Original textModern textKey line
Fellowes, stand fast: I see a passenger.Fellows, stand fast; I see a passenger.TG IV.i.1
That's not so, sir: we are your enemies.That's not so, sir; we are your enemies.TG IV.i.8
Whence came you?Whence came you?TG IV.i.18
What, were you banish'd thence?What, were you banished thence?TG IV.i.22
Why nere repent it, if it were done so;Why, ne'er repent it, if it were done so.TG IV.i.29
But were you banisht for so small a fault?But were you banished for so small a fault?TG IV.i.30
We'll haue him: Sirs, a word.We'll have him. Sirs, a word.TG IV.i.37
And I, for such like petty crimes as these.And I for such like petty crimes as these.TG IV.i.52
But to the purpose: for we cite our faults,But to the purpose – for we cite our faultsTG IV.i.53
That they may hold excus'd our lawlesse liues;That they may hold excused our lawless lives;TG IV.i.54
And partly seeing you are beautifideAnd partly, seeing you are beautifiedTG IV.i.55
With goodly shape; and by your owne report,With goodly shape, and by your own reportTG IV.i.56
A Linguist, and a man of such perfection,A linguist, and a man of such perfectionTG IV.i.57
As we doe in our quality much want.As we do in our quality much want – TG IV.i.58
But if thou scorne our curtesie, thou dyest.But if thou scorn our courtesy, thou diest.TG IV.i.68
Come, come be patient:Come, come,TG V.iii.1
We must bring you to our Captaine.Be patient; we must bring you to our captain.TG V.iii.2
Where is the Gentleman that was with her?Where is the gentleman that was with her?TG V.iii.6
Come, I must bring you to our Captains caue.Come, I must bring you to our captain's cave;TG V.iii.12
Feare not: he beares an honourable minde,Fear not; he bears an honourable mind,TG V.iii.13
And will not vse a woman lawlesly.And will not use a woman lawlessly.TG V.iii.14
A prize: a prize: a prize.A prize, a prize, a prize!TG V.iv.122.1