Original textModern textKey line
I will my Lord.I will, my lord.Ham II.i.2
My Lord, I did intend it.My lord, I did intend it.Ham II.i.5.2
I, very well my Lord.Ay, very well, my lord.Ham II.i.16
As gaming my Lord.As gaming, my lord.Ham II.i.24.2
My Lord that would dishonour him.My lord, that would dishonour him.Ham II.i.27
But my good Lord.But, my good lord – Ham II.i.35.2
I my Lord,Ay, my lord,Ham II.i.36.2
I would know that.I would know that.Ham II.i.37.1
Very good my Lord.Very good, my lord.Ham II.i.48.2
At closes in the consequence: / At friend,At ‘ closes in the consequence ’, at ‘ friend,’Ham II.i.52
or so, and Gentleman.‘ or so,’ and ‘ gentleman.’Ham II.i.53
My Lord I haue.My lord, I have.Ham II.i.69.1
Good my Lord.Good my lord.Ham II.i.70
I shall my Lord.I shall, my lord.Ham II.i.72
Well, my Lord. Well, my lord.Ham II.i.73.2

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