Antony and Cleopatra

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Anthony, and Enobarbus.Enter Antony and Enobarbus AC III.ix.1.1
Set we our Squadrons on yond side o'th'Hill,Set we our squadrons on yond side o'th' hillsquadron (n.)
army detachment, body of soldiers
AC III.ix.1
In eye of Casars battaile, from which placeIn eye of Caesar's battle; from which placeeye (n.)
sight, view, presence
AC III.ix.2
battle (n.)

old form: battaile
army, fighting force, battalion
We may the number of the Ships behold,We may the number of the ships behold, AC III.ix.3
And so proceed accordingly. And so proceed accordingly. AC III.ix.4
exit. Exeunt AC III.ix.4
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