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All Lords. ALL LORDS
You are most welcome home.You are most welcome home.Cor
All. ALL
We haue.We have.Cor
And greeue to heare't:And grieve to hear't.Cor
What faults he made before the last, I thinkeWhat faults he made before the last, I thinkCor
Might haue found easie Fines: But there to endMight have found easy fines. But there to endCor
Where he was to begin, and giue awayWhere he was to begin, and give awayCor
The benefit of our Leuies, answering vsThe benefit of our levies, answering usCor
With our owne charge: making a Treatie, whereWith our own charge, making a treaty whereCor
There was a yeelding; this admits no excuse.There was a yielding – this admits no excuse.Cor
Peace both, and heare me speake.Peace, both, and hear me speak.Cor
Lords. LORDS
Hold, hold, hold, hold.Hold, hold, hold, hold!Cor
O Tullus.O Tullus!Cor
Beare from hence his body,Bear from hence his body,Cor
And mourne you for him. Let him be regardedAnd mourn you for him. Let him be regardedCor
As the most Noble Coarse, that euer HeraldAs the most noble corse that ever heraldCor
Did follow to his Vrne.Did follow to his urn.Cor