Henry VI Part 2

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Lord Scales vpon the Tower walking. Then Enter Lord Scales upon the Tower, walking. Then 2H6 IV.v.1.1
enters two or three Citizens below.enter three Citizens below 2H6 IV.v.1.2
Scales. SCALES 
How now? Is Iacke Cade slaine?How now? Is Jack Cade slain? 2H6 IV.v.1
No my Lord, nor likely to be slaine:No, my lord, nor likely to be slain; for 2H6 IV.v.2
For they haue wonne the Bridge, / Killing all those that withstand they have won the bridge, killing all those that withstand 2H6 IV.v.3
them: / The L. Maior craues ayd of your Honor them. The Lord Mayor craves aid of your honourcrave (v.)

old form: craues
beg, entreat, request
2H6 IV.v.4
from the Tower / To defend the City from the Rebels.from the Tower to defend the city from the rebels. 2H6 IV.v.5
Scales. SCALES 
Such ayd as I can spare you shall command,Such aid as I can spare you shall command, 2H6 IV.v.6
But I am troubled heere with them my selfe,But I am troubled here with them myself; 2H6 IV.v.7
The Rebels haue assay'd to win the Tower.The rebels have assayed to win the Tower.assay (v.)

old form: assay'd
attempt, try, venture
2H6 IV.v.8
But get you to Smithfield, and gather head,But get you to Smithfield and gather head,head (n.)
fighting force, army, body of troops
2H6 IV.v.9
And thither I will send you Mathew Goffe.And thither I will send you Matthew Gough. 2H6 IV.v.10
Fight for your King, your Countrey, and your Liues,Fight for your king, your country, and your lives; 2H6 IV.v.11
And so farwell, for I must hence againe. And so farewell, for I must hence again. 2H6 IV.v.12
ExeuntExeunt 2H6 IV.v.12
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