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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
CymbelineCym II.iii.2the most coldest that ever turned up ace.the most coldest that euer turn'd vp Ace.
King JohnKJ II.i.63An Ate, stirring him to blood and strife;An Ace stirring him to bloud and strife,
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND V.i.299No die, but an ace for him; for he is but one.No Die, but an ace for him; for he is but one.
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND V.i.300Less than an ace, man; for he is dead. He isLesse then an ace man. For he is dead, he is


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abideendure, undergo, face
abjectservile subject, low-placed reject
abodedwelling-place, lodging, residence
abroadwidely scattered, all over the place
academeacademy, place of learning
aceone [lowest score on a dice]
acerb, acerbebitter, sour, tart
advantageadvantageous position, place of vantage, superiority
affrontcome face to face with, meet, confront
affrontequal, put in balance, set face to face
affyhave faith, place trust
AfricAfrica, often thought of as a desert place
againstin the face of
aggravatemake more grievous, make worse, exacerbate
aglet-baby[unclear meaning] small ornamental figure forming the tag of a lace
AlexanderAlexander the Great; Macedonian king in 4th-c BC, known for his extensive empire
Amazon, Amazonianone of a race of warrior women, said to be descended from Ares, god of war
Amazonianresembling a female warrior [of the mythical Amazonian race]; warlike
ames-acedouble ace [the lowest throw at dice]
andironornamental iron support in a fireplace
answercope with, face, encounter
Anthropophagi[pron: anthroh'pofajiy] mythical race of man-eaters
apacequickly, speedily, at a great rate
aspect[of a human face] look, appearance, expression
Atalantafleet-footed huntress who swore only to marry the suitor who could outrace her; those she defeated, she killed
attaintdisgrace, dishonour, corruption
auditaccount, reckoning [especially: in the face of God]
baccare, backare[mock Latin] back, stand back, give place
backare[mock Latin] back, stand back, give place
baffle[of a knight] publicly disgrace, treat with infamy
baiting-placebear-baiting pit
bartribunal, judgement place
bareworthless, wretched; or: barefaced, shameless
beardto his face, openly
beavervisor of a helmet, face-guard
becomegrace, honour, dignify
becominggrace, quality, befitting action
befallhappen, occur, take place, turn out
beinglodging, dwelling-place
benchgive a position of honour, place in authority
bestead, bestedsituated, prepared, placed
bestowplace, locate, position
betidehappen, take place, befall
bideface, await, undergo
bidingplace to stay, dwelling
bidingplace of rest, dwelling-place
black-corneredfull of dark places to hide
blood-drinkingdraining the blood away [from the face]
blotstain, disgrace, blemish
blowzered-faced lass
both-sidestwo-faced, double-dealing, hypocritical
bracecord, strap, thong
bracegroup of two, couple, pair
bracestate of readiness, defence, preparation
bracearmoured covering for the arms; or: coat of armour
bracedwith tightened skin, stretched
braceletmanacle, fetter, handcuff
brandmark of infamy, stigma, disgrace
brazen-facedshameless, unblushing, unabashed
breathbreathing-space, respite
breathing whilebreathing-space, short space of time
broad-frontedwith a broad forehead or face
bugle-braceletbracelet adorned with ornamental tube-shaped glass beads
buildingposition, fixed place, location
Calydonregion of ancient Aetolia, Greece, where the hunt for the Calydonian boar took place
carcanetjewelled necklace
careerracecourse, horse-racing track
caseouter covering, surface appearance
chace[tennis] forfeited point; also: pursuit
chairplace of authority
championchallenge, defy, face
changesubstitute, replace, supplant
changeexchange, replacement [for]
characterlessleaving no trace, lacking any distinctive signs
charmedbewitched, enchanted, placed under a spell
cheerface, look, expression
chimneyfireplace, hearth
chronicleplace in history, historical account
cinquepacefive-step capering dance
circuitenclosed space, ambit, compass
clapenter, strike, place
clapput smartly, place promptly, set effectively
cleapembrace, clasp, hug
clearcheerfully, brightly, with unclouded face
clipembrace, clasp, hug
clipembrace, clasp, hug
closeembrace, cuddle, hug
ColmekillIona, island off the W coast of Scotland; once the traditional burial place for Scottish kings
comelygracefully, fittingly, decorously
comelygraceful, becoming, decent
commissionformal body comprising justices of the peace
commoncommonplace, ordinary, average
common-hackneyedmade commonplace by habitual exposure, cheapened
commonplacecommonplace book, collection, compilation
compassembrace, enfold
concealedhidden, secret, offering a hiding-place
conducego on, carry on, take place
confidenttrusting, complacent, self-assured
confineprison, place of confinement
confinebanish, remove, place under restriction
consistorycouncil-chamber, meeting-place
contemptdisgrace, dishonour, scandal
contentcontentment, peace of mind
contumeliouslydisgracefully, contemptuously, arrogantly
copeencounter, face, have to do [with], come into contact [with]
corslethold tightl embrace [like a corslet = defensive armour]
countenanceface up to, confront
countenanceexpression, look, face
countenancehonour, grace, pay respect to
coupletcouple, brace
coveredwith a cover in place [to show it is not in use]
covertshelter, hiding-place, concealed spot
cradleplace of repose, resting place
cradlebirthplace, home
cram upforce into a small space, stuff in
creamform a frothy layer on the surface
creditdo credit to, grace, give esteem to
crestheraldic device placed above the shield and helmet in a coat-of-arms
cribshut up [as in a tiny hovel], confine within a small space
currentaccepted, genuine, taken at face value
Cydnusriver in Cilicia, S Turkey; meeting place of Cleopatra and Antony, 41 BC
dacetype of small fish, used as a bait
dashtrace, touch, tinge
defacedisfigure, defame, mar
deface[heraldry] efface, obliterate, blot out
defamedishonour, disgrace, make infamous
defamedisgrace, infamy, dishonour
defeatdeface, disfigure, disguise
defeaturedisfigurement, defacement, loss of beauty
dependhave consequences for, menace, hover over
desert, desartdesolate place, wilderness
deuce-ace[gambling] two and one
disgraceinsult, dishonour, deny respect [to]
disgraceinsultingly, with contempt
disgracemisfortune, calamity, injury
disgracedisfigurement, marring
disgracedhumiliating, shamed, dishonoured
disgracefullacking in grace, unbecoming, displeasing
dishonestydishonour, shameful deed, disgraceful action
dislimnobliterate, efface, blot out
disparagementdisgrace, dishonour, discredit
displaceremove from office, lose one's position
displaceremove, banish, get rid of
displanttransplant, remove, displace
disposeplace, distribute, organize
disposedarranged, placed, distributed
disrootdislodge, displace, remove
distance[fencing] regulation space to be kept between contestants
dog-ape[dog-faced] baboon
doubledeceptively, deceitfully, in a two-faced way
dueendue, grace, endow
easecomfort, relief, solace
elementplace, sphere, station
embracewelcome, joyfully accept
embraceaccept, avail oneself of
embracedcherished, joyfully accepted
embracementembrace, clasping, hug
embrasureembrace, clasping
enfetteredplaced in fetters, enchained, enslaved
enskiedplaced in heaven
entitule, intituleentitle, grace with the name of
Erebus'darkness', son of Chaos, the place where Shades passed on their way to Hades
estatedegree of rank, place in life, type of person
even[unclear meaning] keep pace with; or: sort out, reach agreement over
everywherehere and there, in many places
faceappearance, outward show, look
facedeceive, put on a false face
faceconfront with impudence, persist in contradicting
facecountenance, condone, cover over
facecover over, put a false face on
facebully, intimidate, turn
faceexclude, expel; or: deny [to one's face]
facebrazen out, carry through shamelessly
facebrazen out, carry through shamelessly
facetrim with braid, adorn
faceconfront impudently, defy
facerepresentation, image; skull
face-royalmajestic face, face like a king
fairfair face, beauty
fair-facedattractive, appealing, presenting a good prospect
false-facedhypocritical, sanctimonious
favourcharm, attractiveness, gracefulness
featadept, deft, graceful
featlygracefully, skilfully, nimbly
fetchtrace, find the origin of
fieldduelling place
figureface; or: body
filekeep pace, stay in line
finegraceful, exquisitely formed
fisnomyphysiognomy, face, countenance
fitgrimace, facial twitch
fitforce out of place by a convulsion
fixedrooted, established, in place
foilflaw, blemish, disgrace
footpace, walk about
footin employment, taking place, under way
footingsupport, surface, foundation, foothold
'forein the face of
formalexternal, outward, surface
frontforehead, face
frontconfront, face, meet
frownfierce look, severe face
furnacesend out as if from a furnace
furnishingdecoration, surface factor, window-dressing
gainstin the face of
geminypair, couple, brace
generalordinary people, general public, populace
generation[unclear meaning] world, human race
gentlemade peaceful, become violence-free
gentlepeaceful, calm, free from violence
gentlenessfreedom from harshness, peace
giddy-pacedwhirling, moving at a bewildering pace
givesay grace before meals
glass-facedmirror-faced, self-reflecting
glimpsetrace, tinge, pinch
gogo ahead, take place, come to pass
goingwalking, going at one's usual pace
good-facedsmooth-faced, pretty
Gorgongenerally applied to Medusa, one of three monsters who had snakes in their hair, ugly faces, huge wings, and whose staring eyes could turn people to stone
goutdrop, spot, trace
gracehonour, favour, recognition, respect
gracevirtue, fine quality
gracegain honour, get credit
gracegracefulness, charm, elegance
gracesuccess, favourable outcome, fortune
graceshow mercy to, reprieve
gracefavour, good will
gracepardon, clemency
gracepersonal duty, sense of propriety
gracemeans of salvation, divine favour
graceherb of grace
gracefavour, add merit to, do honour to
graceprocedure, attitude, affectation
gracegive credit to, lend plausibility to
gracegrace before meals, prayer of thanksgiving
gracemodel of beauty, exquisite being [as one of the Three Graces]
gracedstately, dignified, gracious
gracedhonoured, favoured
gracefulfavourable, friendly, approving
gracefulfull of grace, virtuous, upright
gracelesswicked, ungodly, immoral
graciousin favour, enjoying grace, esteemed
graciousfilled with divine grace, godly, devout
graciousgraceful, elegant, attractive
graciouslythrough divine grace, in all holiness
graspembrace, clasp in the arms
graspembrace, clasp
grim-visagedwith a stern face
grinbare the teeth, grimace, snarl
groundgreen, surface, lawn
groundface of the earth, globe
groundbackground, surface, setting
hagglemangle, hack, lacerate
hairjot, iota, trace
half-faceprofile, side-view
half-facedimperfect, incomplete, defective
half-facedthin-faced, with a pinched look
half-faced[of a coin] showing a monarch's profile; also: clipped, imperfect
half-facedwith only half the face visible
handat the start of a race
handsomenaturally graceful, artlessly elegant
haphappen, take place, come to pass
hauntpublic places, society, company
havelet's face, let's see
headsurface, surge, swell
headto one's face, frankly, openly
hearsedcoffined, placed in a hearse
heatrace over, speed across
henceaway from here, from this place
hicHere ran the SImois; here is the Sigeian land; here stood the lofty palace of old Priam
high-colouredflushed, red-faced
hitherhere, to this place / time / end
hitherward(s)in this direction, towards this place
HoraceLatin poet, 1st-c BC
hostinn, lodging, place of shelter
househousing, sheath, place of rest
hulkhugely ungraceful, clumsily large
humble-visagedwith humble faces
imprimisin the first place
inclipembrace, enclose, enfold
inconvenientunsuitable, inappropriate, out of place
indexprologue, preface, table of contents
inhearsebury, place in a coffin
inlayfurnish, provide, take one's place in
insert againput in place of, substitute [with]
instituteappoint, name, place in office
interlaceinsert, introduce, weave into a design
intertangledintertwined, entwined, interlaced
interviewface-to-face meeting
intituleentitle, grace with the name of
Janus[pron: 'jaynus] Roman god who guards gates and doors; shown with two faces, one at the back of his head
lacelacing of stays, bodice-string
laceornament, trim, bedeck [as if with lace]
Lacedaemon[lasi'deemon] Sparta, city-state of S Greece
lanternlight-filled arena, brilliantly lit place
laundclearing [in a wood], glade, grassy space
layapply, place, put
layadd to, place along with
layput on a surface in layers, add layers of colour to
lielie in prison, take the place [of]
Lipsbury[unclear meaning; perhaps: ‘lips-town’] space between the lips, jaws
lookface, turn towards
Louvre[pron: 'loovr] palace of the French Kings, Paris
macestaff of office, official sceptre
manage[of horses] ride, handle, put through one's paces
mansiondwelling-place, home, lodging [not necessarily stately]
mansionryplace of habitation; or: building place
mantlesurface vegetable matter, covering
mantledcovered, surfaced
measureretrace, travel back, cover the distance
measureslow stately dance, graceful movement
mechaniccommon, vulgar, commonplace
merryfacetious, droll, jocular
minutelytaking place minute by minute
misplaceput words in the wrong place
misusedisgrace, deride, abuse
mobledwith face muffled up, veiled
modernordinary, trite, commonplace, everyday
mopgrimace, pout
moppinggrimacing, making faces
motionexpression, grimace; or: agitation, emotion
mouthmake faces, grimace, show scorn
mowderisive grimace, pout, mocking expression
mowgrimace, pout, make mouths
muset[of a hare] hiding-place, lair
musit[of a hare] hiding place, lair
napsurface texture of a fabric, pile
neighbourneighbouring, nearby, adjacent
noiselesspeaceful, tranquil, quiet
notereproach, stigma, mark of disgrace
notebrand with disgrace, stigmatize, publicly discredit
notedstigmatized, disgraced, discredited
obloquydisgrace, reproach, slander
officerole, position, place, function
oldnormal, usual, commonplace
oliveolive-branch [symbol of peace]
opposeplace in opposition, set up as resistance
ordinanceappointed place in nature
ordinaryeveryday, commonplace, regularly experienced
organfeature, trait, facet
outfacepresent a bold front, maintain a defiant image
outfaceput down, overcome, put to shame
outfacedefy, intimidate, overcome by confronting
outwardexternal, surface, superficial
overmatchedoutnumbered, faced with superior strength
overstareoutstare, face down
overthrownruined, disgraced, brought into ill repute
pacetrain to move, control the course of
pacemove on, proceed, pass on
pace[horse-training] break in, teach one paces, properly train
paceway of walking, gait
paceobedient movement, trained walk
paintingcosmetics, paint [for the face], beautifying
paperpaper replacement for money
ParacelsusSwiss physician and alchemist,16th-c
paragoncompare, match, place side by side
parmacityspermaceti [medicinal substance from the sperm-whale]
passy-measuresdancing with slow pace
patendish on which the bread is placed during the Mass; shining circle
pavementpaved surface, thoroughfare
paxtablet bearing an image of the Crucifixion, used as a symbol of peace within the Mass
peacestate of calm, amenable condition
peacebe still, keep silent, be calm
peaceexclamation of reproach or impatience
peacefulundisturbed, unopposed, untroubled
peace-partedwho have departed this life in peace
peepappear, show one's face
Pelops[pron: 'pelops] son of Tantalus, served to the gods at a banquet; Demeter ate his shoulder, which the gods replaced by one of ivory
pendenthanging in space, floating in the air
perdusentinel exposed to danger, sentry placed in a hazardous position
Philippibattle site in Thrace, Asia Minor, a victory for Mark Antony
picturescene, visible position, conspicuous place
piecebit of ground, place
Pigmieslegendary race of dwarfs
pinfoldpound, place for keeping stray animals
pinnacesmall speedy boat with a single mast
pitchplace oneself, settle, alight
pitchset, place
placeestablish in office, appoint to a post
placeproper place, safe place
placearrange, dispose, express
placeroom, lodging, quarters
placedignity, honour, privilege
placepresent, attending, at hand
placeposition, post, office, rank
placeprecedence, proper place
placein a suitable place
placearrange the seating, find places
placeway, room
placedfixed, set, firm
plantfix in the ground, set up, place
plantinstall, set up, put in place
platformgun-platform, battery emplacement
pleachedwith hedges made of interlaced branches
pleasantfacetious, joking, droll
plotplace, spot
point(usually plural) tagged lace [especially for attaching hose to the doublet]
popularitypopulace, common people, the masses
posterior[facetious] hind part, later part
preferplace before, offer, present with
preposteroustotally out of place, extremely improper
prerogativeprecedence, prior place
presentoccurring at this time, taking place now
printlessmaking no print, leaving no trace
proface[polite expression used to someone about to eat or drink] may it do you good, for your benefit
proposeface, confront, be ready to meet
pulpitpublic speaking place, platform, rostrum
putbestow, grant, place officially
quietcalm, peaceful, relaxed
quietcalmness, peace of mind, serenity
quietlyin peace, undisturbed
quietnesspeace, amity, reconciliation
race[of ginger] root
racedescendants, children, posterity
raceorigin, stock, ancestry
raceraze out, erase, scrape away
racefamily, house, dynasty
raceinherited nature, natural disposition
raceherd, host, company
racecourse, passage
rangeoccupy, take up, be placed
rankplace, class, put down
rankposition, place
razureerasure, effacement, obliteration
recomfortureconsolation, comfort, solace
reconcilementreconciliation, appeasement, peace
relicmemory, trace, recollection
reliquesantiquities, ancient ruins, old places
relishtrace, suggestion, hint
reproachblame, disgrace, shame
reproachsomeone deserving of blame, source of disgrace
reproofshame, disgrace, reproach
residencenormal place of performance, usual venue [in the city]
rest[period of] peace, calm, repose
restinterval, space, pause
re-stemretrace, go back upon
restfulquiet, peaceful, free from strife
retentionplace of detention, confinement
roomplace, space
roomplace, seat
roughinadequate, dull, lacking grace
rufflingfrilled, lace-adorned; also: embellishing, gay
sad-eyed, sad-facedgrave-looking
Saint EdmundsburyBury St Edmunds, market town in Suffolk; site of the shrine of St Edmund and a place of pilgrimage
sanctuaryholy place, church, religious place of safety
sanguinered-faced, ruddy-hued
scandalshame, discredit, disgrace
scandaldiscredit, disgrace, bring into ill repute
scandaldisgraceful reputation, scandalous imputation
scandalizeddisgraced, defamed, made a subject of scandal
scandalledscandalous, disgraceful, shameful
scoperoom, space, range
scornthink it a disgrace, consider it an indignity
scurrilousoffensively facetious, coarsely abusive
sealput a seal in a particular place
sea-roomspace at sea to manoeuvre a ship
seatresting place, region, abode
seatposition, place, status
seatresidence, dwelling-place, habitat
seatedfirmly placed, fixed
seemingdeceptive appearance, two-faced behaviour, pretence
sepulchreserve as a burial-place for
sepulchreplace in a sepulchre, bury
setplace on the fire
shadecovered place, sheltered spot
shadowshade, seclusion, place of retirement
shamedisgrace, dishonour, affront
shame-faced, shamefastmodest, retiring, shy
shentinsult, disgrace, shame
showplaceplace for public spectacles, theatrical arena
shriftconfessional, place for hearing confession
siegeseat, chair, place
sink-apace, sinke-a-pacefive-step capering dance
slanderdishonour, disgrace, disrepute
slandermisuse, disgrace, bring into ill repute
slanderslanderer, disgraceful rogue
slanderousdisgraceful, shameful, discreditable
smacksuggestion, trace, hint
smiletrace, sign, hint
smooth-facedplausible, bland, glib, deceitful
societydisposition, manners, social graces
solacetake comfort, be happy, cheer [oneself]
solaceentertain, amuse, divert
sortplace, classify, put in the same class
spacespace of time, while
space[in phrases]
spacefreedom from captivity; or: possession of property
spacedistance, separation
sphereplace in the heavens
sphereplace in the heavens
spicetouch, trace, dash
sporting-placeplace of recreation
staindisgrace, shame
stainedfull of disgrace, dishonouring
stainingdisgraceful, dishonourable, shameful
stakeplace of execution
stallinstall, place, appoint
stallkeep close, place, stow away
standbe placed, set, arrange
standtake the place of, serve in lieu of
stand[hunting] standing-place, hiding-place
startingremoval, displacement, breaking away
stationplace to stand in, spot to see from
stickbe placed, be fixed
stickplace, fix, settle
sticking placeplace on a device at which something is held fast [such as a stringed instrument or crossbow]
stool-balltype of bat-and-ball game, with a stool in place of a wicket
strainembrace, hold, hug
strongflagrant, barefaced; or: resolute, determined
strong[Q variant] flagrant, barefaced; or: resolute, determined
superficialof surface qualities, of outward gifts
supplyfill up, take [the place of], occupy, substitute
sustaintake up a position, have a place
swart-complexioneddark-faced, black-looking
sweet-facedgood-looking, handsome
swimmove gracefully, glide, undulate
tabletablet, surface, paintbook
tainteddisgraced, discredited, dishonoured
takemake peace
tallow-catch[unclear meaning] dripping-pan [placed under roasting meat]
tallow-face[contemptuous] face as pale as wax
TartarTartarus; underworld place of confinement for those who incurred the wrath of the gods
tawdry-lacesilk necktie, coloured neckerchief
teethin the very face of, confronting face-to-face
teethto my face, in direct opposition
thence(away) from there, from that place
thereon(up)on that place, subject, etc.
theretobesides; to that matter, place, etc.
thereuntoto that place, matter, etc.
thick-pleachedthickly hedged, with hedges made of closely interlaced branches
thitherthere, to that place; to that end
Thracian[pron: 'thraysian] of Thrace; region of ancient NE Greece associated with the worship of Dionysus
threadtrace a path through, make a way through
Three Gracesdaughters of Zeus and Hera; Greek goddesses of grace and beauty
traceimitate, pursue, follow in one's footsteps
tracepath, way; or: team [of horses, linked by traces]
tracetread a measure, dance some steps
tracerange over, pass through, traverse
tracefollow on from, come from
tracttrace, trail, evidence of passage
traversedplaced crosswise, laid across the shoulders
tripe-visagedtripe-faced, flabby
turnturn away, face the other way
turnturn and face the enemy, make a bold front
unbracedunfastened, not laced up, loose
uncoveredbarefaced, naked, glaring
undergofall under, experience, face up to
ungraciouswicked, without grace, profane
ungraciousinconsiderate, graceless, unmannerly
unnobleignoble, dishonourable, disgraceful
unpeaceablequarrelsome, contentious, noisily argumentative
untreadretrace, go back upon
userepresent, stand in place of
vacancyempty space, nothingness
vagarywandering, displacement, roaming about
vambracearmour to protect the fore-arm
vantageadvantageous position, place of vantage, superiority
vantbracearmour to protect the fore-arm
vastgreat expanse, immense space, waste
vastlong deserted period, empty space of time
vicegerentofficial acting in place of a ruler during his absence
visageface, countenance
wastedesolate time or place
wasteefface, wipe out, destroy
watchdial, clock face
watch-case[unclear meaning] receptacle containing a watch; place for keeping watch
well-gracedfull of pleasing qualities, well-favoured
wheelturn to face in a new direction, circle round
whencefrom which / what place, from where
whencesoeverfrom somewhere or other, from whatever place
whereagainstagainst which place
whey-facemilk-face, pasty-face
whilespace of time, interval
whitherto which place; to what result
windowput in a window, place on display
without-dooroutward, surface, public
working-houseworkhouse, place of industry
workydayordinary, commonplace, everyday
worldwhole of mankind, human race, mass of society
wrongdiscredit, dishonour, injure, disgrace
yellowsallow, pasty-faced; or: jealous
yokepair, couple, brace


 583 result(s).
ace, double [in dice]ames-ace
angel, high-placedprincipality
animals, place for keeping straypinfold
appointed place in natureordinance
authority, place inbench
authority, place ofchair
battery emplacementplatform
beads, on a braceletbugle-bracelet
behaviour, two-faced seeming
bewildering pace, moving at agiddy-paced
body comprising justices of the peacecommission
book, commonplacecommonplace
bracelet adorned with ornamental tube-shaped glass beadsbugle-bracelet
breathing-spacebreathing while
brilliantly lit placelantern
broad forehead or face, with a broad-fronted
building placemansionry
burial-place, serve as a sepulchre
clock facewatch
coffin, place in ainhearse
come face to face withaffront
commonplace bookcommonplace
commonplace, madecommon-hackneyed
confession, place for hearingshrift
confine within a small spacecrib
confinement, place ofconfine
confronting face-to-faceteeth
conspicuous placepicture
convulsion, force out of place by afit
cover in place, with a covered
covered placeshade
crosswise, placedtraversed
dancing with slow pacepassy-measures
dark places to hide, full ofblack-cornered
derisive grimacemow
desolate placedesert, desart
desolate time or placewaste
detention, place ofretention
direction, turn to face in a newwheel
disgrace publicly [of a knight]baffle
disgrace, brand withnote
disgrace, full ofstained
disgrace, mark ofnote
disgrace, source of reproach
disgrace, think it ascorn
disgraceful actiondishonesty
disgraceful reputationscandal
disgraceful rogueslander
display, place ofwindow
divine grace, filled withgracious
double ace [in dice]ames-ace
draining the blood away [from the face]blood-drinking
dripping-pan [placed under roasting meat]tallow-catch
duelling placefield
dwarfs, legendary race ofPigmies
earth, face of theground
emplacement, batteryplatform
empty spacevacancy
empty space of timevast
enclosed spacecircuit
enjoying gracegracious
execution, place ofstake
fabric, surface texture of anap
face [head]countenance
face [head]cheer
face [head]visage
face [head]front
face [head]figure
face [head]fisnomy
face [meet]answer
face [meet]cope
face [meet]champion
face [meet]propose
face [meet]look
face [meet]front
face [undergo]abide
face [undergo]bide
face as pale as waxtallow-face
face downoverstare
face like a kingface-royal
face muffled up, with mobled
face of, in the veryteeth
face the enemy, turn andturn
face the other wayturn
face to face, setaffront
face up tocountenance
face up toundergo
face value, taken atcurrent
face visible, with only half the half-faced
face, fairfair
face, majesticface-royal
face, protection against the sunmask
face, put on a falseface
face, put on a falseface
face, severefrown
face, show one'speep
face, to one'sbeard
face, to one'steeth
face, to one'shead
face, uglyGorgon
face, with a broad broad-fronted
face, with a sterngrim-visaged
face, with uncloudedclear
faces, makemouth
faces, makingmopping
faces, twoJanus
faces, with humble humble-visaged
facetious, offensivelyscurrilous
face-to-face meetinginterview
fair facefair
false face, put on aface
false face, put on aface
fetters, placed inenfettered
find placesplace
fire, place on theset
fireplace, ornamental iron support in aandiron
firmly placedseated
first place, in theimprimis
fixed placebuilding
force into a small spacecram up
frothy layer on a surface, form acream
full of gracegraceful
furnace, send out as if from a furnace
going at one's usual pacegoing
grace before mealsgrace
grace before meals, saygive
grace with the name ofentitule, intitule
grace, enjoyinggracious
grace, filled with divinegracious
grace, full ofgraceful
grace, goddesses ofThree Graces
grace, herb ofgrace
grace, lackingdisgraceful
grace, lackingrough
grace, through divinegraciously
grace, withoutungracious
graceful movementmeasure
gracefully, moveswim
gracefulness, naturalhandsome
graces, socialsociety
grassy spacelaund
grimace, derisivemow
habitation, place ofmansionry
half the face visible, with only half-faced
hanging in spacependent
hearse, placed in ahearsed
heaven, placed inenskied
heavens, place in thesphere
hedges made of interlaced branches, with pleached
herb of gracegrace
hide, full of dark places toblack-cornered
hiding-place [of a hare]muset
hiding-place, offering aconcealed
holy placesanctuary
horses, linked by tracestrace
hugely ungracefulhulk
human raceworld
human racegeneration
humble faces, with humble-visaged
industry, place ofworking-house
interlaced branches, with hedges made of pleached
iron support in a fireplace, ornamentalandiron
jewelled necklacecarcanet
judgement placebar
justices of the peace, body comprisingcommission
keep pacefile
king, face like aface-royal
lace, ornamental figure forming the tag of a aglet-baby
lace, taggedpoint
laced up, notunbraced
lass, red-facedblowze
learning, place ofacademe
leaving no tracecharacterless
leaving no traceprintless
legendary race of dwarfsPigmies
life, place inestate
lips, space between theLipsbury
low-placed rejectabject
majestic faceface-royal
man-eaters, race ofAnthropophagi
mark of disgracenote
meals, say grace beforegive
mean spacespace
mean spacespace
meeting, face-to-faceinterview
mind, peace ofcontent
mind, peace ofquiet
minute by minute, taking place minutely
money, paper replacement forpaper
move gracefullyswim
movement, gracefulmeasure
moving at a bewildering pacegiddy-paced
muffled up, with facemobled
name, grace with aentitule, intitule
naturally gracefulhandsome
nature, appointed place inordinance
necklace, jewelledcarcanet
now, taking placepresent
offensively facetiousscurrilous
office, place ininstitute
official acting in place of a ruler during his absencevicegerent
officially placeput
old placesreliques
opposition, place inoppose
ornamental braceletbugle-bracelet
ornamental iron support in a fireplaceandiron
pace, going at one's usualgoing
pace, keepeven
pace, keepfile
pace, moving at a bewilderinggiddy-paced
paint [for the face]painting
pale as wax, face astallow-face
paper replacement for moneypaper
path through, trace athread
paved surfacepavement
peace of mindcontent
peace of mindquiet
peace, departing this life inpeace-parted
peace, inquietly
peace, maketake
peace, symbol ofpax
peaceful, madegentle
performance, normal place ofresidence
place along withlay
place beforeprefer
place for keeping watchwatch-case
place for public speakingpulpit
place for public spectaclesshowplace
place in lifeestate
place in natureordinance
place in officeinstitute
place in oppositionoppose
place in the heavenssphere
place of authoritychair
place of confinementconfine
place of executionstake
place of habitationmansionry
place of industryworking-house
place of learningacademe
place of performance, normalresidence
place of recreationsporting-place
place of restcradle
place of restbiding
place of resthouse
place of vantageadvantage
place of vantagevantage
place of, take the stand
place officiallyput
place on a device at which something is held faststicking place
place on displaywindow
place on the fireset
place oneselfpitch
place promptlyclap
place to stand instation
place to staybiding
place under restrictionconfine
place, to thatthereto
place, away from thatthence
place, brilliantly litlantern
place, concealedcovert
place, conspicuouspicture
place, desolatedesert, desart
place, desolatewaste
place, fixedbuilding
place, from thishence
place, from whateverwhencesoever
place, have asustain
place, holysanctuary
place, infixed
place, in a suitableplace
place, on thatthereon
place, out ofinconvenient
place, priorprerogative
place, properplace
place, put inplant
place, put in the wrongmisplace
place, restingseat
place, safeplace
place, take one'sinlay
place, take thelie
place, to that thither
place, to thishither
place, to which whither
place, totally out ofpreposterous
place, towards thishitherward(s)
placedbestead, bested
placed firmlyseated
placed in heavenenskied
placed, bestick
placed, bestand
placed, berange
places, findplace
places, in manyeverywhere
places, oldreliques
places, publichaunt
prior placeprerogative
promptly, placeclap
proper placeplace
proper placeplace
public placeshaunt
public speaking placepulpit
public spectacles, place forshowplace
publicly disgrace [of a knight]baffle
put in place ofinsert again
qualities, of surfacesuperficial
race overheat
race, at the start of ahand
recreation, place ofsporting-place
red-faced lassblowze
reject, low-placedabject
religious place of safetysanctuary
reputation, disgracefulscandal
rest, place ofcradle
rest, place ofbiding
rest, place ofhouse
resting placeseat
restriction, place underconfine
retirement, place ofshadow
rogue, disgracefulslander
ruler, official acting in place of an absentvicegerent
safe placeplace
safety, religious place ofsanctuary
say grace before mealsgive
sea, space to manoeuvre a shipsea-room
seal, put in a particular placeseal
send out as if from a furnacefurnace
sepulchre, place in asepulchre
serve as a burial-placesepulchre
severe facefrown
shelter, place ofhost
ship, space at sea to manoeuvre a sea-room
short space of timebreathing while
show one's facepeep
side by side, placeparagon
slow pace, dancing withpassy-measures
small ornamental figure forming the tag of a laceaglet-baby
social gracessociety
space at sea to manoeuvre a shipsea-room
space of timewhile
space of timespace
space of time, emptyvast
space to be kept between fencersdistance
space, emptyvacancy
space, enclosedcircuit
space, force into a smallcram up
space, grassylaund
space, hanging inpendent
space, immensevast
speaking, place for publicpulpit
spell, placed under acharmed
stand in place ofuse
stand in, place tostation
start of a race, at thehand
stay, place tobiding
stern face, with a grim-visaged
stray animals, place for keepingpinfold
strength, faced with superiorovermatched
suitable place, in aplace
superior strength, faced withovermatched
surface factorfurnishing
surface qualities, ofsuperficial
surface texture of a fabricnap
surface, form a frothy layer on acream
surface, pavedpavement
tagged lacepoint
take placebefall
take placebetide
take placeconduce
take placego
take placehap
taking placefoot
taking place minute by minuteminutely
teach paces [in horse-training]pace
think it a disgracescorn
time, empty space ofvast
time, short space ofbreathing while
time, space ofwhile
time, space ofspace
traces, horses linked bytrace
trust, placeaffy
turn and face the enemyturn
turn to face in a new directionwheel
two-faced behaviourseeming
two-faced way, in adouble
ugly faceGorgon
unclouded face, with clear
ungraceful, hugelyhulk
vantage, place ofadvantage
vantage, place ofvantage
vegetable matter, surfacemantle
watch, place for keepingwatch-case
wax, face as pale astallow-face
way, face the other turn
wrong place, put in themisplace

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