Original textModern textKey line
Wine, Wine, Wine: What seruice isWine, wine, wine! What service isCor IV.v.1
heere? I thinke our Fellowes are I think our fellows are asleep.Cor IV.v.2
What would you haue Friend?What would you have, friend?Cor IV.v.7
whence are you? Here's no place for you: Pray go to the Whence are you? Here's no place for you. Pray go to theCor IV.v.8
doore?doorCor IV.v.9
A strange one as euer I look'd on:A strange one as ever I looked on.Cor IV.v.21
I cannot get him out o'th' house: Prythee call my MasterI cannot get him out o'th' house. Prithee, call my masterCor IV.v.22
to him.Cor IV.v.23
Heere's a strange alteration?Here's a strange alteration!Cor IV.v.151
What an Arme he has, he turn'd meWhat an arm he has! He turned meCor IV.v.155
about with his finger and his thumbe, as one would set vpabout with his finger and his thumb as one would set upCor IV.v.156
a Top.a top.Cor IV.v.157
He had so, looking as it were,He had so, looking as it were – Cor IV.v.161
would I were hang'd but I thought there was more inWould I were hanged, but I thought there was more inCor IV.v.162
him, then I could think.him than I could think.Cor IV.v.163
I thinke he is: but a greater soldierI think he is. But a greater soldierCor IV.v.166
then he, / You wot one.than he you wot one.Cor IV.v.167
Nay, it's no matter for that.Nay, it's no matter for that.Cor IV.v.169
Nay not so neither: but I take himNay, not so neither. But I take himCor IV.v.171
to be the greater be the greater soldier.Cor IV.v.172
I, and for an assault too.Ay, and for an assault too.Cor IV.v.175
Both. BOTH
What, what, what? Let's partake.What, what, what? Let's partake.Cor IV.v.179
Both. BOTH
Wherefore? Wherefore?Wherefore? Wherefore?Cor IV.v.182
Why do you say, thwacke ourWhy do you say ‘ thwack ourCor IV.v.185
Generall?General?’Cor IV.v.186
He was too hard for him directly,He was too hard for him, directlyCor IV.v.192
to say the Troth on't before Corioles, he scotcht him,to say the truth on't. Before Corioles he scotched himCor IV.v.193
and notcht him like a Carbinado.and notched him like a carbonado.Cor IV.v.194
But more of thy Newes.But more of thy news!Cor IV.v.197
Directitude? What's that?Directitude? What's that?Cor IV.v.216
But when goes this forward:But when goes this forward?Cor IV.v.220
Let me haue Warre say I, it exceedsLet me have war, say I. It exceedsCor IV.v.228
peace as farre as day do's night: It's sprightly walking,peace as far as day does night. It's spritely walking,Cor IV.v.229
audible, and full of Vent. Peace, is a very Apoplexy,audible, and full of vent. Peace is a very apoplexy,Cor IV.v.230
Lethargie, mull'd, deafe, sleepe, insensible, a getter oflethargy; mulled, deaf, sleepy, insensible; a getter ofCor IV.v.231
more bastard Children, then warres a destroyer of men.more bastard children than war's a destroyer of men.Cor IV.v.232
I, and it makes men hate oneAy, and it makes men hate oneCor IV.v.236
another.another.Cor IV.v.237
Both. BOTH
In, in, in, in.In, in, in, in.Cor IV.v.242