Original textModern textKey line
You know since Pentecost the sum is due, You know since Pentecost the sum is due,CE IV.i.1
And since I haue not much importun'd you, And since I have not much importuned you;CE IV.i.2
Nor now I had not, but that I am bound Nor now I had not, but that I am boundCE IV.i.3
To Persia, and want Gilders for my voyage: To Persia, and want guilders for my voyage.CE IV.i.4
Therefore make present satisfaction, Therefore make present satisfaction,CE IV.i.5
Or Ile attach you by this Officer. Or I'll attach you by this officer.CE IV.i.6
The houre steales on, I pray you sir dispatch. The hour steals on. I pray you, sir, dispatch.CE IV.i.52
My businesse cannot brooke this dalliance, My business cannot brook this dalliance.CE IV.i.59
Good sir say, whe'r you'l answer me, or no: Good sir, say whe'er you'll answer me or no.CE IV.i.60
If not, Ile leaue him to the Officer. If not, I'll leave him to the officer.CE IV.i.61
Well Officer, arrest him at my suite. Well, officer, arrest him at my suit.CE IV.i.69
How is the man esteem'd heere in the Citie? How is the man esteemed here in the city?CE V.i.4
Speake softly, yonder as I thinke he walkes. Speak softly. Yonder, as I think, he walks.CE V.i.9
Yes that you did sir, and forswore it too. Yes, that you did, sir, and forswore it, too.CE V.i.24
These eares of mine thou knowst did hear thee: These ears of mine, thou knowest, did hear thee.CE V.i.26
Fie on thee wretch, 'tis pitty that thou liu'st Fie on thee, wretch. 'Tis pity that thou livestCE V.i.27
To walke where any honest men resort. To walk where any honest men resort.CE V.i.28
I dare and do defie thee for a villaine. I dare, and do defy thee for a villain.CE V.i.32
I am sorry now that I did draw on him. I am sorry now that I did draw on him.CE V.i.43
By this I thinke the Diall points at fiue: By this, I think, the dial points at five.CE V.i.118
Anon I'me sure the Duke himselfe in person Anon, I'm sure, the Duke himself in personCE V.i.119
Comes this way to the melancholly vale; Comes this way to the melancholy vale,CE V.i.120
The place of depth, and sorrie execution, The place of death and sorry executionCE V.i.121
Behinde the ditches of the Abbey heere. Behind the ditches of the abbey here.CE V.i.122
To see a reuerent Siracusian Merchant, To see a reverend Syracusian merchant,CE V.i.124
Who put vnluckily into this Bay Who put unluckily into this bayCE V.i.125
Against the Lawes and Statutes of this Towne, Against the laws and statutes of this town,CE V.i.126
Beheaded publikely for his offence. Beheaded publicly for his offence.CE V.i.127
Besides, I will be sworne these eares of mine, Besides, I will be sworn these ears of mineCE V.i.260
Heard you confesse you had the Chaine of him, Heard you confess you had the chain of himCE V.i.261
After you first forswore it on the Mart, After you first forswore it on the mart,CE V.i.262
And thereupon I drew my sword on you: And thereupon I drew my sword on you;CE V.i.263
And then you fled into this Abbey heere, And then you fled into this abbey here,CE V.i.264
From whence I thinke you are come by Miracle. From whence I think you are come by miracle.CE V.i.265