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HamletHam I.iii.3And convoy is assistant, do not sleepAnd Conuoy is assistant; doe not sleepe,
HamletHam II.ii.166Let me be no assistant for a state,Let me be no Assistant for a State,
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW II.ii.251assistant, or go-between, parted from me. I say I shallassistant, or goe-betweene, parted from me: I say I shall
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iii.86In one respect I'll thy assistant be.In one respect, Ile thy assistant be:


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accessaryassistant, helper, collaborator
adjunctaid, aide-memoire, assistant
aedile[pron: 'eediyl] assistant to Roman tribunes
assistantin attendance, standing by, available
clerkaltar-server, assistant
zanystooge, clown's assistant, mimic


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assistant to Roman tribunesaedile
assistant, clown'szany
clown's assistantzany

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Roman history... aedile [pron `aydiyl] cor iii i 172 assistant to the tribunes with a range of respons...

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