Original textModern textKey line
Come, come, they are almost here: howCome, come, they are almost here. HowCor II.ii.1
many stand for Consulships?many stand for consulships?Cor II.ii.2
That's a braue fellow: but hee's vengeanceThat's a brave fellow, but he's vengeanceCor II.ii.5
prowd, and loues not the common people.proud and loves not the common people.Cor II.ii.6
If he did not care whether he had theirIf he did not care whether he had theirCor II.ii.15
loue, or no, hee waued indifferently, 'twixt doing themlove or no, he waved indifferently 'twixt doing themCor II.ii.16
neyther good, nor harme: but hee seekes their hate withneither good nor harm. But he seeks their hate withCor II.ii.17
greater deuotion, then they can render it him; and leauesgreater devotion than they can render it him, and leavesCor II.ii.18
nothing vndone, that may fully discouer him their opposite.nothing undone that may fully discover him their opposite.Cor II.ii.19
Now to seeme to affect the mallice and displeasure ofNow to seem to affect the malice and displeasure ofCor II.ii.20
the People, is as bad, as that which he dislikes, to flatterthe people is as bad as that which he dislikes – to flatterCor II.ii.21
them for their loue.them for their love.Cor II.ii.22
No more of him, hee's a worthy man:No more of him, he's a worthy man.Cor II.ii.33
make way, they are comming.Make way, they are coming.Cor II.ii.34
He doth appeare.He doth appear.Cor II.ii.129