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Richard IIIR3 V.iii.59.2Send out a pursuivant-at-armsSend out a Pursuiuant at Armes


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avariant form of 'at'
abroadin the outside world, freely at large, elsewhere, everywhere
accentattempt at speaking, inarticulate sound
additionattribute, mark of honour, distinction [as if added to a coat--of-arms]
admiremarvel, wonder, be astonished [at]
admirerevere, marvel at, respect
admiredregarded with admiration, wondered at
affectcultivate, aim at, seek out
afterat the rate of
Agamemnon[pron: aga'memnon] commander of the Greek forces at Troy, married to Clytemnestra
alarm, alarumcall to arms, call to battle, signal to begin fighting
alongat full length, stretched out, prostrate
amainin all haste, at full speed
ames-acedouble ace [the lowest throw at dice]
anchoringriding at anchor
Andrewthe Saint Andrew; name of a Spanish galleon captured at Cadiz in 1596
a-nightat night
anon[after ‘now’] at another time, presently
anon, ever andevery now and then, at regular intervals
answerretaliation, armed response
apacequickly, speedily, at a great rate
appointarm, equip, furnish
apprehendseize upon, snatch at, lay hold of
Arabian birdphoenix [mythical bird, of which only one existed at any time]
Ariadne[ari'adnee] daughter of Minos who helped Theseus find his way through the labyrinth, and then fled with him; Theseus abandoned her while she slept at Naxos
armprepare, get ready
armgive your arm to
armstrong arm [in attack]; or: might, power
armtake into one's arms, lift up
armprepare for action, put armour on
armedwith arms
armedarmoured, mail-clad, furnished with defences
armedprovided, ready, prepared [for]
arm-gaunt[unclear meaning] in fine condition; with gaunt limbs; with armoured trappings
armigeroesquire [entitled to bear heraldic arms]
armingestablishment, confirmation, substantiation
armipotentmighty in arms, powerful in arms
armsweapons, armaments
armsarmour, mail, protective covering
arms' end, atat the point of a sword
arrivereach, arrive at
attendserve at court, wait on royalty
attendbe present [at], be found [at]
a-workat work, in action
Barrabasin the Bible, a robber released instead of Christ at the Passover
Bartholomew boar-pigpig sold at the annual London fair held on St Bartholomew's day
bat-fowlingcatching birds roosting at night, by hitting them with a club
baybark at, howl at
beforehandin advance, at an earlier point
behowlhowl at, bay, cry out to
bemockmock at, taunt, flout
bemocked-atmocked, scorned, derided
bestat the highest point, in the best state
besteven at best
betimeearly, at an early hour
betimeat once, immediately
betimesearly in the morning, at an early hour
betimesat once, forthwith, right now
biteerode, wear down, eat away at
blazonarmorial bearing, banner showing a coat-of-arms
blazonproclaim, display [as in a coat-of-arms]
blurt attreat with contempt, scorn, look down on
bracearmoured covering for the arms; or: coat of armour
brawnmuscular arm, sturdy limb
Briareus[bri'arius] son of Uranus and Gaea; legendary monster with 100 arms and 50 heads who fought and defeated the Titans for Zeus
brothercompanion-in-arms, devoted friend
browsefeed upon, nibble at, eat [as animals]
bucklegrapple, engage, fight at close quarters
bulkprojecting part of a building, structure for displaying goods at the front of a shop
buttonknob at the top of a cap or hat
bynear by, close at hand
byat the house of
candle-wasterburner of midnight oil, someone who wastes candles by reading late at night
carousedrink at length, imbibe long draughts
carvecut up meat at table
catchsnatch at, pluck at, lay hold of
chargeprepared for action, at the ready
Chartreux[pron: shah'truh] Carthusian abbey at Chartreuse, E France; also, the name of the order of monks
check[falconry] swerve to pounce on, turn towards, swoop at
chivalryknights, men-at-arms
chivalryknightly rank [as displayed on a coat-of-arms: a twisted band encircling a helmet]
clapat one stroke, at once
clientsuitor at law
clout[archery] pin fixing a target, cloth patch at the centre of a target; mark, bull
codpiececloth case or pocket worn by a man at the front of breeches or hose; also: what it contains
Colbrandmedieval Danish champion giant, killed by Sir Guy of Warwick at Winchester
ColchosColchis, ancient region at the eastern end of the Black Sea; in mythology, home of the Golden Fleece
combineunite in harmony, be at one
comeachieve, attain, arrive at
commandhave at one's disposal, be entrusted with
commandat one's disposal, at one's pleasure
comparativegood at making comparisons; insulting, abusive
connive atlook indulgently on, cooperate with
contrarydifferent, at a distance apart
crestheraldic device placed above the shield and helmet in a coat-of-arms
cuckoo-flowervariety of wild flower growing at the time of year when cuckoos call
currentaccepted, genuine, taken at face value
danger, (with)in one'swithin one's power, at one's mercy
dearlygrievously, at great cost
defencearms, armour, means of defence
difference[heraldry] variation, distinguishing mark [on a coat-of-arms]
dilaterelate in full, narrate at length
diluculoto rise at dawn
directlyimmediately, at once
Dives[pron: 'deevez] in the Bible, a rich man who feasted while the beggar Lazarus starved at his gate
dogbe adept at, be experienced in
driveshoot, strike at, aim blows at
dutyat one's service, to command
earat odds, fighting like beasts
earlyat the outset, at first hearing
easilyin comfort, at ease
elvish-markedmarked out at birth by evil fairies, displaying spite
emblazeproclaim publicly, set forth [as on a coat-of-arms]
enlargerelease, set at large, discharge
everconstantly, continually, at all times
ever and anonevery now and then, at regular intervals
evermorealways, constantly, at all times
exclaimdecry, cry out against, rail at
expostulateremonstrate, plead, argue at length
eyelook at, stare at, regard
eye-stringsmuscles of the eye [thought to break at the point when a dear sight is lost]
farthingalelong skirt extended at the back by a framework of hoops
fe, feFie, fie, fie, fie, faith, it's very hot. I'm going to watch the great business at court'
feast-findingsearching out feasts [at which to entertain the company]
fencefencing ability, skill at swordplay
firstat first
firstat once, immediately, from the start
fitlyat the right time, at a suitable moment
flirtscorn, jeer at, scoff at
floodat its height, in its prime
followaim at, relate to, pertain to
forgetivegood at forging thoughts, inventive, creative
FortuneRoman goddess, shown as a woman at a spinning-wheel, or controlling a rudder, and as blind
forwardprepared, at an advanced stage of readiness
forwardforelock, hair at the front of the head
fullin detail, at full length
gatherinfer, work out [for oneself], guess at
Gaul[unclear usage by the Host] someone from Wales; usually at the time, someone from France
gentleman in armsgentleman bearing a coat-of-arms
giddy-pacedwhirling, moving at a bewildering pace
girdmock, taunt, laugh [at]
givedisplay, show, bear arms of
glancepick on, snipe at, cast aspersions on
gohaggle at length, carry out a piece of bargaining
goingwalking, going at one's usual pace
graspembrace, clasp in the arms
gratulategratifying, pleasing, to be rejoiced at
gravelledperplexed, at a loss, stumped
halberdperson armed with a halberd
half-sword, atat the length of a small-sized sword, at close quarters
hammerpuzzle out, work hard at, work out
handat once, immediately, straight away
handin any case, at any rate
handat the start of a race
happycoming just at the right time
harnessarmed men, men-at-arms, armament
harnessdress in armour, arm, equip
harnessedarmoured, armed
Harry ten shillingscoin (from the reign of Henry VII) valued at five shillings
hatchment[heraldry] tablet displaying a person's coat-of-arms
have[said at the start of a fencing attack or other confrontation] I come at, let me at [a person]
havelet's try it, let's have a go at it
havelet's go at it, let's renew the fight
have [said at the start of a confrontation or attack; more usually: have at] I come
hazardexpose to danger, put at risk
hazardin peril, at risk
hentreach, arrive at, occupy
hereafterat some time in the future
hip[wrestling] at a disadvantage, in an unfavourable position
hithit the mark with, get at, reach
hostarmy, armed multitude
hourat the same time
howhow much?, at what rate?
Icelandcountry known at the time for its long-haired dogs
ill-seemingof ugly appearance, unpleasant to look at
ininto the dressing-room at the back of the stage
incontinentimmediately, forthwith, at once
incontinentlyimmediately, at once, forthwith
instantimmediately, instantly, at once
instantat the same time, simultaneously
instantimminent, impending, close at hand
instantlyat once, simultaneously, in a moment
interimat intervals, from time to time
Janus[pron: 'jaynus] Roman god who guards gates and doors; shown with two faces, one at the back of his head
jestmock, scoff at, trifle with
kernlightly armed Irish foot-soldier
knapbite into, nibble at, peck at
knotintertwining of arms
lancelancer, horse soldier armed with a lance [a metal-ended shaft]
Laplandprovince of N Finland, known at the time for sorcery and witchcraft
largeat length, in full, thoroughly
largelyfully, at length
lastat last
late-walkinggoing out with whores late at night
layattack at close quarters, lay alongside
leastat the lowest estimate, at any rate
list(usually plural) combat arena at a tournament
looklook at directly
man at armsfully equipped soldier, heavily armed warrior
managegallop at full speed
man-of-armssoldier, fighting man
markshot at a target
masterown, possess, have at one's disposal
messengerpursuivant, officer
Milo[pron: 'miyloh] Greek athlete, 6th-c BC, who carried an ox around the stadium at Olympia then ate it all in a single day
missingabsence, disappearance, non-attendance [at court]
mistress(bowls) the jack - the smaller bowl at which the players aim
monarcho[pron: 'monahrkoh] vain hanger-on at court, pretentious absurdity
muddyat a loss, confused, all at sea
musewonder at, marvel at
musterassemble, gather together [at], rush
nativityconjunction of stars at birth, horoscope
needif necessary, if need be, at a pinch
nightat nightfall, this evening
night-birdnightingale, bird that sings at night
nightlyat night, during the night
nightlyof the night, active at night
nothingnot at all, in any / no way
oddat odds, at variance
officerherald, pursuivant
onceever, at any time
oncesome time, at a convenient point
open[hunting] bark at finding a scent
otherwhilesat various times, on occasion
outin error, at fault, wrong
outin arms, in rebellion
outat an end, finished
outout at heels, with worn shoes
outat a loss, put out, nonplussed; unable to remember one's lines
overeateneaten away all over, gnawed at on all sides
overeyewatch, observe; or: look too much at
overspentspent, finished, at an end
partisanweapon with a long handle and a broad head, sometimes with a projection at the side
partnerco-sponsor at a christening
pass[unclear meaning] jest at; impose on; pass judgement upon
passagecombat, contest, fight [= passage of arms]
Pelops[pron: 'pelops] son of Tantalus, served to the gods at a banquet; Demeter ate his shoulder, which the gods replaced by one of ivory
Penthesilea[pron: penthesi'laya] Amazonian queen, who helped Priam at Troy
peril, atat risk of punishment
Perseusson of Zeus and Danae; advised by Athene to look at the reflection in his shield when cutting off Medusa's head, thereby avoiding being turned to stone; associated with the winged horse released by her death
perseverpersevere, persist, keep at it
Pie Cornerat the corner of Smithfield, London, noted for its cook shops
piececannon, piece of artillery, fire-arm
pinionedwith arms bound, with wings clipped
placepresent, attending, at hand
playplay guns on, aim at; also: torment
plum-brothrich soup made of meat, fruit, and spices, especially eaten at Christmas
plykeep on at, press, urge
plystudy, work at, apply oneself to
pointin readiness, prepared, armed
pointing-stockobject to be pointed at, laughing-stock, butt
poophighest deck at the stern of a ship
postin haste, at top speed
post-hasteat full speed
powerarmed force, troops, host, army
presentoccurring at this time, taking place now
presentlyimmediately, instantly, at once
primyin its prime, at its most active
purposepoint at issue, matter in hand
pursuivantroyal messenger, state messenger [with power to execute warrants]
pursuivant-at-armsjunior officer attending a herald
Pyramus lover of Thisbe; kept apart by their parents, they talked through a crack in their dividing wall; arriving at a rendezvous, Pyramus found Thisbe’s cloak stained with blood from a lion’s prey; thinking she had been killed by a lion
quarrelobject to; or: start quarrelling at
quarteradd a coat-of-arms to a [quarter of] a shield
questionpoint at issue, problem, business
questionconverse with, talk away [at / with]
raiserouse, stir up, call to arms
random, atuntended, neglected, uncared for
reckoningbill [at an inn], settling of account
redimefree yourself from captivity at the lowest ransom
reflectionreturn, turning back, retrogression [at the spring equinox]
removedat a remove, not closely involved
reviewsurvey again, look once more at
Rhesus[pron: 'reesus] Thracian hero, famed for his horses; after fighting for one day in the Trojan War, Ulysses and Diomedes killed him in his tent at night, and stole the horses
ridelie at anchor
round hosebreeches puffed out at the hips
rowelsmall sharp wheel at the end of a spur
Sackersonfamous bear from the bear-baiting ring at Paris Garden, London
sacring[in the Mass] rung at the moment of consecration
scornmock, jeer, express disdain [at]
sealseal bearing a coat-of-arms
sea-roomspace at sea to manoeuvre a ship
seasonin season, at the appropriate time
sharereceive at the expense of
shillingcoin valued at twelve old pence or one twentieth of a pound
shotarmed soldier, gunner, marksman
skippingrunaway, fugitive; or: lightly armed
smilelaugh at, mock, sneer at
sometimeformerly, at one time, once
sometimesformerly, once, at one time, previously
sometimessometime, former, at one time
sparebe free [at court], not needed
spinsterdomestic woman, one who stays at home spinning
spurat a gallop
spurnkick out at, treat with contempt
staffmake oneself at home, take up abode
stake[bear-baiting] under attack; or [gambling]: at risk
standstay close, be near at hand
steeledsteel-clad, armed with steel
sticking placeplace on a device at which something is held fast [such as a stringed instrument or crossbow]
stillat rest, in repose
stomachresent, take offence at
straightstraightaway, immediately, at once
straitedat a loss, nonplussed, hard put
suddensoon, at an early date
suddenlyimmediately, at once, without delay
supposeguess at, speculate about
swits and spurs[switches] at full speed, in hot haste
swoopstakeindiscriminately [taking all stakes at once]
sworncompanion-in-arms, devoted friend
Thersites[pron: ther'siyteez] cowardly Greek, killed by Achilles after jeering at him
three farthingscoin valued at three-quarters of a penny
thrustmake a thrust, lunge, stab [at]
timeat the right moment
timefor the time being, at present
togetherall at once, at the same time
tokenemblem, badge, coat-of-arms
topplatform at the top of a mast
topat the highest level of, at the peak of, in the forefront of
touchland at, arrive at, visit
towardsat hand, approaching, imminent
trytry for, aim at, aspire to
twainof separate minds, at variance
underbornetrimmed at the bottom
understandcome to an understanding, arrive at agreement
untimelyinopportunely, at a bad time
upup in arms, in rebellion, in revolt
usefrequent, hang out at, visit regularly
utteranceto the uttermost, to the very last, at any cost
vambracearmour to protect the fore-arm
vantbracearmour to protect the fore-arm
waftbeckon, wave [at], signal
well metexpression pf pleasure at meeting
whenat the time when
whenaswhen, at the time when
whereatat which
whifflerarmed processional attendant
whitnot at all, not in the least
white[archery] white ring at the centre of a target
wilful-blamewilfully blameworthy, at fault for being too obstinate
wilful-negligentdeliberately negligent, at fault for being too negligent
wilful-oppositestubbornly hostile, at fault for being too antagonistic
wingflank, force at the side of the main body of troops
wittywith all one's wits at the ready
wondermarvel [at], be astonished [at]
wonderwonder at, be curious about, guess at
wonderedto be wondered at, performing such wonders
wordwithout more ado, at once, forthwith
wrackwreck, shipwreck, lose at sea


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active at nightnightly
active, at its mostprimy
add a coat-of-arms to a shieldquarter
aim ataffect
aim attry
aim atplay
aim atfollow
all at oncetogether
anchor, lie atride
anchor, riding atanchoring
another time, at [after now]anon
apart, at a distancecontrary
appropriate time, at theseason
argue at lengthexpostulate
arm [covering]brace
arm [covering]vambrace
arm [covering]vantbrace
arm [equip]appoint
arm [equip]harness
arm to, give yourarm
arm, muscularbrawn
arm, strong [in attack]arm
armed forcepower
armed lightlyskipping
armed menharness
armed multitudehost
armed processional attendantwhiffler
armed responseanswer
armed soldiershot
armed with steelsteeled
armour protecting the armsbrace
armour protecting the fore-armvambrace
armour protecting the fore-armvantbrace
arms bound, withpinioned
arms, beargive
arms, call toalarm, alarum
arms, call toraise
arms, clasp in thegrasp
arms, inout
arms, intertwining ofknot
arms, might/powerful inarmipotent
arms, take into one'sarm
arms, up inup
arms, witharmed
arrive atarrive
arrive atcome
arrive attouch
arrive athent
attack at close quarterslay
attendant, armed processionalwhiffler
bad time, at auntimely
banner showing a coat-of-armsblazon
bark atbay
bark at finding a scentopen
bewildering pace, moving at agiddy-paced
bird that sings at nightnight-bird
birds, hunting at nightbat-fowling
birth, conjunction of stars atnativity
bottom, trimmed at the underborne
bound, with armspinioned
call to armsalarm, alarum
call to armsraise
cap, knob at the top of abutton
catching birds roosting at nightbat-fowling
clasp in the armsgrasp
close at handby
close at handinstant
close quarters, athalf-sword, at
close quarters, fight atbuckle
cloth patch at the centre of a target [in archery]clout
coat-of-arms, display on ablazon
coat-of-arms, display on aemblaze
coat-of-arms, gentleman bearing agentleman in arms
coat-of-arms, seal bearing aseal
coat-of-arms, tablet displaying ahatchment
combat arena at a tournamentlist
conjunction of stars at birthnativity
convenient point, at aonce
co-sponsor at a christeningpartner
cost, at anyutterance
cost, at greatdearly
court, serve at attend
court, vain hanger-on atmonarcho
cut up meat at tablecarve
deck at the stern, highestpoop
directly look atlook
disadvantage, at ahip
display [as in a coat-of-arms]blazon
disposal, at one'scommand
disposal, have at one'scommand
disposal, have at one'smaster
distance apart, at acontrary
distinction [as if added to a coat-of-arms]addition
distinguishing mark [on a coat-of-arms]difference
dressing-room at the back of the stage, into thein
drink at lengthcarouse
earlier point, at anbeforehand
early date, at ansudden
early hour, at anbetime
early hour, at anbetimes
ease, ateasily
end, at anout
end, at anoverspent
estimate, at the lowestleast
even at bestbest
expense of, receive at theshare
face value, taken atcurrent
fairies, marked out at birth by evilelvish-marked
fault, atout
fight at close quartersbuckle
first and last, atlast
first hearing, atearly
first, atfirst
force, armedpower
forging thoughts, good atforgetive
free, be [at court]spare
freely at largeabroad
full length, atalong
full length, atfull
full speed, atamain
full speed, atpost-haste
full speed, atswits and spurs
future, at some time in thehereafter
gallop at full speedmanage
gallop, at aspur
gentleman bearing a coat-of-armsgentleman in arms
get athit
gnawed at on all sidesovereaten
going at one's usual pacegoing
going out with whores late at nightlate-walking
guess atwonder
guess atsuppose
guess atgather
haggle at lengthgo
hair at the front of the headforward
halberd, person armed with ahalberd
hand, attowards
hand, atplace
hang out atuse
hat, knob at the top of abutton
head, hair at the front of theforward
heels, out atout
height, at itsflood
highest point, at thebest
hips, breeches puffed out atround hose
home, make oneself atstaff
horse soldier armed with a lancelance
hour, at an earlybetime
hour, at an earlybetimes
howl atbehowl
howl atbay
intertwining of armsknot
intervals, atinterim
intervals, at regularever and anon
issue, point atpurpose
issue, point atquestion
jeer atflirt
jest atpass
keep at itpersever
keep on atply
kick out atspurn
knob at the top of a cap or hatbutton
land attouch
last, atlast
laugh atsmile
laugh atgird
law, suitor at client
length, atlargely
length, atlarge
length, at fullalong
length, at fullfull
length, narrate atdilate
lie at anchorride
look ateye
look at directlylook
look once more atreview
look too much atovereye
lose at seawrack
loss, at aout
loss, at agravelled
loss, at amuddy
loss, at astraited
mark, distinguishing [on a coat-of-arms]difference
marked out at birth by evil fairieselvish-marked
marvel atadmire
marvel atmuse
mast, platform at the top of atop
meat at table, cut upcarve
meeting, expression pf pleasure atwell met
mercy, at one'sdanger, (with)in one's
mighty in armsarmipotent
mock atbemock
moment, at the righttime
moving at a bewildering pacegiddy-paced
muscular armbrawn
narrate at lengthdilate
near at hand, bestand
nibble atbrowse
nibble atknap
night, ata-night
night, atnightly
night, bird that sings atnight-bird
night, going out with whores late atlate-walking
nightfall, atnight
not at allwhit
object to be pointed atpointing-stock
odds, atodd
odds, atear
once, atinstantly
once, atbetime
once, atincontinent
once, atbetimes
once, atincontinently
once, atinstant
once, atclap
once, atdirectly
once, atpresently
once, atstraight
once, atfirst
once, atsuddenly
once, atword
once, athand
one stroke, atclap
one, be atcombine
outset, at theearly
pace, going at one's usualgoing
pace, moving at a bewilderinggiddy-paced
peck atknap
pig sold at the London fair on St Bartholomew's dayBartholomew boar-pig
pinch, at aneed
place on a device at which something is held faststicking place
platform at the top of a masttop
platform at the top of a mastmaintop
pleasure, at one'scommand
pluck atcatch
point at issuepurpose
point at issuequestion
point of a sword, at thearms' end, at
point, at a convenientonce
point, at the highestbest
pointed at, object to bepointing-stock
powerful in armsarmipotent
present, attime
quarters, attack at closelay
race, at the start of ahand
rail atexclaim
rate of, at theafter
rate, at a greatapace
rate, at anyhand
rate, at anyleast
ready, at thecharge
ready, with wits at thewitty
receive at the expense ofshare
regular intervals, atever and anon
rejoiced at, be gratulate
remove, at aremoved
response, armedanswer
rest, atstill
riding at anchoranchoring
right moment, at thetime
right time, at thefitly
right time, coming at thehappy
risk of punishment, atperil, at
risk, atstake
risk, athazard
rung at the consecration [in the Mass]sacring
same time, at theinstant
same time, at thetogether
same time, at thehour
scoff atjest
scoff atflirt
sea, lose atwrack
seal bearing a coat-of-armsseal
serve at courtattend
service, at one'sduty
set at largeenlarge
shield, add a coat-of-arms to aquarter
ship, space at sea to manoeuvre a sea-room
shot at a targetmark
skill at swordplayfence
snatch atapprehend
snatch atcatch
sneer atsmile
snipe atglance
soldier, armedshot
space at sea to manoeuvre a shipsea-room
speaking, attempt ataccent
speed, at fullamain
speed, at fullpost-haste
speed, at fullswits and spurs
speed, at toppost
speed, gallop at fullmanage
spinning, one who stays at homespinster
spur, wheel at the end of a rowel
stage, into the dressing-room at the back of thein
stare ateye
stars, conjunction at birthnativity
start of a race, at thehand
strong arm [in attack]arm
suitable moment, at afitly
suitor at lawclient
swoop at check
sword, at the length of a small-sizedhalf-sword, at
sword, at the point of aarms' end, at
swordplay, skill atfence
tablet displaying a coat-of-armshatchment
target, shot at a mark
target, white ring at the centre of a [in archery]white
thoughts, good at forgingforgetive
time in the future, at somehereafter
time when, at thewhenas
time, at another [after now]anon
time, at anyonce
time, at onesometimes
time, at onesometime
time, at onesometimes
time, at someonce
time, at the appropriateseason
time, at the sameinstant
time, at the samehour
time, coming at the righthappy
time, occurring at thispresent
times, at allevermore
times, at allever
times, at variousotherwhiles
trimmed at the bottomunderborne
troops, force at the side of the main body ofwing
unpleasant to look atill-seeming
vain hanger-on at courtmonarcho
variance, atodd
variance, attwain
warrior, heavily armedman at arms
waste candles through reading at nightcandle-waster
wave atwaft
wheel at the end of a spurrowel
white ring at the centre of a target [in archery]white
whores, going out late at night withlate-walking
wits at the ready, withwitty
wonder atwonder
wonder atmuse
wondered atadmired
work atply
work, ata-work

Themes and Topics

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Address forms
Attention signals
Discourse markers
Functional shift
Hence, thence, and whence
Here, there, and where
How and how
Past tenses
Stage directions
Thou and you
Verb forms
What and what
Withal and withal
Classical mythology
Gods and goddesses
Non-classical legend, romance, and folklore
Religious personalities and beings
Historical figures
Contemporary figures, factual and fictitious
Britain [outside London]
World [outside Britain], places and peoples
Frequently Encountered Words (FEW)

Words Families

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