Original textModern textKey line
This is the houre that Madam SiluiaThis is the hour that Madam SilviaTG IV.iii.1
Entreated me to call, and know her minde:Entreated me to call and know her mind;TG IV.iii.2
Ther's some great matter she'ld employ me in.There's some great matter she'd employ me in.TG IV.iii.3
Madam, Madam.Madam, madam!TG IV.iii.4.1
Your seruant, and your friend;Your servant and your friend;TG IV.iii.4.3
One that attends your Ladiships command.One that attends your ladyship's command.TG IV.iii.5
As many (worthy Lady) to your selfe:As many, worthy lady, to yourself!TG IV.iii.7
According to your Ladiships impose,According to your ladyship's impose,TG IV.iii.8
I am thus early come, to know what seruiceI am thus early come, to know what serviceTG IV.iii.9
It is your pleasure to command me in.It is your pleasure to command me in.TG IV.iii.10
Madam, I pitty much your grieuances,Madam, I pity much your grievances;TG IV.iii.37
Which, since I know they vertuously are plac'd,Which since I know they virtuously are placed,TG IV.iii.38
I giue consent to goe along with you,I give consent to go along with you,TG IV.iii.39
Wreaking as little what betideth me,Recking as little what betideth meTG IV.iii.40
As much, I wish all good befortune you.As much I wish all good befortune you.TG IV.iii.41
When will you goe?When will you go?TG IV.iii.42.1
Where shall I meete you?Where shall I meet you?TG IV.iii.43.1
I will not faile your Ladiship: Good morrowI will not fail your ladyship. Good morrow,TG IV.iii.45
(gentle Lady.)gentle lady.TG IV.iii.46
The Sun begins to guild the westerne skie,The sun begins to gild the western sky,TG V.i.1
And now it is about the very houreAnd now it is about the very hourTG V.i.2
That Siluia, at Fryer Patricks Cell should meet me,That Silvia at Friar Patrick's cell should meet me.TG V.i.3
She will not faile; for Louers breake not houres,She will not fail, for lovers break not hoursTG V.i.4
Vnlesse it be to come before their time,Unless it be to come before their time,TG V.i.5
So much they spur their expedition.So much they spur their expedition.TG V.i.6
See where she comes: Lady a happy euening.See where she comes. Lady, a happy evening!TG V.i.7
Feare not: the Forrest is not three leagues off,Fear not. The forest is not three leagues off;TG V.i.11
If we recouer that, we are sure enough.If we recover that, we are sure enough.TG V.i.12