Original textModern textKey line
Go Captaine, from me greet the Danish King,Go, captain, from me greet the Danish King.Ham IV.iv.1
Tell him that by his license, FortinbrasTell him that by his licence FortinbrasHam IV.iv.2
Claimes the conueyance of a promis'd MarchCraves the conveyance of a promised marchHam IV.iv.3
Ouer his Kingdome. You know the Rendeuous:Over his kingdom. You know the rendezvous.Ham IV.iv.4
If that his Maiesty would ought with vs,If that his majesty would aught with us,Ham IV.iv.5
We shall expresse our dutie in his eye,We shall express our duty in his eye.Ham IV.iv.6
And let him know so.And let him know so.Ham IV.iv.7.1
Go safely on. Exit.Go softly on.Ham IV.iv.8
Where is this sight?Where is this sight?Ham V.ii.356.1
His quarry cries on hauocke. Oh proud death,This quarry cries on havoc. O proud Death,Ham V.ii.358
What feast is toward in thine eternall Cell.What feast is toward in thine eternal cellHam V.ii.359
That thou so many Princes, at a shoote,That thou so many princes at a shotHam V.ii.360
So bloodily hast strooke.So bloodily hast struck?Ham V.ii.361.1
Let vs hast to heare it,Let us haste to hear it,Ham V.ii.380.2
And call the Noblest to the Audience.And call the noblest to the audience.Ham V.ii.381
For me, with sorrow, I embrace my Fortune,For me, with sorrow I embrace my fortune.Ham V.ii.382
I haue some Rites of memory in this Kingdome,I have some rights of memory in this kingdom,Ham V.ii.383
Which are ro claime, my vantage doth / Inuite me,Which now to claim my vantage doth invite me.Ham V.ii.384
Let foure CaptainesLet four captainsHam V.ii.389.2
Beare Hamlet like a Soldier to the Stage,Bear Hamlet like a soldier to the stage.Ham V.ii.390
For he was likely, had he beene put onFor he was likely, had he been put on,Ham V.ii.391
To haue prou'd most royally: / And for his passage,To have proved most royal. And for his passageHam V.ii.392
The Souldiours Musicke, and the rites of WarreThe soldiers' music and the rites of warHam V.ii.393
Speake lowdly for him.Speak loudly for him.Ham V.ii.394
Take vp the body; Such a sight as thisTake up the bodies. Such a sight as thisHam V.ii.395
Becomes the Field, but heere shewes much amis.Becomes the field, but here shows much amiss.Ham V.ii.396
Go, bid the Souldiers shoote.Go, bid the soldiers shoot.Ham V.ii.397

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