Original textModern textKey line
Oh Mistris, Mistris, shift and saue your selfe, O mistress, mistress, shift and save yourself!CE V.i.168
My Master and his man are both broke loose, My master and his man are both broke loose,CE V.i.169
Beaten the Maids a-row, and bound the Doctor, Beaten the maids a-row, and bound the Doctor,CE V.i.170
Whose beard they haue sindg'd off with brands of fire, Whose beard they have singed off with brands of fire,CE V.i.171
And euer as it blaz'd, they threw on him And ever as it blazed they threw on himCE V.i.172
Great pailes of puddled myre to quench the haire; Great pails of puddled mire to quench the hair.CE V.i.173
My Mr preaches patience to him, and the while My master preaches patience to him, and the whileCE V.i.174
His man with Cizers nickes him like a foole: His man with scissors nicks him like a fool.CE V.i.175
And sure (vnlesse you send some present helpe) And sure, unless you send some present help,CE V.i.176
Betweene them they will kill the Coniurer. Between them they will kill the conjuror.CE V.i.177
Mistris, vpon my life I tel you true, Mistress, upon my life I tell you true.CE V.i.180
I haue not breath'd almost since I did see it. I have not breathed almost since I did see it.CE V.i.181
He cries for you, and vowes if he can take you, He cries for you, and vows, if he can take you,CE V.i.182
To scorch your face, and to disfigure you: To scorch your face and to disfigure you.CE V.i.183
Harke, harke, I heare him Mistris: flie, be gone. Hark, hark, I hear him, mistress. Fly, be gone!CE V.i.184