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Where haue I beene? Nay how now, whereWhere have I been? Nay, how now, whereTS I.i.219
are you? Maister, ha's my fellow Tranio stolne yourare you? Master, has my fellow Tranio stolen yourTS I.i.220
cloathes, or you stolne his, or both? Pray what's theclothes, or you stolen his, or both? Pray, what's theTS I.i.221
newes?news?TS I.i.222
I sir, ne're a whit.I, sir? Ne'er a whit.TS I.i.232.2
The better for him, would I were so too.The better for him, would I were so too!TS I.i.235
He that ha's the two faire daughters: ist he He that has the two fair daughters – is't heTS I.ii.219
you meane?you mean?TS I.ii.220
Oh excellent motion: fellowes let's be gon.O excellent motion! Fellows, let's be gone.TS I.ii.277
Master, master, newes, and such newes as Master, master, news! And such old news asTS III.ii.30
you neuer heard of,you never heard of.TS III.ii.31
Why, is it not newes to heard of Petruchio's Why, is it not news to hear of Petruchio'sTS III.ii.33
comming?coming?TS III.ii.34
Why no sir.Why, no, sir.TS III.ii.36
He is comming.He is coming.TS III.ii.38
When he stands where I am, and sees you When he stands where I am and sees youTS III.ii.40
there.there.TS III.ii.41
Why Petruchio is comming, in a new hat andWhy, Petruchio is coming in a new hat andTS III.ii.43
an old ierkin, a paire of old breeches thrice turn'd; aan old jerkin; a pair of old breeches thrice turned; aTS III.ii.44
paire of bootes that haue beene candle-cases, one buckled, pair of boots that have been candle-cases, one buckled,TS III.ii.45
another lac'd: an olde rusty sword tane out of the Towne another laced; an old rusty sword ta'en out of the townTS III.ii.46
Armory, with a broken hilt, and chapelesse: with two armoury, with a broken hilt, and chapeless; with twoTS III.ii.47
broken points: his horse hip'd with an olde mothy broken points; his horse hipped – with an old mothyTS III.ii.48
saddle, and stirrops of no kindred: besides possestsaddle and stirrups of no kindred – besides, possessedTS III.ii.49
with the glanders, and like to mose in the chine, troubled with the glanders and like to mose in the chine; troubledTS III.ii.50
with the Lampasse, infected with the fashions, full of with the lampass, infected with the fashions, full ofTS III.ii.51
Windegalls, sped with Spauins, raied with the Yellowes, windgalls, sped with spavins, rayed with the yellows,TS III.ii.52
past cure of the Fiues, starke spoyl'd with the Staggers, past cure of the fives, stark spoiled with the staggers,TS III.ii.53
begnawne with the Bots, Waid in the backe, and shoulder-shotten, begnawn with the bots, swayed in the back and shoulder-shotten,TS III.ii.54
neere leg'd before, and with a halfe-chekt near-legged before, and with a half-cheekedTS III.ii.55
Bitte, & a headstall of sheepes leather, which being bit and a headstall of sheep's leather, which, beingTS III.ii.56
restrain'd to keepe him from stumbling, hath been often restrained to keep him from stumbling, hath been oftenTS III.ii.57
burst, and now repaired with knots: one girth sixe times burst and new-repaired with knots; one girth six timesTS III.ii.58
peec'd, and a womans Crupper of velure, which hath pieced, and a woman's crupper of velure, which hathTS III.ii.59
two letters for her name, fairely set down in studs, and two letters for her name fairly set down in studs, andTS III.ii.60
heere and there peec'd with and there pieced with packthread.TS III.ii.61
Oh sir, his Lackey, for all the world Caparison'd O sir, his lackey, for all the world caparisonedTS III.ii.63
like the horse: with a linnen stock on one leg, and a kersey like the horse; with a linen stock on one leg and a kerseyTS III.ii.64
boot-hose on the other, gartred with a red and blew boot-hose on the other, gartered with a red and blueTS III.ii.65
list; an old hat, & the humor of forty fancies pricktlist; an old hat, and the humour of forty fancies prickedTS III.ii.66
in't for a feather: a monster, a very monster in apparell,in't for a feather; a monster, a very monster in apparel,TS III.ii.67
& not like a Christian foot-boy, or a gentlemans Lacky.and not like a Christian footboy or a gentleman's lackey.TS III.ii.68
Why sir, he comes not.Why, sir, he comes not.TS III.ii.72
Who, that Petruchio came?Who? That Petruchio came?TS III.ii.74
No sir, I say his horse comes with him on No, sir. I say his horse comes with him onTS III.ii.76
his backe.his back.TS III.ii.77
Nay by S.Iamy, Nay, by Saint Jamy,TS III.ii.79
I hold you a penny, I hold you a penny,TS III.ii.80
a horse and a man A horse and a manTS III.ii.81
is more then one, Is more than one,TS III.ii.82
and yet not many.And yet not many.TS III.ii.83
Oh Master, master I haue watcht so long,O master, master, I have watched so longTS IV.ii.59
That I am dogge-wearie, but at last I spiedThat I'm dog-weary, but at last I spiedTS IV.ii.60
An ancient Angel comming downe the hill,An ancient angel coming down the hillTS IV.ii.61
Wil serue the turne.Will serve the turn.TS IV.ii.62.1
Master, a Marcantant, or a pedant,Master, a marcantant or a pedant,TS IV.ii.63
I know not what, but formall in apparrell,I know not what – but formal in apparel,TS IV.ii.64
In gate and countenance surely like a Father.In gait and countenance surely like a father.TS IV.ii.65
As much as an apple doth an oyster, As much as an apple doth an oyster,TS IV.ii.101
& all one.and all one.TS IV.ii.102
Tut, feare not me.Tut, fear not me.TS IV.iv.13
I told him that your father was at Venice,I told him that your father was at Venice,TS IV.iv.15
And that you look't for him this day in Padua.And that you looked for him this day in Padua.TS IV.iv.16
I praie the gods she may withall my heart.I pray the gods she may, with all my heart.TS IV.iv.67
Cambio.Cambio.TS IV.iv.73.1
You saw my Master winke and laugh vpon you?You saw my master wink and laugh upon you?TS IV.iv.74
Faith nothing: but has left mee here behindeFaith, nothing – but 'has left me here behind,TS IV.iv.76
to expound the meaning or morrall of his signes and tokens. to expound the meaning or moral of his signs and tokens.TS IV.iv.77
Then thus: Baptista is safe talking with theThen thus – Baptista is safe, talking with theTS IV.iv.79
deceiuing Father of a deceitfull sonne.deceiving father of a deceitful son.TS IV.iv.80
His daughter is to be brought by you to theHis daughter is to be brought by you to theTS IV.iv.82
supper.supper.TS IV.iv.83
The old Priest at Saint Lukes Church is at The old priest at Saint Luke's church is atTS IV.iv.85
your command at all houres.your command at all hours.TS IV.iv.86
I cannot tell, expect they are busied about aI cannot tell, except they are busied about aTS IV.iv.88
counterfeit assurance: take you assurance of her, Cumcounterfeit assurance. Take you assurance of her, cumTS IV.iv.89
preuilegio ad Impremendum solem, to th' Church take privilegio ad imprimendum solum. To th' church! TakeTS IV.iv.90
the Priest, Clarke, and some sufficient honest witnesses:the priest, clerk, and some sufficient honest witnesses.TS IV.iv.91
If this be not that you looke fot, I haue no more to say,If this be not that you look for, I have no more to say,TS IV.iv.92
But bid Bianca farewell for euer and a day.but bid Bianca farewell for ever and a day.TS IV.iv.93
I cannot tarry: I knew a wench maried in anI cannot tarry. I knew a wench married in anTS IV.iv.95
afternoone as shee went to the Garden for Parseley to stuffe a afternoon as she went to the garden for parsley to stuff aTS IV.iv.96
Rabit, and so may you sir: and so adew sir, my Master rabbit. And so may you, sir; and so adieu, sir. My masterTS IV.iv.97
hath appointed me to goe to Saint Lukes to bid the hath appointed me to go to Saint Luke's to bid theTS IV.iv.98
Priest be readie to come against you come with yourpriest be ready to come against you come with yourTS IV.iv.99
appendix. appendix.TS IV.iv.100
Softly and swiftly sir, for the Priest is ready.Softly and swiftly, sir, for the priest is ready.TS V.i.1
Nay faith, Ile see the Church a your backe,Nay, faith, I'll see the church a your back,TS V.i.4
and then come backe to my mistris as soone as I can.and then come back to my master's as soon as I can.TS V.i.5
I haue seene them in the Church together, (aside) I have seen them in the church together.TS V.i.36
God send'em good shipping: but who is here? God send 'em good shipping! But who is here?TS V.i.37
mine old Master Uincentio: now wee are vndone and Mine old master Vincentio! Now we are undone andTS V.i.38
brought to nothing. brought to nothing.TS V.i.39
I hope I may choose Sir.I hope I may choose, sir.TS V.i.41
Forgot you, no sir: I could not forget you, Forgot you? No, sir. I could not forget you,TS V.i.44
for I neuer saw you before in all my life.for I never saw you before in all my life.TS V.i.45
What my old worshipfull old master? yesWhat, my old worshipful old master? Yes,TS V.i.48
marie sir see where he lookes out of the window.marry, sir – see where he looks out of the window.TS V.i.49
Helpe, helpe, helpe, here's a mad man Help, help, help! Here's a madman willTS V.i.51
will murder me.murder me.TS V.i.52
Oh we are spoil'd, and yonder he is, denie O, we are spoiled, and yonder he is! DenyTS V.i.99
him, forsweare him, or else we are all vndone.him, forswear him, or else we are all undone.TS V.i.100
Igoe. I go.TS V.ii.76.2
Sir, my Mistris sends you wordSir, my mistress sends you wordTS V.ii.79.2
That she is busie, and she cannot come.That she is busy and she cannot come.TS V.ii.80
She saies you haue some goodly Iest in hand,She says you have some goodly jest in hand.TS V.ii.90
She will not come: she bids you come to her.She will not come. She bids you come to her.TS V.ii.91