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Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.ii.51To sound the bottom of the after-times.To sound the bottome of the after-Times.


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abortivemonstrously ill-timed, abhorrent and untimely
abridgementpastime, short entertainment, means of shortening the time
afterfuture, later, following
after[nautical] second, following, further
afteraccording to
afterat the rate of
after-debtunpaid bill after goods have been received, outstanding debt
after-dinnerperiod following dinner, afternoon
after-eyegaze after, follow with the eye
after-hourssubsequent time, later moments
after-inquirydivine interrogation after death, last judgement
after-losslater blow, knock given after others have been suffered
after-lovelater gratitude, future loyalty
after-meetingfollow-up meeting
after-nourishmentlater sustenance
after-supperperiod of time immediately after dessert [eaten after the main course of the evening meal]
after-timeshereafter, future, time to come
againstby the time of
againstin anticipation of the time when
Alcides[pron: al'siydeez] original name of Hercules, after his grandfather Alceus
amongfrom time to time, every now and then
ancient, aunchienttime-worn, experienced, renowned
anon[after ‘now’] at another time, presently
Arabian birdphoenix [mythical bird, of which only one existed at any time]
a-rowone after the other, in succession
attendsee to, look after, apply oneself to
aunchientformer; long-establshed; time-worn; very old
awhilefor a short time, briefly
BargulusBalkan pirate of Roman times
beest-eatingdrinking the milk produced after the birth of a calf [considered undrinkable, except by rustics]
before-timeformerly, previously, earlier
betimein good time, early on
betimesspeedily, soon, in a short time
Black Monday[in MV II.v.24] confusion of the day after Easter Sunday with Ash Wednesday
boyrepresent by a boy, reduce to a boy-actor level [boys played the female parts in Shakespeare's time]
breathing whilebreathing-space, short space of time
brieflya little while ago, a short time past
bringcomplete, bring the end to [a period of time]
cheaterdeceiver, sharper, gamester; also: officer who looks after estates forfeited to the crown
cherishentertain kindly, look after well
cockshutevening twilight [time when poultry were shut away]
compassrevolution, circuit of time
confound[of time] waste, consume, squander
continuancestay, period of time
continuehappen later, follow after
contrivepass the time, spend, while away
coverput on one's hat [after it has been removed to show respect]
cuckoo-flowervariety of wild flower growing at the time of year when cuckoos call
dallianceidle talk, fooling about, waste of time
datetime, season, fashion
daythis past seven years, in a long time
day(plural) time, delay, period of action
daytime, hour [of day]
disloyalunfaithful, adulterous, two-timing
doubledoubly, for the second time, twice over
dress[of land] cultivate, tend, look after
eftsoonsoccasionally, from time to time
eldmen of old, people from former times
else(used after the noun) in addition
emboweldisembowel [in Tudor times a procedure used to ensure that the body of a noble person would not deteriorate so much between death and burial]
erewhilea short time ago, a while before
est2nd peron singular ending after 'thou'
everconstantly, continually, at all times
evermorealways, constantly, at all times
exigenttime of necessity, critical moment
fairtime of youth, favourable opportunity [as a young man]
ferretworry [like a ferret], hunt after
fitlyat the right time, at a suitable moment
flesh[of a sword] use for the first time in battle
floodtime of flowing in, influx
followseek after, pursue, strive for, court
foul[of a pistol-barrel after firing] dirty, clogged
Gaul[unclear usage by the Host] someone from Wales; usually at the time, someone from France
geststage [in a journey], point in time
gocarry on to no purpose, waste [one's] time
good-nightnight-time serenade
good-years[unclear meaning] good times to come
gratewear away, pulverise, erode through the rubbing away of time
hallowfollow with shouts, call after
happycoming just at the right time
Hecubawife of Priam, King of Troy, and mother of 18 children; after the Greeks took Troy, she saw her sons and her husband killed, and was sent into slavery.
henceforthfrom now on, from this time forth
henceforthfrom now on, from this time forth
hereafterafter this, in time to come
hereafterat some time in the future
heretohitherto, up to this time
hitherhere, to this place / time / end
holiday timebest time, prime
hour(plural) fixed time, timetable
hour[time of] appointment, engagement, meeting
hourat the same time
hourtime, moment
husbandmanage, handle, look after
Icelandcountry known at the time for its long-haired dogs
inquireseek out, ask after one's whereabouts
instancemoment, point in time
instantat the same time, simultaneously
interimat intervals, from time to time
intermissioninterval of time, delay, interruption
ironage of cruelty, time of wickedness
keeplook after, watch over, maintain
knight of the battleone whose knighthood was conferred after prowess on the battlefield
laglagging behind, lingering after
languishpass [time] in languishing, waste
Laplandprovince of N Finland, known at the time for sorcery and witchcraft
lastlast time
latelyformerly, within recent times
leisureopportunity, moment, available time
leisureonly after careful consideration, but slowly
lengthlength of time, duration left in life, delay
Lichas[pron: 'liykas] companion to Hercules, who brought him a poisoned tunic; after wearing it, Hercules in agony threw Lichas into the sky
likeresemble, look like, take after
LimehouseLondon riverside area named after the lime-kilns there which processed chalk from Kent
limitprescribed time, fixed period
limitationallotted time, appointed period
longlyfor a long time, constantly, persistently
lookbe watchful for, look after
lookexpect, anticipate, hope, await the time
Lucrece, Lucretia[lu'krees] legendary Roman heroine, 6th-c BC, who killed herself after being raped by Tarquin
markin an apologetic exclamation, after referring to something unpleasant
needtime of necessity, needy situation, emergency
nicknick of time, critical moment
night-rulenight-time activity, nocturnal diversion
obsequiousdutiful [without suggesting servility]; appropriate after a death
oft-timesoften, frequently, on many occasions
onceever, at any time
oncesome time, at a convenient point
onceone day, some time
otherwhilesat various times, on occasion
outsleepsleep beyond [a time], sleep in
outwearuse up, waste the time of
overlookingguardianship, looking after, custody
overriddenridden too hard, exhausted after too much riding
overseebe executor of, officially look after
parcel-bawdpart-time pimp
pausedelay, take time to consider
pausedeliberate about, take time to consider
Pegasuswinged horse which sprang from the body of Medusa after her death; he brought thunderbolts to Zeus
Philomel, Philomela[pron: 'filomel] daughter of Pandion, king of Athens; Tereus raped her and cut out her tongue, but she told the tale in her embroidery; the gods turned her into a nightingale after she took her revenge
pissing while, aa very short time; also: with enough time to urinate
presentpresent time, immediate moment, matter in hand
presentoccurring at this time, taking place now
presentlyafter a short time, soon, before long
preservekeep, maintain, look after
prolixioustime-wasting, tedious, protracted
pushclimactic moment, critical time
rearwardfollowing, immediately after
recoilgo back in time, return in memory
redeem[of time lost] get back, buy back, make amends for
regardtend, look after, take care of
requestdemand, state of being sought after
respiteextent of time, time-scale
Rhesus[pron: 'reesus] Thracian hero, famed for his horses; after fighting for one day in the Trojan War, Ulysses and Diomedes killed him in his tent at night, and stole the horses
ringtime for exchanging rings
rut-timemating season, time for sex
SaturnRoman god of seed time and harvest
seasontime, due time, occasion
seasonwhile, short period of time
seasoninopportune, inappropriate, ill-timed
seasontime of year, weather conditions
seasonage [period of history], time
seasonin season, at the appropriate time
sequentsequential, successive, one after another
silenttime of silence
simple-timesummer-time [when aromatic herbs used as medicines (simples) were available]
Sinon[pron: 'siynon] spy who alerted the Greeks inside the Trojan horse after it had been taken into the citadel of Troy
solicitcourt, chase after, pursue
sometimeformerly, at one time, once
sometimesformerly, once, at one time, previously
sometimessometime, former, at one time
soonquickly, in a short time
spacespace of time, while
stalepast the time, no longer of value
standdwell on, waste time with, rely upon
standwaste time, delay, wait
stillrepeatedly, time and again, over and over
still-closingalways coming together [after being divided]
sub-contractedalready betrothed, engaged a second time
succeedfollow on, ensue, come after
successcourse of events, process of time
successantlyin succession, one after another
summer-leapingdelighting in the summer-time
summer-seemingbefitting the summer-time [of life: early manhood]
sweetdelightful time, pleasant part
tarrystay for, wait for, allow time for
telltell the time on
temporizerdelayer, procrastinator, someone who plays for time
tenderlook after, take care of
Thersites[pron: ther'siyteez] cowardly Greek, killed by Achilles after jeering at him
thinkfeel time passing slowly, tire of waiting
thisby this time
thricethree times
thrice-puissantmost [three times] powerful, most mighty
tideseason, date, time [of year]
time(the) world, (the) age, society
timetimes, present day, present state of affairs
timecircumstance, particular occasion
timelifetime, life
timeright moment, favourable opportunity
timemeasure rhythmically, accompany regularly
timerhythm, tempo, measure
timetime interval, specific period of time
timein time, soon enough
timeseasonal cycle
timewhat a question!, how dare you!
timeage, years
timeuse of time, experience, occasion
timeonce upon a time
timeonce upon a time
timebe restrained, keep control
timedaily greeting
timevery well
timeat the right moment
timepast time, history
timefor the time being, at present
timetime to be born, delivery
timetime to come, future days
timeallotted limit, prescribed term
timepassing of time, while
time-beguilingwhich whiles away the time
timelessuntimely, premature, ill-timed
timelyearly, in good time
time-pleasertime-server, follower of fashion
togetherall at once, at the same time
treblemake three times greater, increase threefold
treble-datedliving three times as long as man
treble-sinewedstrengthened three times over
triplex[music] triple time
turn[unclear meaning] turning-point; trick, game; occasion, proper time
twice and oncemany times
unfoldingrising, morning [telling the shepherd that it is time to release his sheep from the fold]
unseasonedunseasonable, inopportune, badly timed
untimelyprematurely, too soon, before due time
untimelyinopportunely, at a bad time
untimelypremature, coming before its time
uttermostlatest time, last moment
vacancyspare time, leisure
vastlong deserted period, empty space of time
vendiblesaleable, marketable, sought-after
volume, by theto a great extent, a large number of times
wastedesolate time or place
watchtime interval, period of time
whenfor the time when
whenat the time when
whenaswhen, at the time when
whilespace of time, interval
whiletimes, age
while-erea while before, a short time ago
whistlecarry on to no purpose, waste [one's] time
whiting-timewhitening time, time for clothes-bleaching
worldtimes, life, state of affairs
yore, ofof old, formerly, in times long past
zodiacbelt of the celestial sphere within which the sun, moon, and planets appear to move, divided into twelve equal domains [signs] named after constellations


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activity, night-timenight-rule
after thishereafter
after, immediatelyrearward
allotted timetime
allotted timelimitation
allow timetarry
always coming together [after being divided]still-closing
another time, at [after now]anon
another, one aftersuccessantly
another, one aftersequent
appointment [time of]hour
appropriate time, at theseason
ask after one's whereaboutsinquire
available timeleisure
await the timelook
bad time, at auntimely
badly timedunseasoned
battlefield, knighthood conferred after prowess on theknight of the battle
best timeholiday time
bill, unpaid after goods have been receivedafter-debt
born, time to betime
call afterhallow
chase aftersolicit
circuit of timecompass
clogged [of a pistol-barrel after firing]foul
clothes-bleaching timewhiting-time
come aftersucceed
coming before its timeuntimely
confession and absolution, [time] forshriving
consider, take time topause
consider, take time topause
critical timepush
day-time before noonforenoon
death, appropriate after aobsequious
death, divine interrogation afterafter-inquiry
delightful timesweet
delighting in the summer-timesummer-leaping
desolate time or placewaste
dessert, period afterafter-supper
dirty [of a pistol-barrel after firing]foul
divine interrogation after deathafter-inquiry
drinking milk produced after the birth of a calfbeest-eating
due timeseason
empty space of timevast
engaged a second timesub-contracted
erode through the rubbing away of timegrate
exhausted after too much ridingoverridden
extent of timerespite
feel time passing slowlythink
first time use of a sword in battle flesh
fixed timehour
flowing in, time offlood
follow aftercontinue
former times, people fromeld
future, at some time in thehereafter
gaze afterafter-eye
good times to comegood-years
hunt afterferret
interval of timeintermission
interval of timetime
just [time]but
just [time]new
just [time]new
just [time]even
knight whose honour was conferred after prowess on the battlefieldknight of the battle
knock given after othersafter-loss
labour, time ofbearing
last timelast
latest timeuttermost
length of timelength
lingering afterlag
living three times as long as mantreble-dated
long time, for alongly
long time, in aday
look afterattend
look aftertender
look afterpreserve
look afterdress
look afterkeep
look afterregard
look afterhusband
look afterlook
look after officiallyoversee
look after wellcherish
looking afteroverlooking
meeting [time of]hour
milk produced after the birth of a calf, drinkingbeest-eating
monstrously ill-timedabortive
necessity, time ofexigent
necessity, time ofneed
nick of timenick
night-time activitynight-rule
night-time serenadegood-night
noon, day-time beforeforenoon
officer who looks after estates forfeited to the crowncheater
once upon a timetime
once upon a timetime
one after anothersuccessantly
one after anothersequent
one after the othera-row
part-time pimpparcel-bawd
pass the timecontrive
pass time in languishinglanguish
passing of timetime
past timetime
past, a short timebriefly
people from former timeseld
period after dessertafter-supper
period of timecontinuance
period of timewatch
period of time, specifictime
pimp, part-timeparcel-bawd
point in timeinstance
point in timegest
prescribed timetime
prescribed timelimit
present [time]extant
present [time]last
present timepresent
right time, at thefitly
right time, coming at thehappy
rings, time for exchanging ring
same time, at theinstant
same time, at thetogether
same time, at thehour
second time, engaged asub-contracted
second time, for thedouble
seek afterfollow
serenade, night-timegood-night
sex, time forrut-time
short period of timeseason
short space of timebreathing while
short time agoerewhile
short time agowhile-ere
short time, after apresently
short time, for aawhile
short time, in abetimes
short time, in asoon
short time, verypissing while, a
silence, time of silent
sought after, state of beingrequest
space of timewhile
space of timespace
space of time, emptyvast
spare timevacancy
strengthened three times overtreble-sinewed
subsequent timeafter-hours
summer-time simple-time
summer-time, befitting thesummer-seeming
summer-time, delighting in thesummer-leaping
sword, used for the first time in battleflesh
take afterlike
tell the timetell
three timesthrice
three times greater, maketreble
three times living as long as mantreble-dated
time ago, a shorterewhile
time ago, a shortwhile-ere
time and againstill
time being, for thetime
time for clothes-bleachingwhiting-time
time for exchanging ringsring
time for sexrut-time
time forth, from thishenceforth
time in the future, at somehereafter
time of necessityexigent
time of necessityneed
time of silencesilent
time of wickednessiron
time of yeartide
time of yearseason
time of youthfair
time passing slowly, feelthink
time to be borntime
time to comeafter-times
time to cometime
time to come, inhereafter
time to consider, takepause
time to consider, takepause
time to time, fromamong
time to time, frominterim
time to time, fromeftsoons
time when, at thewhenas
time, after a shortpresently
time, allottedlimitation
time, allowtarry
time, at another [after now]anon
time, at anyonce
time, at onesometimes
time, at onesometimes
time, at onesometime
time, at someonce
time, at the appropriateseason
time, at the sameinstant
time, at the samehour
time, availableleisure
time, await thelook
time, baduntimely
time, before dueuntimely
time, bestholiday time
time, circuit ofcompass
time, coming at the righthappy
time, coming before itsuntimely
time, criticalpush
time, delightfulsweet
time, desolatewaste
time, dueseason
time, empty space ofvast
time, fixedhour
time, for a longlongly
time, for a shortawhile
time, for the seconddouble
time, go back inrecoil
time, intime
time, in a longday
time, in a shortbetimes
time, in a shortsoon
time, in goodbetime
time, in goodtimely
time, interval ofintermission
time, interval oftime
time, lastlast
time, latestuttermost
time, length oflength
time, means of shortening theabridgement
time, nick ofnick
time, occurring at thispresent
time, pass thecontrive
time, passing oftime
time, pasttime
time, past thestale
time, period ofcontinuance
time, period ofwatch
time, point ininstance
time, point ingest
time, prescribedtime
time, prescribedlimit
time, presentpresent
time, process ofsuccess
time, properturn
time, rightfitly
time, short period of season
time, short space ofbreathing while
time, someonce
time, someone who plays fortemporizer
time, space ofwhile
time, space ofspace
time, sparevacancy
time, subsequentafter-hours
time, tell the tell
time, to thishither
time, up to thishereto
time, use oftime
time, wastewhistle
time, wastestand
time, wasteoutwear
time, wastestand
time, waste ofdalliance
time, whiling away the time-beguiling
timed badlyunseasoned
times long past, inyore, of
times to come, goodgood-years
times, at allever
times, at allevermore
times, at variousotherwhiles
times, manytwice and once
times, people from formereld
times, within recentlately
time-wornancient, aunchient
triple time [music]triplex
unpaid bill after goods have been receivedafter-debt
use for the first time in battle [of a sword]flesh
waste of timedalliance
waste timewhistle
waste timestand
waste timeoutwear
waste timestand
well, look aftercherish
whiling away the timetime-beguiling
whitening timewhiting-time
wickedness, time of iron
year, time ofAll-hallown
year, time ofides
year, time ofBartholomew-tide
year, time ofdog-days
year, time ofWheeson
year, time oftide
year, time ofterm
year, time ofAsh Wednesday
year, time ofEaster
year, time ofShrovetide
year, time ofSaint Martin's summer
year, time ofember-eve
year, time ofseason
year, time ofquarter day
year, time ofBlack Monday
year, time ofIdes of March
year, time ofWhitsun
year, time ofLammas Eve
year, time ofLent
youth, time offair

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