold you ever to our special drift,drift (n.)
plan, intention, aim
MM IV.v.4
Though sometimes you doe blench from this to thatThough sometimes you do blench from this to that,blench (v.)
swerve, turn aside, give way
MM IV.v.5
As cause doth minister: Goe call at Flauia's house,As cause doth minister. Go call at Flavius' house,minister (v.)
prompt, suggest, indicate
MM IV.v.6
And tell him where I stay: giue the like noticeAnd tell him where I stay. Give the like noticelike (adj.)
same, similar, alike, equal
MM IV.v.7
To Valencius, Rowland, and to Crassus,To Valentius, Rowland, and to Crassus, MM IV.v.8
And bid them bring the Trumpets to the gate:And bid them bring the trumpets to the gate; MM IV.v.9
But send me Flauius first.But send me Flavius first. MM IV.v.10.1
It shall be speeded well.It shall be speeded well.speed (v.)
further, carry out, expedite
MM IV.v.10.2
Exit MM IV.v.10
Enter Varrius.Enter Varrius MM IV.v.11
Duke. DUKE 
I thank thee Varrius, thou hast made good hast,I thank thee, Varrius, thou hast made good haste. MM IV.v.12
Come, we will walke: There's other of our friendsCome, we will walk. There's other of our friends MM IV.v.13
Will greet vs heere anon: my gentle Varrius.Will greet us here anon, my gentle Varrius.gentle (adj.)
well-born, honourable, noble
MM IV.v.14
anon (adv.)
soon, shortly, presently
Exeunt.Exeunt MM IV.v.14
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