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Martius 'tis true, that you haue lately told vs,Martius, 'tis true that you have lately told us:Cor I.i.225
The Volces are in Armes.The Volsces are in arms.Cor I.i.226.1
Then worthy Martius,Then, worthy Martius,Cor I.i.234.2
Attend vpon Cominius to these Warres.Attend upon Cominius to these wars.Cor I.i.235
Your Company to'th' Capitoll, where I knowYour company to th' Capitol, where I knowCor I.i.242
Our greatest Friends attend vs.Our greatest friends attend us.Cor I.i.243.1
Hence to your homes, be gone.Hence to your homes; be gone!Cor I.i.246.1
That's lesser then a little: Drum a farre off. Hearke, our DrummesThat's lesser than a little. (Drum afar off) Hark! our drumsCor I.iv.15
Speake, good Cominius:Speak, good Cominius.Cor II.ii.46.2
Leaue nothing out for length, and make vs thinkeLeave nothing out for length, and make us thinkCor II.ii.47
Rather our states defectiue for requitall,Rather our state's defective for requitalCor II.ii.48
Then we to stretch it out. Masters a'th' People,Than we to stretch it out. (To the Tribunes) Masters o'th' people,Cor II.ii.49
We doe request your kindest eares: and afterWe do request your kindest ears, and after,Cor II.ii.50
Your louing motion toward the common Body,Your loving motion toward the common bodyCor II.ii.51
To yeeld what passes here.To yield what passes here.Cor II.ii.52.1
Sit Coriolanus: neuer shame to heareSit, Coriolanus, never shame to hearCor II.ii.65
What you haue Nobly done.What you have nobly done.Cor II.ii.66.1
He cannot but with measure fit the HonorsHe cannot but with measure fit the honoursCor II.ii.121
which we deuise him.Which we devise him.Cor II.ii.122.1
Call Coriolanus.Call Coriolanus.Cor II.ii.128.2
To Coriolanus come all ioy and Honor.To Coriolanus come all joy and honour!Cor II.ii.152
Tribunes giue way, he shall to th'Market place.Tribunes, give way. He shall to th' market-place.Cor III.i.31
Not in this heat, Sir, now.Not in this heat, sir, now.Cor III.i.63.2
No more words, we beseech you.No more words, we beseech you.Cor III.i.75.1
To vnbuild the Citie, and to lay all flat.To unbuild the city and to lay all flat.Cor III.i.197
The Gods forbid:The gods forbid!Cor III.i.232.2
I prythee noble friend, home to thy House,I prithee, noble friend, home to thy house;Cor III.i.233
Leaue vs to cure this Cause.Leave us to cure this cause.Cor III.i.234.1
Noble Tribunes,Noble Tribunes,Cor III.i.324.2
It is the humane way: the other courseIt is the humane way. The other courseCor III.i.325
Will proue to bloody: and the end of it,Will prove too bloody, and the end of itCor III.i.326
Vnknowne to the Beginning.Unknown to the beginning.Cor III.i.327.1
Pray you let's to him.Pray you let's to him.Cor III.i.334.2
There's no remedy,There's no remedy,Cor III.ii.26.2
Vnlesse by not so doing, our good CitieUnless, by not so doing, our good cityCor III.ii.27
Cleaue in the midd'st, and perish.Cleave in the midst and perish.Cor III.ii.28.1
Amen, Amen.Amen, amen.Cor III.iii.37.2
Behold our Patronnesse, the life of Rome:Behold our patroness, the life of Rome!Cor V.v.1
Call all your Tribes together, praise the Gods,Call all your tribes together, praise the gods,Cor V.v.2
And make triumphant fires, strew Flowers before them:And make triumphant fires; strew flowers before them.Cor V.v.3
Vnshoot the noise that Banish'd Martius;Unshout the noise that banished Martius,Cor V.v.4
Repeale him, with the welcome of his Mother:Repeal him with the welcome of his mother.Cor V.v.5
Cry welcome Ladies, welcome.Cry ‘ Welcome, ladies, welcome!’Cor V.v.6
All. ALL
Welcome Ladies, welcome.Welcome, ladies, welcome!Cor V.v.7

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