The Two Noble Kinsmen

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Key line

Enter Theseus, Hipolita, Emilia, Perithous: Flourish. Enter Theseus, Hippolyta, Emilia, Pirithous, TNK V.iii.1
and some Attendants, T. Tucke: Curtis.and some attendants TNK V.iii.2
Ile no step further.I'll no step further. TNK V.iii.1.1
Will you loose this sight?Will you lose this sight?lose (v.)

old form: loose
miss, lose out on, be deprived of
TNK V.iii.1.2
I had rather see a wren hawke at a flyI had rather see a wren hawk at a flyhawk at (v.)

old form: hawke
pursue, attack, chase
TNK V.iii.2.1
Then this decision ev'ry; blow that fallsThan this decision. Every blow that fallsdecision (n.)
way of deciding, resolution, trial [by combat]
TNK V.iii.3
Threats a brave life, each stroake lamentsThreats a brave life; each stroke lamentsthreat (v.)
TNK V.iii.4
brave (adj.)
noble, worthy, excellent
The place whereon it fals, and sounds more likeThe place whereon it falls, and sounds more like TNK V.iii.5
A Bell, then blade: I will stay here,A bell than blade. I will stay here.stay (v.)
wait (for), await
TNK V.iii.6
bell (n.)
It is enough my hearing shall be punishd,It is enough my hearing shall be punished TNK V.iii.7
With what shall happen, gainst the which there isWith what shall happen, 'gainst the which there is TNK V.iii.8
No deaffing, but to heare; not taint mine eyeNo deafing, but to hear; not taint mine eyetaint (v.)
sully, infect, stain
TNK V.iii.9
deafing (n.)

old form: deaffing
drowning out, blocking out [of sound]
With dread sights, it may shun.With dread sights it may shun. TNK V.iii.10.1
Sir, my good LordSir, my good lord, TNK V.iii.10.2
Your Sister will no further.Your sister will no further. TNK V.iii.11.1
Oh she must.O, she must; TNK V.iii.11.2
She shall see deeds of honour in their kinde,She shall see deeds of honour in their kindkind (n.)

old form: kinde
nature, reality, character, disposition
TNK V.iii.12
Which sometime show well pencild. Nature nowWhich sometime show well pencilled. Nature nowpencilled (adj.)

old form: pencild
painted, shown in a painting
TNK V.iii.13
Shall make, and act the Story, the beleifeShall make and act the story, the beliefmake (v.)
create, bring about, produce
TNK V.iii.14
act (v.)
act out, perform, enact
Both seald with eye, and eare; you must be present,Both sealed with eye and ear. (To Emilia) You must be present;seal (v.)
confirm, ratify, approve
TNK V.iii.15
You are the victours meede, the price, and garlondYou are the victor's meed, the prize and garlandmeed (n.)

old form: meede
reward, prize, recompense
TNK V.iii.16
To crowne the Questions title.To crown the question's title.question (n.)
argument, contention, dispute
TNK V.iii.17.1
title (n.)
[legal] right, claim, entitlement
Pardon me,Pardon me; TNK V.iii.17.2
If I were there, I'ld winkeIf I were there, I'd wink.wink (v.)

old form: winke
shut one's eyes
TNK V.iii.18.1
You must be there;You must be there; TNK V.iii.18.2
This Tryall is as t'wer i'th night, and youThis trial is as 'twere i'th' night, and you TNK V.iii.19
The onely star to shine.The only star to shine. TNK V.iii.20.1
I am extinct,I am extinct.extinct (adj.)
extinguished, put out, quenched
TNK V.iii.20.2
There is but envy in that light, which showesThere is but envy in that light which showsenvy (n.)
malice, ill-will, enmity
TNK V.iii.21
The one the other: darkenes which ever wasThe one the other; darkness, which ever was TNK V.iii.22
The dam of horrour, who do's stand accurstThe dam of horror, who does stand accurseddam (n.)
TNK V.iii.23
Of many mortall Millions, may even nowOf many mortal millions, may even now, TNK V.iii.24
By casting her blacke mantle over bothBy casting her black mantle over both,mantle (n.)
loose sleeveless cloak
TNK V.iii.25
That neither could finde other, get her selfeThat neither could find other, get herself TNK V.iii.26
Some part of a good name, and many a murtherSome part of a good name, and many a murdername (n.)
reputation, fame, renown
TNK V.iii.27
Set off wherto she's guilty.Set off whereto she's guilty.set off (v.)
enhance, show to advantage, display by contrast
TNK V.iii.28.1
You must goe.You must go. TNK V.iii.28.2
In faith I will not.In faith, I will not. TNK V.iii.29.1
Why the knights must kindleWhy, the knights must kindle TNK V.iii.29.2
Their valour at your eye: know of this warTheir valour at your eye; know of this war TNK V.iii.30
You are the Treasure, and must needes be byYou are the treasure, and must needs be by TNK V.iii.31
To give the Service pay.To give the service (n.)
reward, payment
TNK V.iii.32.1
service (n.)
action, performance
Sir pardon me,Sir, pardon me; TNK V.iii.32.2
The tytle of a kingdome may be trideThe title of a kingdom may be triedtitle (n.)

old form: tytle
[legal] right, claim, entitlement
TNK V.iii.33
Out of it selfe.Out of itself. TNK V.iii.34.1
Well, well then, at your pleasure,Well, well, then, at your pleasure. TNK V.iii.34.2
Those that remaine with you, could wish their officeThose that remain with you could wish their officeoffice (n.)
role, position, place, function
TNK V.iii.35
To any of their Enemies.To any of their enemies. TNK V.iii.36.1
Farewell Sister,Farewell, sister; TNK V.iii.36.2
I am like to know your husband fore your selfeI am like to know your husband 'fore yourselflike (adv.)
likely, probable / probably
TNK V.iii.37
By some small start of time, he whom the godsBy some small start of time. He whom the gods TNK V.iii.38
Doe of the two know best, I pray them heDo of the two know best, I pray them he TNK V.iii.39
Be made your Lot.Be made your lot.  TNK V.iii.40
Exeunt Theseus, Hipolita, Perithous, &c.All go out except Emilia and her attendants TNK V.iii.40
Arcite is gently visagd; yet his eyeArcite is gently visaged, yet his eyevisaged (adj.)

old form: visagd
featured, looking
TNK V.iii.41
Is like an Engyn bent, or a sharpe weaponIs like an engine bent or a sharp weaponengine (n.)

old form: Engyn
weapon, instrument of warfare
TNK V.iii.42
bent (adj.)
ready for firing, tensioned for action
In a soft sheath; mercy, and manly courageIn a soft sheath; mercy and manly courage TNK V.iii.43
Are bedfellowes in his visage: PalamonAre bedfellows in his visage. Palamonvisage (n.)
face, countenance
TNK V.iii.44
bedfellow (n.)

old form: bedfellowes
intimate companion
Has a most menacing aspect, his browHas a most menacing aspect; his browbrow (n.)
forehead [often plural, referring to the two prominences of the forehead]
TNK V.iii.45
aspect (n.)
[of a human face] look, appearance, expression
Is grav'd, and seemes to bury what it frownes on,Is graved, and seems to bury what it frowns on.graved (adj.)

old form: grav'd
furrowed, engraved [with lines]
TNK V.iii.46
Yet sometime tis not so, but alters toYet sometime 'tis not so, but alters toto (prep.)
according to
TNK V.iii.47
The quallity of his thoughts; long time his eyeThe quality of his thoughts; long time his eyequality (n.)

old form: quallity
nature, disposition, character
TNK V.iii.48
Will dwell upon his object. MellenchollyWill dwell upon his object. Melancholy TNK V.iii.49
Becomes him nobly; So do's Arcites mirth,Becomes him nobly; so does Arcite's mirth,become (v.)
be fitting, befit, be appropriate to
TNK V.iii.50
become (v.)
grace, honour, dignify
But Palamons sadnes is a kinde of mirth,But Palamon's sadness is a kind of mirth, TNK V.iii.51
So mingled, as if mirth did make him sad,So mingled as if mirth did make him sad,sad (adj.)
serious, grave, solemn
TNK V.iii.52
And sadnes, merry; those darker humours thatAnd sadness merry. Those darker humours thathumour (n.)
mood, disposition, frame of mind, temperament [as determined by bodily fluids]
TNK V.iii.53
dark (adj.)
sad, melancholic, gloomy
Sticke misbecomingly on others, on themStick misbecomingly on others, on himmisbecomingly (adv.)
unbecomingly, unattractively, unfittingly
TNK V.iii.54
stick (v.)

old form: Sticke
be placed, be fixed
Live in faire dwelling.Live in fair dwelling. TNK V.iii.55
Cornets. Trompets sound as to a charge.Cornets. Trumpets sound as to a charge TNK V.iii.56.1
Harke how yon spurs to spirit doe inciteHark how yon spurs to spirit do incitespirit (n.)
courage, resolution, valour
TNK V.iii.56
The Princes to their proofe, Arcite may win me,The princes to their proof! Arcite may win me,proof (n.)

old form: proofe
test, trial
TNK V.iii.57
And yet may Palamon wound Arcite toAnd yet may Palamon wound Arcite to TNK V.iii.58
The spoyling of his figure. O what pittyThe spoiling of his figure. O, what pityspoiling (n.)

old form: spoyling
mutilation, disfiguring, marring
TNK V.iii.59
figure (n.)
face; or: body
Enough for such a chance; if I were byEnough for such a chance? If I were by,chance (n.)
event, occurrence, situation [especially, bad]
TNK V.iii.60
I might doe hurt, for they would glance their eiesI might do hurt, for they would glance their eyes TNK V.iii.61
Toward my Seat, and in that motion mightToward my seat, and in that motion might TNK V.iii.62
Omit a ward, or forfeit an offenceOmit a ward or forfeit an offenceoffence (n.)
[in fencing] attacking stroke, offensive action
TNK V.iii.63
ward (n.)
[fencing] defensive posture, parrying movement
Which crav'd that very time: it is much betterWhich craved that very time. It is much bettercrave (v.)

old form: crav'd
need, demand, require
TNK V.iii.64
I am not there, oh better never borneI am not there – O, better never born, TNK V.iii.65
Then minister to such harme,Than minister to such harm! TNK V.iii.66.1
(Cornets. a great cry and noice within crying a Cornets. A great cry and noise within, cryingAa (part.)
particle used in front of a proper name, as a supportive war-cry
TNK V.iii.66.1.1
Palamon.) Enter Servant.Palamon!' Enter a Servant TNK V.iii.66.2.1
what is the chance?What is the chance?chance (n.)
outcome, situation
TNK V.iii.66.2
The Crie's a Palamon.The cry's ‘ A Palamon!’ TNK V.iii.67
Then he has won: Twas ever likely,Then he has won. 'Twas ever likely; TNK V.iii.68
He lookd all grace and successe, and he isHe looked all grace and success, and he isgrace (n.)
gracefulness, charm, elegance
TNK V.iii.69
Doubtlesse the prim'st of men: I pre' thee runDoubtless the primest of men. I prithee runprimest (n./adj.)

old form: prim'st
best, finest, most supreme
TNK V.iii.70
And tell me how it goes.And tell me how it goes. TNK V.iii.71.1
Showt, and Cornets: Crying a Palamon.Shout and cornets, crying ‘A Palamon!' TNK V.iii.71
Still Palamon.Still Palamon. TNK V.iii.71.2
Run and enquire, Run and inquire. TNK V.iii.72.1

Exit Servant TNK V.iii.72
poore Servant thou hast lost,Poor servant, thou hast lost!servant (n.)
devotee, one who gives dedicated service, lover
TNK V.iii.72.2
Vpon my right side still I wore thy picture,Upon my right side still I wore thy picture,still (adv.)
constantly, always, continually
TNK V.iii.73
Palamons on the leff, why so, I know not,Palamon's on the left – why so, I know not, TNK V.iii.74
I had no end in't; else chance would have it so.I had no end in't; else chance would have it so.end (n.)
purpose, aim, design
TNK V.iii.75
On the sinister side, the heart lyes; PalamonOn the sinister side the heart lies; Palamonsinister (adj.)
TNK V.iii.76
Had the best boding chance: Had the best-boding (adj.)

old form: best boding
most favourable, most promising
TNK V.iii.77.1
Another cry, and showt within, and Cornets.Another cry, and shout within, and cornets TNK V.iii.77
This burst of clamourThis burst of clamour TNK V.iii.77.2
Is sure th' end o'th Combat.Is sure th' end o'th' combat. TNK V.iii.78
Enter Servant.Enter Servant TNK V.iii.79
They saide that Palamon had Arcites bodyThey said that Palamon had Arcite's body TNK V.iii.79
Within an inch o'th Pyramid, that the cryWithin an inch o'th' pyramid, that the crypyramid (n.)
obelisk, pillar
TNK V.iii.80
Was generall a Palamon: But anon,Was general ‘ A Palamon!’ But anonanon (adv.)
soon, shortly, presently
TNK V.iii.81
Th' Assistants made a brave redemption, andTh' assistants made a brave redemption, andredemption (n.)
rescue, recovery
TNK V.iii.82
brave (adj.)
audacious, daring, bold
The two bold Tytlers, at this instant areThe two bold titlers at this instant aretitler (n.)

old form: Tytlers
person asserting a right, claimant
TNK V.iii.83
Hand to hand at it.Hand to hand at it. TNK V.iii.84.1
Were they metamorphisdWere they metamorphosed TNK V.iii.84.2
Both into one; oh why? there were no womanBoth into one! O, why, there were no woman TNK V.iii.85
Worth so composd a Man: their single share,Worth so composed a man; their single share,single (adj.)
individual, particular
TNK V.iii.86
Their noblenes peculier to them, givesTheir nobleness peculiar to them, givespeculiar (adj.)

old form: peculier
particular, private, personal
TNK V.iii.87
The prejudice of disparity values shortnesThe prejudice of disparity, value's shortness,prejudice (n.)
detriment, damage, misfortune
TNK V.iii.88
disparity (n.)
inequality, dissimilarity, lack of quality
To any Lady breathing---To any lady breathing –  TNK V.iii.89.1
Cornets. Cry within, Arcite, Arcite.Cornets. Cry within ‘ Arcite, Arcite!’ TNK V.iii.89
More exulting?More exulting? TNK V.iii.89.2
Palamon still?‘ Palamon’ still? TNK V.iii.90.1
Nay, now the sound is Arcite.Nay, now the sound is ‘ Arcite.’ TNK V.iii.90.2
I pre' thee lay attention to the Cry.I prithee lay attention to the cry; TNK V.iii.91
Set both thine eares to'th busines.Set both thine ears to th' business. TNK V.iii.92.1
Cornets. a great showt and cry, Arcite, victory.Cornets. A great shout and cry ‘ Arcite, victory!’ TNK V.iii.92
The cry isThe cry is TNK V.iii.92.2
Arcite, and victory, harke Arcite, victory,‘ Arcite’ and ‘ Victory!’ Hark, ‘ Arcite, victory!’ TNK V.iii.93
The Combats consummation is proclaim'dThe combat's consummation is proclaimedconsummation (n.)
end, conclusion, completion
TNK V.iii.94
By the wind Instruments.By the wind instruments. TNK V.iii.95.1
Halfe sights sawHalf-sights sawhalf-sight (n.)

old form: Halfe sights
someone half-blind
TNK V.iii.95.2
That Arcite was no babe: god's lyd, his richnesThat Arcite was no babe – God's lid, his richnesslid (n.)
TNK V.iii.96
And costlines of spirit look't through him, it couldAnd costliness of spirit looked through him; it couldlook through (v.)

old form: look't
become visible, show clearly
TNK V.iii.97
costliness (n.)

old form: costlines
splendidness, rarity, preciousness
No more be hid in him, then fire in flax,No more be hid in him than fire in flax, TNK V.iii.98
Then humble banckes can goe to law with waters,Than humble banks can go to law with waterslaw, go to

old form: goe
sue, fight against, argue with
TNK V.iii.99
humble (adj.)
bank (n.)

old form: banckes
river bank
That drift windes, force to raging: I did thinkeThat drift winds force to raging. I did thinkdrift (adj.)
driving, strong
TNK V.iii.100
Good Palamon would miscarry, yet I knew notGood Palamon would miscarry, yet I knew notmiscarry (v.)
come to harm, perish, meet death
TNK V.iii.101
Why I did thinke so; Our reasons are not prophetsWhy I did think so; our reasons are not prophetsreason (n.)
power of reason, judgement, common sense [often opposed to ‘passion’]
TNK V.iii.102
When oft our fancies are:When oft our fancies are.oft (adv.)
TNK V.iii.103.1
fancy (n.)
imagination, creativity, inventiveness
Cornets.Cornets TNK V.iii.103
They are comming off:They are coming off.come off (v.)

old form: comming
leave the field of combat, disengage
TNK V.iii.103.2
Alas poore Palamon.Alas, poor Palamon! TNK V.iii.104
Enter Theseus, Hipolita, Pirithous, Arcite as victor, Enter Theseus, Hippolyta, Pirithous, Arcite as victor, TNK V.iii.105.1
and attendants, &c.and attendants TNK V.iii.105.2
Lo, where our Sister is in expectation,Lo, where our sister is in expectation, TNK V.iii.105
Yet quaking, and unsetled: Fairest Emily,Yet quaking and unsettled! – Fairest Emily,unsettled (adj.)

old form: unsetled
disturbed, troubled; also: unresolved, unfixed
TNK V.iii.106
The gods by their divine arbitramentThe gods by their divine arbitrementarbitrament, arbitrement (n.)
decision, judgement, verdict
TNK V.iii.107
Have given you this Knight, he is a good oneHave given you this knight; he is a good one TNK V.iii.108
As ever strooke at head: Give me your hands;As ever struck at head. Give me your hands. TNK V.iii.109
Receive you her, you him, be plighted withReceive you her, you him; be plighted withplight (v.)
betroth, engage
TNK V.iii.110
A love that growes, as you decay;A love that grows as you decay. TNK V.iii.111.1
Emily,Emilia, TNK V.iii.111.2
To buy you, I have lost what's deerest to me,To buy you I have lost what's dearest to me TNK V.iii.112
Save what is bought, and yet I purchase cheapely,Save what is bought, and yet I purchase cheaply, TNK V.iii.113
As I doe rate your value.As I do rate your value.rate (v.)
reckon, estimate, appraise
TNK V.iii.114.1
O loved Sister,O loved sister, TNK V.iii.114.2
He speakes now of as brave a Knight as ereHe speaks now of as brave a knight as e'erbrave (adj.)
noble, worthy, excellent
TNK V.iii.115
Did spur a noble Steed: Surely the godsDid spur a noble steed; surely, the gods TNK V.iii.116
Would have him die a Batchelour, least his raceWould have him die a bachelor, lest his racerace (n.)
descendants, children, posterity
TNK V.iii.117
Should shew i'th world too godlike: His behaviourShould show i'th' world too godlike! His behaviour TNK V.iii.118
So charmd me, that me thought Alcides wasSo charmed me that methought Alcides wasmethinks(t), methought(s) (v.)

old form: me thought
it seems / seemed to me
TNK V.iii.119
Alcides (n.)
[pron: al'siydeez] original name of Hercules, after his grandfather Alceus
To him a sow of lead: if I could praiseTo him a sow of lead. If I could praisesow (n.)
ingot, block, bar
TNK V.iii.120
Each part of him to'th all; I have spoke, your ArciteEach part of him to th' all I have spoke, your Arcite TNK V.iii.121
Did not loose by't; For he that was thus goodDid not lose by't; for he that was thus good TNK V.iii.122
Encountred yet his Better, I have heardEncountered yet his better. I have heard TNK V.iii.123
Two emulous Philomels, beate the eare o'th nightTwo emulous Philomels beat the ear o'th' nightemulous (adj.)
rivalling, competing, emulating
TNK V.iii.124
Philomel, Philomela (n.)
[pron: 'filomel] daughter of Pandion, king of Athens; Tereus raped her and cut out her tongue, but she told the tale in her embroidery; the gods turned her into a nightingale after she took her revenge
With their contentious throates, now one the higher,With their contentious throats, now one the higher, TNK V.iii.125
Anon the other, then againe the first,Anon the other, then again the first,anon (adv.)
[after ‘now’] at another time, presently
TNK V.iii.126
And by and by out breasted, that the senceAnd by and by outbreasted, that the senseoutbreast (v.)

old form: out breasted
outsing, surpass in voice
TNK V.iii.127
sense (n.)

old form: sence
senses, sensation, organs of sense
Could not be judge betweene 'em: So it far'dCould not be judge between 'em; so it faredfare (v.)

old form: far'd
go, happen, turn out
TNK V.iii.128
Good space betweene these kinesmen; till heavens didGood space between these kinsmen, till heavens didspace (n.)
space of time, while
TNK V.iii.129
Make hardly one the winner: weare the GirlondMake hardly one the winner. – Wear the garlandhardly (adv.)
with great difficulty, only with difficulty
TNK V.iii.130
With joy that you have won: For the subdude,With joy that you have won. – For the subdued, TNK V.iii.131
Give them our present Iustice, since I knowGive them our present justice, since I know TNK V.iii.132
Their lives but pinch 'em; Let it here be done:Their lives but pinch 'em; let it here be done.pinch (v.)
torment, pain, torture
TNK V.iii.133
The Sceane's not for our seeing, goe we hence,The scene's not for our seeing; go we hence, TNK V.iii.134
Right joyfull, with some sorrow. Arme your prize,Right joyful, with some sorrow. (To Arcite) Arm your prize;arm (v.)
give your arm to
TNK V.iii.135
I know you will not loose her:I know you will not lose her.lose (v.)

old form: loose
part with, let go of, give up
TNK V.iii.136.1
Florish Arcite takes Emilia's arm in his. Flourish TNK V.iii.136
HipolitaHippolyta, TNK V.iii.136.2
I see one eye of yours conceives a teareI see one eye of yours conceives a tear, TNK V.iii.137
The which it will deliver..The which it will deliver. TNK V.iii.138.1
Is this wynning?Is this winning? TNK V.iii.138.2
Oh all you heavenly powers where is you mercy?O all you heavenly powers, where is your mercy?power (n.)
(usually plural) god, deity, divinity
TNK V.iii.139
But that your wils have saide it must be so,But that your wills have said it must be so, TNK V.iii.140
And charge me live to comfort this unfriended,And charge me live to comfort this unfriended,unfriended (adj.)
deprived of a friend, friendless
TNK V.iii.141
This miserable Prince, that cuts awayThis miserable prince, that cuts away TNK V.iii.142
A life more worthy from him, then all women;A life more worthy from him than all women, TNK V.iii.143
I should, and would die too.I should, and would, die too. TNK V.iii.144.1
Infinite pittyInfinite pity TNK V.iii.144.2
That fowre such eies should be so fixd on oneThat four such eyes should be so fixed on one TNK V.iii.145
That two must needes be blinde fort.That two must needs be blind for't.blind (v.)

old form: blinde
make blind, deprive of sight
TNK V.iii.146.1
So it is.So it is. TNK V.iii.146.2
Exeunt.Exeunt TNK V.iii.146
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