The Two Noble Kinsmen

Modern text


Key line

I would now aske ye how ye like the Play,I would now ask ye how ye like the play, TNK epilogue.1
But as it is with Schoole Boyes, cannot say,But, as it is with schoolboys, cannot say;say (v.)
speak, utter a sound
TNK epilogue.2
I am cruell fearefull: pray yet stay a while,I am cruel fearful. Pray yet stay awhile,fearful (adj.)

old form: fearefull
timid, timorous, frightened, full of fear
TNK epilogue.3
cruel (adv.)

old form: cruell
terribly, extremely, exceedingly
And let me looke upon ye: No man smile?And let me look upon ye. No man smile? TNK epilogue.4
Then it goes hard I see; He that hasThen it goes hard, I see. He that hashard (adv.)
badly, poorly, ill
TNK epilogue.5
Lov'd a yong hansome wench then, show his face:Loved a young handsome wench, then, show his face – wench (n.)
girl, lass
TNK epilogue.6
Tis strange if none be heere, and if he will'Tis strange if none be here – and if he will TNK epilogue.7
Against his Conscience let him hisse, and killAgainst his conscience, let him hiss, and kill TNK epilogue.8
Our Market: Tis in vaine, I see to stay yee,Our market. 'Tis in vain, I see, to stay (n.)
opportunity to make a profit
TNK epilogue.9
stay (v.)
dissuade, stop, prevent
Have at the worst can come, then; Now what say ye?Have at the worst can come, then! Now, what say ye?have at (v.)
let's face, let's see
TNK epilogue.10
And yet mistake me not: I am not boldAnd yet mistake me not. I am not bold;bold (adj.)
over-confident, presumptuous, audacious, impudent
TNK epilogue.11
We have no such cause. If the tale we have toldWe have no such cause. If the tale we have told – cause (n.)
reason, motive, ground
TNK epilogue.12
(For tis no other) any way content ye)For 'tis no other – any way content ye, TNK epilogue.13
(For to that honest purpose it was ment ye)For to that honest purpose it was meant ye,mean (v.)

old form: ment
intend for, have in mind for
TNK epilogue.14
purpose (n.)
intention, aim, plan
We have our end; and ye shall have ere longWe have our end; and ye shall have ere longend (n.)
purpose, aim, design
TNK epilogue.15
I dare say many a better, to prolongI dare say many a better, to prolong TNK epilogue.16
Your old loves to us: we, and all our might,Your old loves to us. We, and all our might, TNK epilogue.17
Rest at your service, Gentlemen, good night.Rest at your service. Gentlemen, good night. TNK epilogue.18
Florish.Flourish. Exit TNK epilogue.18
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