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All's Well That Ends WellAW I.i.10where there is such abundance.where there is such abundance.
CoriolanusCor I.i.20to particularise their abundance. Our sufferance is ato particularize their abundance, our sufferance is a
CoriolanusCor II.i.16two have not in abundance?two haue not in abundance?
Henry IV Part 11H4 II.i.59hath abundance of charge too, God knows what. Theyhath abundance of charge too (God knowes what) they
Henry IV Part 22H4 I.ii.44sleep in security, for he hath the horn of abundance, andsleep in Security, for he hath the horne of Abundance: and
Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.iv.108That have abundance and enjoy it not.That haue aboundance, and enioy it not.)
King Edward IIIE3 II.ii.38Thus from the heart's abundance speaks the tongue:Thus from the harts aboundant speakes the tongue,
King JohnKJ II.i.148With this abundance of superfluous breath?With this abundance of superfluous breath?
The Merchant of VeniceMV I.ii.4were in the same abundance as your good fortunes are;were in the same abundance as your good fortunes are:
PericlesPer I.iv.36Although they gave their creatures in abundance,Although thy gaue their creatures in abundance,
The TempestTem II.i.166Of it own kind all foison, all abundance,Of it owne kinde, all foyzon, all abundance


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SonnetsSonn.1.7 Making a famine where abundance lies, Making a famine where aboundance lies,
SonnetsSonn.23.4 Whose strength's abundance weakens his own heart; Whose strengths abondance weakens his owne heart;
SonnetsSonn.37.11 That I in thy abundance am sufficed, That I in thy abundance am suffic'd,
SonnetsSonn.135.10 And in abundance addeth to his store; And in aboundance addeth to his store,


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choiceabundance, profusion, great supply
costabundance, richness, costly appearance
fatplenty, wealth, abundance
foison[pron: 'foyzn] abundance, plenty, profusion
rankgrowing in abundance, excessively luxuriant [often unattractively]
ranknessexcess, abundance, profusion
riotexcess, abundance, profusion
satietyexcess, over-abundance
storeabundance, plenty, surplus, quantity


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abundance, growing inrank
growing in abundancerank

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ABUNDANCEBASICabundance n, abundant adj, abundantly adv


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