Original textModern textKey line
If there be ten, shrinke not, but down with 'em.If there be ten, shrink not, but down with 'em.TG IV.i.2
Peace: we'll heare him.Peace! We'll hear him.TG IV.i.9
Whether trauell you?Whither travel you?TG IV.i.16
For what offence?For what offence?TG IV.i.24
Haue you the Tongues?Have you the tongues?TG IV.i.32
Tell vs this: haue you any thing to takeTell us this: have you anything to takeTG IV.i.41
to?to?TG IV.i.42
And I from Mantua, for a Gentleman,And I from Mantua, for a gentlemanTG IV.i.50
Who, in my moode, I stab'd vnto the heart.Who, in my mood, I stabbed unto the heart.TG IV.i.51
Indeede because you are a banish'd man,Indeed, because you are a banished man,TG IV.i.59
Therefore, aboue the rest, we parley to you:Therefore, above the rest, we parley to you.TG IV.i.60
Are you content to be our Generall?Are you content to be our general – TG IV.i.61
To make a vertue of necessity,To make a virtue of necessity,TG IV.i.62
And liue as we doe in this wildernesse?And live as we do in this wilderness?TG IV.i.63
Thou shalt not liue, to brag what we haue offer'd.Thou shalt not live to brag what we have offered.TG IV.i.69
Come, bring her away.Come, bring her away.TG V.iii.5
A prize: a prize: a prize.A prize, a prize, a prize!TG V.iv.122.1