Richard III

First folio
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Key line

Enter Sir Richard Ratcliffe, with Halberds, carryingEnter Sir Richard Ratcliffe, with halberds, carrying halberd (n.)
person armed with a halberd
R3 III.iii.1.1
the Nobles to death at Pomfret.Rivers, Grey, and Vaughan to death at PomfretPomfret (n.)
Pontefract, West Yorkshire; site of a castle in which Richard II was imprisoned; later, a Lancastrian stronghold
R3 III.iii.1.2
Riuers. RIVERS 
Sir Richard Ratcliffe, let me tell thee this,Sir Richard Ratcliffe, let me tell thee this: R3 III.iii.1
To day shalt thou behold a Subiect die,Today shalt thou behold a subject die R3 III.iii.2
For Truth, for Dutie, and for Loyaltie.For truth, for duty, and for loyalty. R3 III.iii.3
Grey. GREY 
God blesse the Prince from all the Pack of you,God bless the Prince from all the pack of you!pack (n.)
gang, group, circle, confederacy
R3 III.iii.4
bless (v.)

old form: blesse
guard, protect, safeguard
A Knot you are, of damned Blood-suckers.A knot you are of damned blood-suckers.knot (n.)
company, band, assembly
R3 III.iii.5
You liue, that shall cry woe for this heere-after. You live that shall cry woe for this hereafter. R3 III.iii.6
Dispatch, the limit of your Liues is out.Dispatch! The limit of your lives is out.limit (n.)
prescribed time, fixed period
R3 III.iii.7
dispatch, despatch (v.)
hurry up, be quick
Riuers. RIVERS 
O Pomfret, Pomfret! O thou bloody Prison!O Pomfret, Pomfret! O thou bloody prison, R3 III.iii.8
Fatall and ominous to Noble Peeres:Fatal and ominous to noble peers! R3 III.iii.9
Within the guiltie Closure of thy Walls,Within the guilty closure of thy wallsclosure (n.)
enclosure, bound, limit
R3 III.iii.10
Richard the Second here was hackt to death:Richard the Second here was hacked to death; R3 III.iii.11
And for more slander to thy dismall Seat,And, for more slander to thy dismal seat,slander (n.)
dishonour, disgrace, disrepute
R3 III.iii.12
seat (n.)
situation, position, location
dismal (adj.)

old form: dismall
sinister, ominous, malign
Wee giue to thee our guiltlesse blood to drinke.We give to thee our guiltless blood to drink. R3 III.iii.13
Grey. GREY 
Now Margarets Curse is falne vpon our Heads,Now Margaret's curse is fallen upon our heads, R3 III.iii.14
When shee exclaim'd on Hastings, you, and I,When she exclaimed on Hastings, you, and I,exclaim on / upon (v.)

old form: exclaim'd
accuse, blame, denounce [loudly]
R3 III.iii.15
For standing by, when Richard stab'd her Sonne.For standing by when Richard stabbed her son. R3 III.iii.16
Riuers. RIVERS 
Then curs'd shee Richard, / Thencurs'd shee Buckingham,Then cursed she Richard, then cursed she Buckingham, R3 III.iii.17
Then curs'd shee Hastings. Oh remember God,Then cursed she Hastings. O, remember, God, R3 III.iii.18
To heare her prayer for them, as now for vs:To hear her prayers for them, as now for us! R3 III.iii.19
And for my Sister, and her Princely Sonnes,And for my sister and her princely sons, R3 III.iii.20
Be satisfy'd, deare God, with our true blood,Be satisfied, dear God, with our true blood, R3 III.iii.21
Which, as thou know'st, vniustly must be spilt.Which, as Thou know'st, unjustly must be spilt. R3 III.iii.22
Make haste, the houre of death is expiate.Make haste. The hour of death is expiate.expiate (adj.)
reached, fully arrived
R3 III.iii.23
Riuers. RIVERS 
Come Grey, come Vaughan, let vs here embrace.Come, Grey; come, Vaughan; let us here embrace. R3 III.iii.24
Farewell, vntill we meet againe in Heauen.Farewell, until we meet again in heaven. R3 III.iii.25
Exeunt. Exeunt R3 III.iii.25
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