Henry VI Part 3

First folio
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Key line

Enter Rutland, and his Tutor.Alarum. Enter Rutland and his Tutor 3H6 I.iii.1.1
Rutland. RUTLAND 
Ah, whither shall I flye, to scape their hands?Ah, whither shall I fly to 'scape their hands?scape, 'scape (v.)
escape, avoid
3H6 I.iii.1
Ah Tutor, looke where bloody Clifford comes.Ah, tutor, look where bloody Clifford comes! 3H6 I.iii.2
Enter Clifford.Enter Clifford and soldiers 3H6 I.iii.3
Clifford. CLIFFORD 
Chaplaine away, thy Priesthood saues thy life.Chaplain, away! Thy priesthood saves thy life. 3H6 I.iii.3
As for the Brat of this accursed Duke,As for the brat of this accursed duke,brat (n.)
child [not always with contemptuous connotation]
3H6 I.iii.4
Whose Father slew my Father, he shall dye.Whose father slew my father, he shall die. 3H6 I.iii.5
Tutor. TUTOR 
And I, my Lord, will beare him company.And I, my lord, will bear him company. 3H6 I.iii.6
Clifford. CLIFFORD 
Souldiers, away with him.Soldiers, away with him! 3H6 I.iii.7
Tutor. TUTOR 
Ah Clifford, murther not this innocent Child,Ah, Clifford, murder not this innocent child, 3H6 I.iii.8
Least thou be hated both of God and Man. Lest thou be hated both of God and man. 3H6 I.iii.9
Exit.Exit, dragged off by soldiers 3H6 I.iii.9
Clifford. CLIFFORD 
How now? is he dead alreadie? / Or is it feare,How now? Is he dead already? Or is it fear 3H6 I.iii.10
that makes him close his eyes? / Ile open them.That makes him close his eyes? I'll open them. 3H6 I.iii.11
Rutland. RUTLAND 
So looks the pent-vp Lyon o're the Wretch,So looks the pent-up lion o'er the wretchpent-up (adj.)

old form: pent-vp
confined without food, ravenous
3H6 I.iii.12
That trembles vnder his deuouring Pawes:That trembles under his devouring paws; 3H6 I.iii.13
And so he walkes, insulting o're his Prey,And so he walks, insulting o'er his prey,insulting (adj.)
scornfully boasting, contemptuously exulting
3H6 I.iii.14
And so he comes, to rend his Limbes asunder.And so he comes, to rend his limbs asunder. 3H6 I.iii.15
Ah gentle Clifford, kill me with thy Sword,Ah, gentle Clifford, kill me with thy sword, 3H6 I.iii.16
And not with such a cruell threatning Looke.And not with such a cruel threatening look! 3H6 I.iii.17
Sweet Clifford heare me speake, before I dye:Sweet Clifford, hear me speak before I die. 3H6 I.iii.18
I am too meane a subiect for thy Wrath,I am too mean a subject for thy wrath;mean (adj.)

old form: meane
unworthy, insignificant, unimportant
3H6 I.iii.19
Be thou reueng'd on men, and let me liue.Be thou revenged on men, and let me live. 3H6 I.iii.20
Clifford. CLIFFORD 
In vaine thou speak'st, poore Boy: / My Fathers bloodIn vain thou speakest, poor boy; my father's blood 3H6 I.iii.21
hath stopt the passage / Where thy words should enter.Hath stopped the passage where thy words should enter. 3H6 I.iii.22
Rutland. RUTLAND 
Then let my Fathers blood open it againe,Then let my father's blood open it again; 3H6 I.iii.23
He is a man, and Clifford cope with him.He is a man, and, Clifford, cope with him.cope, cope with (v.)
encounter, face, have to do [with], come into contact [with]
3H6 I.iii.24
Clifford. CLIFFORD 
Had I thy Brethren here, their liues and thineHad I thy brethren here, their lives and thine 3H6 I.iii.25
Were not reuenge sufficient for me:Were not revenge sufficient for me; 3H6 I.iii.26
No, if I digg'd vp thy fore-fathers Graues,No, if I digged up thy forefathers' graves 3H6 I.iii.27
And hung their rotten Coffins vp in Chaynes,And hung their rotten coffins up in chains, 3H6 I.iii.28
It could not slake mine ire, nor ease my heart.It could not slake mine ire nor ease my heart.slake (v.)
abate, moderate, decrease
3H6 I.iii.29
The sight of any of the House of Yorke,The sight of any of the house of York 3H6 I.iii.30
Is as a furie to torment my Soule:Is as a fury to torment my soul; 3H6 I.iii.31
And till I root out their accursed Line,And till I root out their accursed line 3H6 I.iii.32
And leaue not one aliue, I liue in Hell.And leave not one alive, I live in hell. 3H6 I.iii.33
Therefore---Therefore –  3H6 I.iii.34
He lifts his sword 3H6 I.iii.35
Rutland. RUTLAND 
Oh let me pray, before I take my death:O, let me pray before I take my death! 3H6 I.iii.35
To thee I pray; sweet Clifford pitty me.To thee I pray; sweet Clifford, pity me! 3H6 I.iii.36
Clifford. CLIFFORD 
Such pitty as my Rapiers point affords.Such pity as my rapier's point affords.rapier (n.)
light sharp-pointed sword used for thrusting
3H6 I.iii.37
Rutland. RUTLAND 
I neuer did thee harme: why wilt thou slay me?I never did thee harm; why wilt thou slay me? 3H6 I.iii.38
Clifford. CLIFFORD 
Thy Father hath.Thy father hath. 3H6 I.iii.39.1
Rutland. RUTLAND 
But 'twas ere I was borne.But 'twas ere I was born. 3H6 I.iii.39.2
Thou hast one Sonne, for his sake pitty me,Thou hast one son; for his sake pity me, 3H6 I.iii.40
Least in reuenge thereof, sith God is iust,Lest in revenge thereof, sith God is just, 3H6 I.iii.41
He be as miserably slaine as I.He be as miserably slain as I. 3H6 I.iii.42
Ah, let me liue in Prison all my dayes,Ah, let me live in prison all my days; 3H6 I.iii.43
And when I giue occasion of offence,And when I give occasion of offence,occasion (n.)
ground, reason, cause, matter
3H6 I.iii.44
Then let me dye, for now thou hast no cause.Then let me die, for now thou hast no cause. 3H6 I.iii.45
Clifford. CLIFFORD 
No cause? thy Father slew my Father: therefore dye.No cause? 3H6 I.iii.46
Thy father slew my father; therefore, die. 3H6 I.iii.47
He stabs Rutland 3H6 I.iii.48
Rutland. RUTLAND 
Dij faciant laudis summa sit ista tua.Di faciant laudis summa sit ista tuae.di...
may the gods cause your action to be that which makes you best known
3H6 I.iii.48
He dies 3H6 I.iii.48
Clifford. CLIFFORD 
Plantagenet, I come Plantagenet:Plantagenet! I come, Plantagenet! 3H6 I.iii.49
And this thy Sonnes blood cleauing to my Blade,And this thy son's blood cleaving to my bladecleave (v.)

old form: cleauing
stick, adhere
3H6 I.iii.50
Shall rust vpon my Weapon, till thy bloodShall rust upon my weapon, till thy blood 3H6 I.iii.51
Congeal'd with this, doe make me wipe off both. Congealed with this, do make me wipe off both.congeal (v.)

old form: Congeal'd
coagulate, curdle, clot
3H6 I.iii.52
Exit.Exit 3H6 I.iii.52
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