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Titus Lartius, hauing set a guard vpon Carioles, Titus Lartius, having set a guard upon Corioles, Cor I.vii.1.1
going with Drum and Trumpet toward Cominius, and going with Drum and Trumpet toward Cominius and Cor I.vii.1.2
Caius Martius, Enters with a Lieutenant, other Souldiours, Caius Martius, enters with a Lieutenant, other Soldiers, Cor I.vii.1.3
and a Scout.and a Scout Cor I.vii.1.4
So, let the Ports be guarded; keepe your DutiesSo, let the ports be guarded. Keep your dutiesport (n.)
portal, entrance, gateway
Cor I.vii.1
As I haue set them downe. If I do send, dispatchAs I have set them down. If I do send, dispatch Cor I.vii.2
Those Centuries to our ayd, the rest will serueThose centuries to our aid. The rest will servecentury (n.)
army company of 100 soldiers
Cor I.vii.3
For a short holding, if we loose the Field,For a short holding. If we lose the field,field (n.)
field of battle, battleground, field of combat
Cor I.vii.4
We cannot keepe the Towne.We cannot keep the town. Cor I.vii.5.1
Feare not our care Sir.Fear not our care, sir. Cor I.vii.5.2
Hence; and shut your gates vpon's:Hence, and shut your gates upon's. Cor I.vii.6
Our Guider come, to th' Roman Campe conduct vs.Our guider, come; to th' Roman camp conduct us.guider (n.)
guide, scout
Cor I.vii.7
Exit Exeunt Cor I.vii.7
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