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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
CoriolanusCor IV.v.63Thou hast a grim appearance, and thy faceThou hast a Grim apparance, and thy Face
Henry IV Part 22H4 I.i.128Had three times slain th' appearance of the King,Had three times slaine th' appearance of the King,
Henry IV Part 22H4 III.ii.254a ragged appearance it is. 'A shall charge you, anda ragged appearance it is: hee shall charge you, and
Henry VH5 II.ii.76.1Out of appearance?Out of apparance.
Henry VH5 IV.i.108man should possess him with any appearance of fear,man should possesse him with any appearance of feare;
Henry VH5 V.ii.292crimson of modesty, if she deny the appearance of aCrimson of Modestie, if shee deny the apparance of a
Henry VI Part 11H6 V.iii.8This speedy and quick appearance argues proofThis speedy and quicke appearance argues proofe
Henry VIIIH8 II.iv.132Upon this business my appearance makeVpon this businesse my appearance make,
Henry VIIIH8 IV.i.30And, to be short, for not appearance, andAnd to be short, for not Appearance, and
Much Ado About NothingMA III.ii.29There is no appearance of fancy in him, unlessThere is no appearance of fancie in him, vnlesse
OthelloOth I.ii.37And he requires your haste-post-haste appearanceAnd he requires your haste, Post-haste appearance,
OthelloOth I.iii.38Their backward course, bearing with frank appearanceTheir backward course, bearing with frank appearance


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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
SonnetsSonn.46.8 And says in him thy fair appearance lies. And sayes in him their faire appearance lyes.


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answerinterrogation, cross-examination, appearance in court, trial
appearancelikeness, semblance
aspect[of a human face] look, appearance, expression
aspect[of objects] sight, appearance
assemblanceappearance, display, composition
becomeput a good front on, give a pleasing appearance to
beseemingappearance, look
bigger-lookedof more daunting appearance
braverydefiant character, threatening appearance
browappearance, aspect, countenance
caseouter covering, surface appearance
characterpersonal appearance, demeanour
clearnessfreedom from suspicion, appearance of innocence
coloursemblance, outward appearance, character
coloursuitable appearance, appropriate character
complexionconstitution, physical make-up, outward appearance
complexionappearance, look, colouring
costabundance, richness, costly appearance
countenancefavourable appearance, support
countenanceappearance, aspect, look
disasterinauspicious sight, unfavourable appearance
disfigurestand for, disguise, alter the appearance of
dissembledisguise, cloak, give a deceptive appearance to
exchangetransformation, altered appearance
externexterior, outward appearance
eyesupervision, appearance, presence
faceappearance, outward show, look
fashionmanner, way, mode, appearance
favour[facial] appearance, countenance, features, looks
favourappearance, look, aspect
fearfrightfulness, terrifying appearance
featurephysical appearance, bodily shape, looks
formphysical appearance, outward appearance
glossdeceptive appearance, plausibility
hueappearance, complexion
ill-seemingof ugly appearance, unpleasant to look at
imageappearance, aspect, countenance
impressionshape, resemblance, appearance
instancepresence, appearance; or: urgency
lamegive the appearance of lameness to, make deficient [by comparison]
likenessappearance, look
lineamentpersonal appearance, distinctive quality
lowlinessappearance of humility, apparent meekness
makingphysical appearance, bodily form, build
outsideappearance, look, outward show
outwallexternal appearance, outer clothing
outwardoutward show, external appearance, demeanour
personphysical appearance, bodily figure
personageappearance, demeanour
pictureappearance, countenance, visible form
presenceappearance, bearing, demeanour
seeingappearance, observing, beholding
seemhave the look [of], give the appearance [of]
seemingappearance, look, aspect
seemingapparent, convincing in appearance
seemingdeceptive appearance, two-faced behaviour, pretence
seemingapparently, ostensibly, to outward appearance
semblanceappearance, outward show
shapedisguise, appearance, identity
shapeappearance, aspect, visible form
showappearance, exhibition, display
showingappearance, bearing
sightoutward appearance, external show
signoutward appearance, external demeanour
silverlywith a silvery appearance
startwithout warning, with sudden appearance
visageoutward appearance, aspect, air
well-favouredgood-looking, attractive in appearance
well-seemingattractively looking, presenting a plausible appearance


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alter appearanceexchange
alter appearancedisfigure
appearance in courtanswer
appearance of innocenceclearness
appearance of lameness, give thelame
appearance, alterdisfigure
appearance, alteredexchange
appearance, attractive inwell-favoured
appearance, convincing inseeming
appearance, costlycost
appearance, deceptivedissemble
appearance, deceptivegloss
appearance, deceptiveseeming
appearance, externaloutward
appearance, externaloutwall
appearance, favourablecountenance
appearance, give a pleasingbecome
appearance, give theseem
appearance, of more dauntingbigger-looked
appearance, outwardperson
appearance, outwardvisage
appearance, outwardcomplexion
appearance, outwardsign
appearance, outwardsight
appearance, outwardcase
appearance, outwardseeming
appearance, outwardfeature
appearance, outwardmaking
appearance, outwardcolour
appearance, outwardextern
appearance, outwardform
appearance, personalcharacter
appearance, personallineament
appearance, presenting a plausiblewell-seeming
appearance, suitablecolour
appearance, terrifyingfear
appearance, threateningbravery
appearance, uglyill-seeming
appearance, unfavourabledisaster
appearance, with suddenstart
attractive in appearancewell-favoured
convincing in appearanceseeming
costly appearancecost
court appearanceanswer
daunting appearance, of morebigger-looked
deceptive appearanceseeming
deceptive appearancedissemble
deceptive appearancegloss
external appearanceoutwall
external appearancesign
external appearanceoutward
favourable appearancecountenance
humility, appearance oflowliness
innocence, appearance ofclearness
lameness, give the appearance oflame
outward appearancevisage
outward appearanceextern
outward appearancefeature
outward appearancesign
outward appearanceform
outward appearancecolour
outward appearancemaking
outward appearancesight
outward appearanceperson
outward appearancecase
outward appearanceseeming
personal appearancecharacter
personal appearancelineament
physical appearanceform
pleasing appearance, give abecome
presenting a plausible appearancewell-seeming
silvery appearance, with a silverly
sudden appearance, with start
suitable appearancecolour
terrifying appearancefear
threatening appearancebravery
ugly appearanceill-seeming
unfavourable appearancedisaster

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