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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
As You Like ItAYL IV.i.141than an ape, more giddy in my desires than a monkey;then an ape, more giddy in my desires, then a monkey:
The Comedy of ErrorsCE II.ii.208No, I am an ape.No, I am an Ape
CymbelineCym II.ii.31O sleep, thou ape of death, lie dull upon her,O sleepe, thou Ape of death, lye dull vpon her,
HamletHam III.iv.195Let the birds fly, and like the famous ape,Let the Birds flye, and like the famous Ape
HamletHam IV.ii.17King best service in the end. He keeps them, like an apeKing best seruice in the end. He keepes them like an Ape
Henry IV Part 11H4 II.iii.80Out, you mad-headed ape!Out you mad-headed Ape,
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.ii.68not transformed him ape.haue not transform'd him Ape.
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.iv.211Ah, you sweet little rogue, you! Alas, poor ape,Ah, you sweet little Rogue, you: alas, poore Ape,
King Edward IIIE3 II.i.445Is sin and subornation; deck an apeIs sin and subbornation: Decke an Ape
Love's Labour's LostLLL III.i.83The fox, the ape, and the humble-beeThe Foxe, the Ape, and the Humble-Bee,
Love's Labour's LostLLL III.i.87The fox, the ape, and the humble-bee
Love's Labour's LostLLL III.i.93The fox, the ape, and the humble-bee
Love's Labour's LostLLL IV.ii.126master, the ape his keeper, the tired horse his rider.master, the Ape his keeper, the tyred Horse his rider:
Love's Labour's LostLLL V.ii.325This is the ape of form, Monsieur the Nice,This is the Ape of Forme, Monsieur the nice,
Measure for MeasureMM II.ii.120His glassy essence, like an angry ape(His glassie Essence) like an angry Ape
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW III.i.76By gar, you are de coward, de Jack dog, John ape.By-gar, you are de Coward: de Iack dog: Iohn Ape.
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND II.i.181On meddling monkey or on busy apeOn medling Monkey, or on busie Ape)
Much Ado About NothingMA V.i.194He is then a giant to an ape; but then is an apeHe is then a Giant to an Ape, but then is an Ape
Richard IIIR3 III.i.130Because that I am little, like an ape,Because that I am little, like an Ape,
Romeo and JulietRJ II.i.16The ape is dead, and I must conjure him.The Ape is dead, I must coniure him,
The Winter's TaleWT V.ii.98her ape: he so near to Hermione hath done Hermioneher Ape: He so neere to Hermione, hath done Hermione,


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apemimic, imitator, impersonator
apefool, idiot, jackass
ape-bearershowman with a performing monkey
apishape-like in copying, stupidly imitative
bavianbaboon, ape
dog-ape[dog-faced] baboon


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ape-like in copyingapish
copying, ape-likeapish

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
APEBASICape n, apish adj
APEPEOPLEape-bearer n
APESTATEtardy-apish adj
APETYPEdog-ape n


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