The Two Noble Kinsmen

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Enter Iailor, Wooer, Doctor.Enter Gaoler, Wooer, and Doctor TNK IV.iii.1.1
Her distraction is more at some time of the Moone,Her distraction is more at some time of the moondistraction (n.)
madness, derangement, insanity
TNK IV.iii.1
Then at other some, is it not?than at other some, is it not? TNK IV.iii.2
She is continually in a harmelesse distemper,She is continually in a harmless distemper,harmless (adj.)

old form: harmelesse
innocent, causing no harm
TNK IV.iii.3
distemper (n.)
malady, illness, derangement
sleepes / Little, altogether without appetite, save oftensleeps little, altogether without appetite save often TNK IV.iii.4
drinking, / Dreaming of another world, and a better; anddrinking; dreaming of another world, and a better; and TNK IV.iii.5
what / Broken peece of matter so'ere she's about, the namewhat broken piece of matter soe'er she's about, the namematter (n.)
subject-matter, content, substance
TNK IV.iii.6
broken (adj.)
disjointed, fragmentary, disconnected
Palamon lardes it, that she farces ev'ry busines / Withall,Palamon lards it, that she farces every business withal,lard (v.)

old form: lardes
permeate, saturate, pepper
TNK IV.iii.7
farce, force (v.)
stuff, cram
fyts it to every question;fits it to every question.question (n.)
conversation, discourse, piece of talk
TNK IV.iii.8
fit (v.)

old form: fyts
suit, befit, be suitable [for]
Enter Daughter.Enter Gaoler's Daughter TNK IV.iii.9
Looke where / Shee comes, you shall perceive herLook where she comes; you shall perceive her TNK IV.iii.9
behaviour.behaviour. TNK IV.iii.10
I have forgot it quite; The burden o'nt, wasI have forgot it quite; the burden on't wasburden, burthen (n.)
refrain, chorus
TNK IV.iii.11
downe / A downe a, and pend by no worse man, then‘ down-a, down-a,’ and penned by no worse man than TNK IV.iii.12
Giraldo, Emilias Schoolemaster; he's as / Fantasticall too,Geraldo, Emilia's schoolmaster. He's as fantastical, too,fantastical (adj.)

old form: Fantasticall
fanciful, imaginative, full of wild ideas
TNK IV.iii.13
as ever he may goe upon's legs, / For in the next world willas ever he may go upon's legs; for in the next world will TNK IV.iii.14
Dido see Palamon, and Then will she be out of love withDido see Palamon, and then will she be out of love withDido (n.)
[pron: 'diydoh] Queen of Carthage who fell in love with Aeneas when he was shipwrecked on her shores; commanded by Jupiter, Aeneas left without seeing Dido again, and she killed herself on a funeral pyre
TNK IV.iii.15
Eneas.Aeneas.Aeneas (n.)
[pron: e'nayas] Trojan hero, son of Anchises and Aphrodite; in Roman legend, the ancestor of the Romans
TNK IV.iii.16
What stuff's here? pore soule.What stuff's here! Poor soul.stuff (n.)
rubbish, nonsense
TNK IV.iii.17
Ev'n thus all day long.E'en thus all day long. TNK IV.iii.18
Now for this Charme, that I told you of, youNow for this charm that I told you of, you TNK IV.iii.19
must / Bring a peece of silver on the tip of your tongue,must bring a piece of silver on the tip of your tongue, TNK IV.iii.20
Or no ferry: then if it be your chance to come where / Theor no ferry; then if it be your chance to come where the TNK IV.iii.21
blessed spirits, as the'rs a sight now; we maids / Thatblessed spirits are – there's a sight now! We maids that TNK IV.iii.22
have our Lyvers, perish'd, crakt to peeces with / Love,have our livers perished, cracked to pieces with love,perish (v.)

old form: perish'd
destroy, wither, become ruined
TNK IV.iii.23
liver (n.)

old form: Lyvers
part of the body thought to be the seat of the passions [especially sexual desire]
we shall come there, and doe nothing all day long / Butwe shall come there, and do nothing all day long but TNK IV.iii.24
picke flowers with Proserpine, then will I make / Palamonpick flowers with Proserpine. Then will I make PalamonProserpine, Proserpina (n.)
daughter of the corn-goddess Ceres; Hades, king of the Underworld, abducted her and made her his queen
TNK IV.iii.25
a Nosegay, then let him marke me,---then.a nosegay; then let him mark me – then – mark (v.)

old form: marke
note, pay attention [to], take notice [of]
TNK IV.iii.26
How prettily she's amisse? note her a littleHow prettily she's amiss! Note her a littlenote (v.)
observe, pay attention [to], take special note [of]
TNK IV.iii.27
prettily (adv.)
cleverly, ingeniously; or: charmingly
amiss (adj.)

old form: amisse
deficient [in mind], deranged
further.further. TNK IV.iii.28
Faith ile tell you, sometime we goe toFaith, I'll tell you, sometime we go to TNK IV.iii.29
Barly breake, / We of the blessed; alas, tis a sore life theybarley-break, we of the blessed. Alas, 'tis a sore life theybarley-break (n.)

old form: Barly breake
type of country game in which a couple occupies a den [nicknamed ‘hell’] in the centre of a [barley] field, and tries to catch other couples, who may separate [break] when about to be caught
TNK IV.iii.30
have i'th / Thother place, such burning, frying, boyling,have i'th' tother place, such burning, frying, boiling, TNK IV.iii.31
hissing, / Howling, chattring, cursing, oh they havehissing, howling, chattering, cursing – O, they have TNK IV.iii.32
shrowd / Measure, take heede; if one be mad, or hang orshrewd measure; take heed! If one be mad, or hang ormeasure (n.)
punishment, treatment, retribution
TNK IV.iii.33
shrewd (adj.)

old form: shrowd
harsh, hard, severe
Drowne themselves, thither they goe, Iupiter blesse / Vs,drown themselves, thither they go – Jupiter bless us! – Jupiter, Jove (n.)
Roman supreme god; associated with the heavens and the weather, especially thunder and lightning; husband of Juno
TNK IV.iii.34
and there shall we be put in a Caldron of / Lead, andand there shall we be put in a cauldron of lead and TNK IV.iii.35
Vsurers grease, amongst a whole million of / Cutpurses,usurers' grease, amongst a whole million of cutpurses,grease (n.)
sweat, melted fat
TNK IV.iii.36
cutpurse (n.)
pickpocket, thief, robber
and there boyle like a Gamon of Bacon / That will neverand there boil like a gammon of bacon that will never TNK IV.iii.37
be enough. enough. TNK IV.iii.38
How her braine coynes?How her brain coins!coin (v.)

old form: coynes
create fantasies, fabricate, fantasize
TNK IV.iii.39
Lords and Courtiers, that have got maids withLords and courtiers that have got maids with TNK IV.iii.40
Child, they are in this place, they shall stand in fire upchild, they are in this place; they shall stand in fire up TNK IV.iii.41
to the / Nav'le, and in yce up to 'th hart, and there th' offendingto the navel and in ice up to th' heart, and there th' offending TNK IV.iii.42
part burnes, and the deceaving part freezes; in trothpart burns and the deceiving part freezes – in trothtroth (n.)
truth, good faith
TNK IV.iii.43
a very greevous punishment, as one would thinke, fora very grievous punishment, as one would think, for TNK IV.iii.44
such a Trifle, beleve me one would marry a leaproussuch a trifle. Believe me, one would marry a leprous TNK IV.iii.45
witch, to be rid on't Ile assure you.witch to be rid on't, I'll assure you. TNK IV.iii.46
How she continues this fancie? Tis not anHow she continues this fancy! 'Tis not ancontinue (v.)
keep up, maintain, elaborate
TNK IV.iii.47
engraffed / Madnesse, but a most thicke, and profoundengraffed madness, but a most thick and profoundingraft, engraffed (adj.)
ingrafted, ingrained, deep-rooted
TNK IV.iii.48
thick (adj.)

old form: thicke
deep, heavy, profound
mellencholly.melancholy. TNK IV.iii.49
To heare there a proud Lady, and a proud CittyTo hear there a proud lady and a proud city TNK IV.iii.50
wiffe, howle together: I were a beast and il'd call it goodwife howl together – I were a beast an I'd call it goodand, an (conj.)
if, whether
TNK IV.iii.51
sport: one cries, o this smoake, another this fire;sport! One cries ‘ O, this smoke!’, th' other ‘ This fire!’;sport (n.)
recreation, amusement, entertainment
TNK IV.iii.52
One cries, o, that ever I did it behind the arras, andone cries ‘ O that ever I did it behind the arras!’, andarras (n.)
tapestry hanging
TNK IV.iii.53
then howles; th' other curses a suing fellow and herthen howls; th' other curses a suing fellow and hersuing (adj.)
persistently entreating, importuning, chasing
TNK IV.iii.54
garden (n.)

old form: garden house
small building in a garden [often used for lovers' assignations]
TNK IV.iii.55
Sings.(She sings) TNK IV.iii.56
I will be true, my stars, my fate, &c.I will be true, my stars, my fate, etc. TNK IV.iii.56
Exit. Daugh.Exit TNK IV.iii.56
What thinke you of her Sir?What think you of her, sir? TNK IV.iii.57
I think she has a perturbed minde, which I cannotI think she has a perturbed mind, which I cannot TNK IV.iii.58
minister to.minister to. TNK IV.iii.59
Alas, what then?Alas, what then? TNK IV.iii.60
Vnderstand you, she ever affected any man, ereUnderstand you she ever affected any man ereaffect (v.)
love, like, be fond of
TNK IV.iii.61
She beheld Palamon?she beheld Palamon? TNK IV.iii.62
I was once Sir, in great hope, she had fixd herI was once, sir, in great hope she had fixed her TNK IV.iii.63
Liking on this gentleman my friend.liking on this gentleman my friend. TNK IV.iii.64
I did thinke so too, and would account I had aI did think so too, and would account I had a TNK IV.iii.65
great / Pen-worth on't, to give halfe my state, that both / Shegreat penn'orth on't, to give half my state that both shepennyworth, penn'orth (n.)

old form: Pen-worth
money's worth, bargain, good value
TNK IV.iii.66
state (n.)
estate, property, wealth, means
and I at this present stood unfainedly on the / Sameand I at this present stood unfeignedly on the sameunfeignedly (adv.)

old form: unfainedly
genuinely, sincerely, honestly
TNK IV.iii.67
tearmes.terms. TNK IV.iii.68
That intemprat surfeit of her eye, hathThat intemperate surfeit of her eye hathintemperate (adj.)

old form: intemprat
excessive, immoderate, inordinate
TNK IV.iii.69
surfeit (n.)
excess, over-indulgence
distemperd the / Other sences, they may returne and settledistempered the other senses; they may return and settledistemper (v.)

old form: distemperd
disorder, derange, disturb, confuse
TNK IV.iii.70
againe to / Execute their preordaind faculties, but theyagain to execute their preordained faculties, but theyexecute (v.)
carry out, fulfil, perform
TNK IV.iii.71
preordained (adj.)

old form: preordaind
intended, normal, appointed
faculty (n.)
function, power, capability
are / Now in a most extravagant vagary. This you / Mustare now in a most extravagant vagary. This you mustextravagant (adj.)
vagrant, straying, roaming
TNK IV.iii.72
vagary (n.)
wandering, displacement, roaming about
doe, Confine her to a place, where the light / May ratherdo: confine her to a place where the light may rather TNK IV.iii.73
seeme to steale in, then be permitted; take / Vpon youseem to steal in than be permitted; take upon you, TNK IV.iii.74
(yong Sir her friend) the name of / Palamon, say youyoung sir her friend, the name of Palamon; say you TNK IV.iii.75
come to eate with her, and to / Commune of Love; this willcome to eat with her and to commune of love. This willcommune (v.)
talk, converse, discourse
TNK IV.iii.76
catch her attention, for / This her minde beates upon; othercatch her attention, for this her mind beats upon; otherbeat on / upon (v.)

old form: beates
be obsessed by, be preoccupied with
TNK IV.iii.77
objects that are / Inserted tweene her minde and eye,objects that are inserted 'tween her mind and eye TNK IV.iii.78
become the prankes / And friskins of her madnes; Singbecome the pranks and friskins of her madness. Singprank (n.)

old form: prankes
trick, frolic, mischief
TNK IV.iii.79
friskin (n.)
antic, friskiness, playful action
to her, such greene / Songs of Love, as she sayes Palamonto her such green songs of love as she says Palamongreen (adj.)

old form: greene
youthful, inexperienced, immature
TNK IV.iii.80
hath sung in / Prison; Come to her, stucke in as sweethath sung in prison; come to her stuck in as sweetstick (v.)

old form: stucke
decorate, adorn
TNK IV.iii.81
flowers, as the / Season is mistres of, and thereto makeflowers as the season is mistress of, and thereto make TNK IV.iii.82
an addition of / Som other compounded odours, whichan addition of some other compounded odours, whichodour (n.)
perfume, fragrance, scent
TNK IV.iii.83
compounded (adj.)
blended, mingled, combined, made up
are grateful to the / Sence: all this shall become Palamon,are grateful to the sense. All this shall become Palamon,sense (n.)

old form: Sence
senses, sensation, organs of sense
TNK IV.iii.84
grateful (adj.)
pleasing, agreeable, gratifying
for Palamon can / Sing, and Palamon is sweet, and ev'ryfor Palamon can sing, and Palamon is sweet and every TNK IV.iii.85
good thing, desire / To eate with her, crave her, drinke togood thing. Desire to eat with her, carve her, drink tocarve (v.)

old form: crave
serve food to, wait on
TNK IV.iii.86
her, and still / Among, intermingle your petition of graceher, and still among intermingle your petition of gracestill (adv.)
constantly, always, continually
TNK IV.iii.87
among (adv.)
from time to time, every now and then
and acceptance / Into her favour: Learne what Maides haveand acceptance into her favour. Learn what maids have TNK IV.iii.88
beene her / Companions, and play-pheeres, and let them repairebeen her companions and playferes, and let them repairplayfere (n.)

old form: play-pheeres
playfellow, playmate, companion
TNK IV.iii.89
repair (v.)

old form: repaire
come, go, make one's way
to / Her with Palamon in their mouthes, and appeare withto her with Palamon in their mouths, and appear with TNK IV.iii.90
/ Tokens, as if they suggested for him, It is a falsehoodtokens, as if they suggested for him. It is a falsehoodtoken (n.)
keepsake, present, memento
TNK IV.iii.91
suggest (v.)
present ideas, make suggestions
falsehood (n.)

old form: fasehoods
delusion, deception, illusion
/ She is in, which is with fasehoods to be combated. / Thisshe is in, which is with falsehoods to be combated. This TNK IV.iii.92
may bring her to eate, to sleepe, and reduce what's / Nowmay bring her to eat, to sleep, and reduce what's nowreduce (v.)
restore, bring back, lead back
TNK IV.iii.93
bring (v.)
persuade, induce, cause
out of square in her, into their former law, and / Regiment;out of square in her into their former law and regiment.square, out of
abnormal, disordered, deviant
TNK IV.iii.94
regiment (n.)
rule, regimen, normal state
I have seene it approved, how many times / I know not,I have seen it approved, how many times I know not,approve (v.)
prove, confirm, corroborate, substantiate
TNK IV.iii.95
but to make the number more, I have / Great hope in this.but to make the number more I have great hope in this. TNK IV.iii.96
I will betweene the passages of / This project, come inI will between the passages of this project come inpassage (n.)
incident, occurrence, event, happening
TNK IV.iii.97
with my applyance: Let us / Put it in execution; andwith my appliance. Let us put it in execution, andexecution (n.)
action, performance, doing
TNK IV.iii.98
appliance (n.)

old form: applyance
remedy, cure, treatment
hasten the successe, which doubt not / Will bring forthhasten the success, which doubt not will bring forthsuccess (n.)

old form: successe
result, outcome, issue
TNK IV.iii.99
comfort.comfort. TNK IV.iii.100
Florish. ExeuntExeunt TNK IV.iii.100
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