Original textModern textKey line
Stand sir, and throw vs that you haue about 'ye.Stand, sir, and throw us that you have about ye;TG IV.i.3
If not: we'll make you sit, and rifle you.If not, we'll make you sit, and rifle you.TG IV.i.4
I by my beard will we: for he is a proper man.Ay, by my beard, will we; for he's a proper man.TG IV.i.10
Haue you long soiourn'd there?Have you long sojourned there?TG IV.i.19.2
By the bare scalpe of Robin Hoods fat Fryer,By the bare scalp of Robin Hood's fat friar,TG IV.i.35
This fellow were a King, for our wilde faction.This fellow were a king for our wild faction!TG IV.i.36
Know then, that some of vs are Gentlemen,Know then that some of us are gentlemen,TG IV.i.44
Such as the fury of vngouern'd youthSuch as the fury of ungoverned youthTG IV.i.45
Thrust from the company of awfull men.Thrust from the company of awful men;TG IV.i.46
My selfe was from Verona banished,Myself was from Verona banishedTG IV.i.47
For practising to steale away a Lady,For practising to steal away a lady,TG IV.i.48
And heire and Neece, alide vnto the Duke.An heir, and near allied unto the Duke.TG IV.i.49
What saist thou? wilt thou be of our consort?What sayst thou? Wilt thou be of our consort?TG IV.i.64
Say I, and be the captaine of vs all:Say ‘ ay,’ and be the captain of us all.TG IV.i.65
We'll doe thee homage, and be rul'd by thee,We'll do thee homage, and be ruled by thee,TG IV.i.66
Loue thee, as our Commander, and our King.Love thee as our commander and our king.TG IV.i.67
No, we detest such vile base practises.No, we detest such vile base practices.TG IV.i.73
Come, goe with vs, we'll bring thee to our Crewes,Come, go with us; we'll bring thee to our crews,TG IV.i.74
And show thee all the Treasure we haue got;And show thee all the treasure we have got;TG IV.i.75
Which, with our selues, all rest at thy dispose.Which, with ourselves, all rest at thy dispose.TG IV.i.76
Being nimble footed, he hath out-run vs.Being nimble-footed, he hath outrun us,TG V.iii.7
But Moyses and Valerius follow him:But Moyses and Valerius follow him.TG V.iii.8
Goe thou with her to the West end of the wood,Go thou with her to the west end of the wood;TG V.iii.9
There is our Captaine: Wee'll follow him that's fled,There is our captain; we'll follow him that's fled.TG V.iii.10
The Thicket is beset, he cannot scape.The thicket is beset; he cannot 'scape.TG V.iii.11
A prize: a prize: a prize.A prize, a prize, a prize!TG V.iv.122.1