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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
HamletHam IV.ii.18an apple, in the corner of his jaw, first mouthed, to bein the corner of his iaw, first mouth'd to be
Henry IV Part 11H4 III.iii.4withered like an old apple-john. Well, I'll repent, andwithered like an olde Apple Iohn. Well, Ile repent, and
King LearKL I.v.15for though she's as like this as a crab's like an apple, yetfor though she's as like this, as a Crabbe's like an Apple, yet
Love's Labour's LostLLL V.ii.475And laugh upon the apple of her eye?And laugh vpon the apple of her eie?
The Merchant of VeniceMV I.iii.98A goodly apple rotten at the heart.A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND III.ii.104Sink in apple of his eye.Sinke in apple of his eye,
The Taming of the ShrewTS IV.ii.101As much as an apple doth an oyster,As much as an apple doth an oyster,
The Taming of the ShrewTS IV.iii.89What, up and down carved like an apple-tart?What, vp and downe caru'd like an apple Tart?
The TempestTem II.i.93pocket and give it his son for an apple.pocket, and giue it his sonne for an Apple.
Twelfth NightTN I.v.153a codling when 'tis almost an apple. 'Tis with him ina Codling when tis almost an Apple: Tis with him in
Twelfth NightTN V.i.220An apple cleft in two is not more twinAn apple cleft in two, is not more twin


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SonnetsSonn.93.13 How like Eve's apple doth thy beauty grow, How like Eaues apple doth thy beauty grow,


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applepupil, centre
apple-johnkind of apple with a shrivelled skin [associated with midsummer (St John's) day]
bucklegrapple, engage, fight at close quarters
bucklerexchange, grapple, couple; catch or ward off [blows]
codlingunripe apple, half-grown apple
coloquintidabitter-apple, colocynth
costard[jocular: large kind of apple] head
costermonger[sellers of fruit (originally ‘costard-apples’) and vegetables] barrow-boy, apple-seller
crabcrab-apple, sour apple
crab-treecrab-apple tree
fleckleddappled, flecked, speckled
grapplejoin, fasten, bind
Hesperides[pron: hes'perideez] daughters of the evening star (Hesper), who guard the garden of the gods where the golden apples grow
leather-coatrusset apple [with a rough skin]
medlarapple-like fruit eaten when its flesh has begun to decay [also: pun on ‘meddler’]
pomewatervariety of large juicy apple
sweetingsweet-flavoured variety of apple


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apple, bittercoloquintida
apple, russetleather-coat
apple, sourcrab
apple, sweet-flavouredsweeting
apple, unripe/half-growncodling
crab-apple treecrab-tree
half-grown applecodling
russet appleleather-coat
sweet-flavoured applesweeting
unripe applecodling

Words Families

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
APPLEPRODUCTapple-tart n
APPLETYPEapple-john n
TART [food]BASICapple-tart n