Original textModern textKey line
I tell thee she is, and therefore make herI tell thee she is. Therefore make herHam V.i.3
Graue straight, the Crowner hath sate on her, and findsgrave straight. The crowner hath sat on her, and findsHam V.i.4
it Christian Christian burial.Ham V.i.5
Why 'tis found so.Why, 'tis found so.Ham V.i.8
Nay but heare you Goodman Deluer.Nay, but hear you, Goodman Delver.Ham V.i.14
But is this law?But is this law?Ham V.i.21
Will you ha the truth on't: if this hadWill you ha' the truth on't? If this hadHam V.i.23
not beene a Gentlewoman, shee should haue beene buriednot been a gentlewoman, she should have been buriedHam V.i.24
out of Christian Buriall.out o' Christian burial.Ham V.i.25
Was he a Gentleman?Was he a gentleman?Ham V.i.32
Why he had none.Why, he had none.Ham V.i.34
Go too.Go to!Ham V.i.40
The Gallowes maker; for that FrameThe gallows-maker, for that frameHam V.i.43
outliues a thousand Tenants.outlives a thousand tenants.Ham V.i.44
Who builds stronger then a Mason, aWho builds stronger than a mason, aHam V.i.50
Shipwright, or a Carpenter?shipwright, or a carpenter?Ham V.i.51
Marry, now I can tell.Marry, now I can tell.Ham V.i.53
Masse, I cannot tell. Enter Hamlet and Horatio a farre off.Mass, I cannot tell.Ham V.i.55

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