Original textModern textKey line
What raiment wil your honor weare to day.What raiment will your honour wear today?TS induction.2.4
Oh this it is that makes your Ladie mourne.O, this it is that makes your lady mourn.TS induction.2.25
Or Daphne roming through a thornie wood,Or Daphne roaming through a thorny wood,TS induction.2.56
Scratching her legs, that one shal sweare she bleeds,Scratching her legs that one shall swear she bleeds,TS induction.2.57
And at that sight shal sad Apollo weepe,And at that sight shall sad Apollo weep,TS induction.2.58
So workmanlie the blood and teares are drawne.So workmanly the blood and tears are drawn.TS induction.2.59
Why sir you know no house, nor no such maidWhy, sir, you know no house, nor no such maid,TS induction.2.90
Nor no such men as you haue reckon'd vp,Nor no such men as you have reckoned up,TS induction.2.91
As Stephen Slie, and old Iohn Naps of Greece,As Stephen Sly, and did John Naps of Greece,TS induction.2.92
And Peter Turph, and Henry Pimpernell,And Peter Turph, and Henry Pimpernell,TS induction.2.93
And twentie more such names and men as these,And twenty more such names and men as these,TS induction.2.94
Which neuer were, nor no man euer saw.Which never were nor no man ever saw.TS induction.2.95