Original textModern textKey line
Wilt please your Honor taste of these Conserues? Will't please your honour taste of these conserves?TS induction.2.3
Oh this is it that makes your seruants droop.O, this is it that makes your servants droop.TS induction.2.26
Dost thou loue pictures? we wil fetch thee straitDost thou love pictures? We will fetch thee straightTS induction.2.48
Adonis painted by a running brooke,Adonis painted by a running brook,TS induction.2.49
And Citherea all in sedges hid,And Cytherea all in sedges hid,TS induction.2.50
Which seeme to moue and wanton with her breath,Which seem to move and wanton with her breathTS induction.2.51
Euen as the wauing sedges play with winde.Even as the waving sedges play wi'th' wind.TS induction.2.52
Wilt please your mightinesse to wash your hands:Will't please your mightiness to wash your hands?TS induction.2.75
Oh how we ioy to see your wit restor'd,O, how we joy to see your wit restored!TS induction.2.76
Oh that once more you knew but what you are:O, that once more you knew but what you are!TS induction.2.77
These fifteene yeeres you haue bin in a dreame,These fifteen years you have been in a dream,TS induction.2.78
Or when you wak'd, so wak'd as if you slept.Or when you waked, so waked as if you slept.TS induction.2.79