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Nay answer me: Stand & vnfold your selfe.Nay, answer me. Stand and unfold yourself.Ham I.i.2
Barnardo?Barnardo?Ham I.i.4
You come most carefully vpon your houre.You come most carefully upon your hour.Ham I.i.6
For this releefe much thankes: 'Tis bitter cold,For this relief much thanks. 'Tis bitter cold,Ham I.i.8
And I am sicke at heart.And I am sick at heart.Ham I.i.9
Not a Mouse stirring.Not a mouse stirring.Ham I.i.10.2
I thinke I heare them. Stand: who's there?I think I hear them. Stand ho! Who is there?Ham I.i.14
Giue you good night.Give you good night.Ham I.i.16.1
Barnardo ha's my place:Barnardo hath my place.Ham I.i.17.2
giue you goodnight.Give you good night.Ham I.i.18.1

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