The Two Gentlemen of Verona

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Protheus solus.Enter Proteus TG
To leaue my Iulia; shall I be forsworne?To leave my Julia, shall I be forsworn;forswear (v), past forms forsworn, forswore

old form: forsworne
swear falsely, perjure [oneself], break one's word
To loue faire Siluia; shall I be forsworne?To love fair Silvia, shall I be forsworn; TG
To wrong my friend, I shall be much forsworne.To wrong my friend, I shall be much forsworn. TG
And ev'n that Powre which gaue me first my oathAnd e'en that power which gave me first my oathpower (n.)

old form: Powre
authority, government
Prouokes me to this three-fold periurie.Provokes me to this threefold perjury: TG
Loue bad mee sweare, and Loue bids me for-sweare;Love bade me swear, and Love bids me forswear. TG
O sweet-suggesting Loue, if thou hast sin'd,O sweet-suggesting Love, if thou hast sinned,sweet-suggesting (adj.)
sweetly tempting, seductive, irresistable
Teach me (thy tempted subiect) to excuse it.Teach me, thy tempted subject, to excuse it! TG
At first I did adore a twinkling Starre,At first I did adore a twinkling star, TG
But now I worship a celestiall Sunne:But now I worship a celestial sun. TG
Vn-heedfull vowes may heedfully be broken,Unheedful vows may heedfully be broken;heedfully (adv.)
attentively, carefully, conscientiously
unheedful (adj.)

old form: Vn-heedfull
careless, heedless, irresponsible
And he wants wit, that wants resolued will,And he wants wit that wants resolved willwit (n.)
intelligence, wisdom, good sense, mental ability
resolved (adj.)

old form: resolued
determined, settled, decided
want (v.)
lack, need, be without
will (n.)
wilfulness, self-will, determination
To learne his wit, t' exchange the bad for better;To learn his wit t' exchange the bad for better.learn (v.)

old form: learne
teach, instruct [not a regional dialect usage as in modern English]
Fie, fie, vnreuerend tongue, to call her bad,Fie, fie, unreverend tongue, to call her badunreverend (adj.)

old form: vnreuerend
irreverent, impertinent, impudent
Whose soueraignty so oft thou hast preferd,Whose sovereignty so oft thou hast preferredoft (adv.)
sovereignty (n.)

old form: soueraignty
pre-eminence, greatest excellence
With twenty thousand soule-confirming oathes.With twenty thousand soul-confirming oaths! TG
I cannot leaue to loue; and yet I doe:I cannot leave to love, and yet I do;leave (v.)

old form: leaue
cease, stop, give up
But there I leaue to loue, where I should loue.But there I leave to love where I should love. TG
Iulia I loose, and Valentine I loose,Julia I lose, and Valentine I lose; TG
If I keepe them, I needs must loose my selfe:If I keep them, I needs must lose myself; TG
If I loose them, thus finde I by their losse,If I lose them, thus find I by their loss: TG
For Valentine, my selfe: for Iulia, Siluia.For Valentine, myself; for Julia, Silvia. TG
I to my selfe am deerer then a friend,I to myself am dearer than a friend, TG
For Loue is still most precious in it selfe,For love is still most precious in itself;still (adv.)
constantly, always, continually
And Siluia (witnesse heauen that made her faire)And Silvia – witness heaven, that made her fair! –  TG
Shewes Iulia but a swarthy Ethiope.Shows Julia but a swarthy Ethiope.Ethiop, Ethiope (adj./n.)
Ethiopian, African, person with a dark countenance
I will forget that Iulia is aliue,I will forget that Julia is alive, TG
Remembring that my Loue to her is dead.Remembering that my love to her is dead; TG
And Valentine Ile hold an Enemie,And Valentine I'll hold an enemy, TG
Ayming at Siluia as a sweeter friend.Aiming at Silvia as a sweeter friend.friend (n.)
lover, sweetheart, suitor
I cannot now proue constant to my selfe,I cannot now prove constant to myself TG
Without some treachery vs'd to Valentine.Without some treachery used to Valentine. TG
This night he meaneth with a Corded-ladderThis night he meaneth with a corded ladder TG
To climbe celestiall Siluia's chamber window,To climb celestial Silvia's chamber-window, TG
My selfe in counsaile his competitor.Myself in counsel, his competitor.competitor (n.)
partner, associate, colleague
Now presently Ile giue her father noticeNow presently I'll give her father noticepresently (adv.)
immediately, instantly, at once
Of their disguising and pretended flight:Of their disguising and pretended flight,pretended (adj.)
intended, purposed, proposed
Who (all inrag'd) will banish Valentine:Who, all enraged, will banish Valentine, TG
For Thurio he intends shall wed his daughter,For Thurio he intends shall wed his daughter; TG
But Valentine being gon, Ile quickely crosseBut Valentine being gone, I'll quickly crosscross (v.)

old form: crosse
prevent, thwart, forestall
By some slie tricke, blunt Thurio's dull proceeding.By some sly trick blunt Thurio's dull proceeding.dull (adj.)
obtuse, stupid
blunt (adj.)
stupid, obtuse, dull-witted
Loue lend me wings, to make my purpose swiftLove, lend me wings to make my purpose swift,purpose (n.)
intention, aim, plan
As thou hast lent me wit, to plot this drift.As thou hast lent me wit to plot this drift!wit (n.)
intelligence, wisdom, good sense, mental ability
drift (n.)
plan, intention, aim
Exit.Exit TG
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