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Stay: whence are you.Stay. Whence are you?Cor V.ii.1.1
From whence? From whence?Cor V.ii.4.2
You may not passe, you must returne: our GenerallYou may not pass, you must return. Our generalCor V.ii.5
will no more heare from thence.Will no more hear from thence.Cor V.ii.6
Be it so, go back: the vertue of your name,Be it so; go back. The virtue of your nameCor V.ii.12
Is not heere passable.Is not here passable.Cor V.ii.13.1
Faith Sir, if you had told as many lies in Faith, sir, if you had told as many lies inCor V.ii.24
his behalfe, as you haue vttered words in your owne, you his behalf as you have uttered words in your own, youCor V.ii.25
should not passe heere: no, though it were as vertuous to should not pass here; no, though it were as virtuous toCor V.ii.26
lye, as to liue chastly. Therefore go backe.lie as to live chastely. Therefore go back.Cor V.ii.27
You are a Roman, are you?You are a Roman, are you?Cor V.ii.35
Then you should hate Rome, as he do's. Then you should hate Rome, as he does.Cor V.ii.37
Can you, when you haue pusht out your gates, the very Can you, when you have pushed out your gates the veryCor V.ii.38
Defender of them, and in a violent popular ignorance, defender of them, and in a violent popular ignoranceCor V.ii.39
giuen your enemy your shield, thinke to front his reuenges given your enemy your shield, think to front his revengesCor V.ii.40
with the easie groanes of old women, the Virginall Palms of with the easy groans of old women, the virginal palms ofCor V.ii.41
your daughters, or with the palsied intercession of such your daughters, or with the palsied intercession of suchCor V.ii.42
a decay'd Dotant as you seeme to be? Can you think to a decayed dotant as you seem to be? Can you think toCor V.ii.43
blow out the intended fire, your City is ready to flame in, blow out the intended fire your city is ready to flame inCor V.ii.44
with such weake breath as this? No, you are deceiu'd, with such weak breath as this? No, you are deceived,Cor V.ii.45
therfore backe to Rome, and prepare for your execution: therefore back to Rome and prepare for your execution.Cor V.ii.46
you are condemn'd, our Generall has sworne you out of You are condemned, our general has sworn you out ofCor V.ii.47
repreeue and pardon.reprieve and pardon.Cor V.ii.48
Come, my Captaine knowes you not.Come, my captain knows you not.Cor V.ii.51
My Generall cares not for you. Back I say, My general cares not for you. Back, I say,Cor V.ii.53
go: least I let forth your halfe pinte of blood. Backe, that's go, lest I let forth your half-pint of blood. Back – that'sCor V.ii.54
the vt- most of your hauing, backe.the utmost of your having. Back.Cor V.ii.55
Now sir, is your name Menenius?Now, sir, is your name Menenius?Cor V.ii.91
Do you heare how wee are shent for keeping Do you hear how we are shent for keepingCor V.ii.94
your greatnesse backe?your greatness back?Cor V.ii.95
A Noble Fellow I warrant him.A noble fellow, I warrant him.Cor V.ii.104

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