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Henry IV Part 11H4 II.iv.133afore thee like a flock of wild geese, I'll never wear hairafore thee like a flocke of Wilde-geese, Ile neuer weare haire
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.iv.200house afore I'll be in these tirrits and frights! So!house, before Ile be in these tirrits, and frights. So:
Henry VH5 III.vi.30is painted blind, with a muffler afore her eyes, to signifyis painted blinde, with a Muffler afore his eyes, to signifie
King LearKL I.v.4If your diligence be not speedy, I shall be there aforeif your Dilligence be not speedy, I shall be there afore
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW I.i.190afore Michaelmas?afore Michaelmas.
OthelloOth V.i.128Will you go on afore? (Aside) This is the nightWill you go on afore? This is the night
PericlesPer II.i.80Now, afore me, a handsome fellow! Come, thou shalt gonow afore mee a handsome fellow : Come, thou shalt goe
PericlesPer IV.vi.133She makes our profession as it were to stink aforeHe makes our profession as it were to stincke afore
Richard IIR2 II.i.200Now afore God – God forbid I say true – Now afore God, God forbid I say true,
Richard IIR2 II.i.238Now, afore God, 'tis shame such wrongs are borneNow afore heauen, 'tis shame such wrongs are borne,
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iv.158Now, afore God, I am so vexed that every partNow afore God, I am so vext, that euery part
Romeo and JulietRJ III.iv.34Afore me, it is so very late that weAfore me, it is so late, that we
Romeo and JulietRJ IV.ii.31Now, afore God, this reverend holy Friar,Now afore God, this reueren'd holy Frier,
The TempestTem II.ii.74drunk wine afore, it will go near to remove his fit. If Idrunke wine afore, it will goe neere to remoue his Fit: if I
The TempestTem IV.i.7Hast strangely stood the test. Here, afore heaven,Hast strangely stood the test: here, afore heauen
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK I.i.197Your shield afore your heart, about that neckYour Sheild afore your Heart, about that necke


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aforein front, ahead
aforebefore, in front of
aforebefore, sooner than
aforebefore, ahead of
aforein the presence of
foreshortened form of ‘afore


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Swearing... example gloss [where needed] god afore / ’fore r2 ii i 200 before god go...
... hand by this ham v ii 252 me afore per ii i 80 before me me fore a...

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
AFOREBASICafore adv, aforehand adv, aforenoon n, aforesay v, aforesaid adj


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