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Where's Caius Martius?Where's Caius Martius?Cor I.i.221.1
The newes is sir, the Volcies are in Armes.The news is, sir, the Volsces are in arms.Cor I.i.222
They lye in view, but haue not spoke as yet.They lie in view, but have not spoke as yet.Cor I.iv.4
Within this mile and halfe.Within this mile and half.Cor I.iv.8.2
The Cittizens of Corioles haue yssued,The citizens of Corioles have issuedCor
And giuen to Lartius and to Martius Battaile:And given to Lartius and to Martius battle.Cor
I saw our party to their Trenches driuen,I saw our party to their trenches driven,Cor
And then I came away.And then I came away.Cor
Aboue an houre, my Lord.Above an hour, my lord.Cor
Spies of the VolcesSpies of the VolscesCor
Held me in chace, that I was forc'd to wheeleHeld me in chase, that I was forced to wheelCor
Three or foure miles about, else had I sirThree or four miles about, else had I, sir,Cor
Halfe an houre since brought my report.Half an hour since brought my report.Cor
You are sent for to the Capitoll: / 'Tis thought,You are sent for to the Capitol. 'Tis thoughtCor II.i.252
that Martius shall be Consull:That Martius shall be consul.Cor II.i.253
I haue seene the dumbe men throng to see him, / AndI have seen the dumb men throng to see him andCor II.i.254
the blind to heare him speak: Matrons flong Gloues,The blind to hear him speak. Matrons flung gloves,Cor II.i.255
Ladies and Maids their Scarffes, and Handkerchers,Ladies and maids their scarfs and handkerchers,Cor II.i.256
Vpon him as he pass'd: the Nobles bendedUpon him as he passed. The nobles bendedCor II.i.257
As to Ioues Statue, and the Commons madeAs to Jove's statue, and the commons madeCor II.i.258
A Shower, and Thunder, with their Caps, and Showts:A shower and thunder with their caps and shouts.Cor II.i.259
I neuer saw the like.I never saw the like.Cor II.i.260.1
The Nobles in great earnestnesse are goingThe nobles in great earnestness are goingCor
All to the Senate-house: some newes is commingAll to the Senate House. Some news is comingCor
That turnes their Countenances.That turns their countenances.Cor
Yes worthy Sir,Yes, worthy sir,Cor
The Slaues report is seconded, and moreThe slave's report is seconded, and more,Cor
More fearfull is deliuer'd.More fearful is delivered.Cor
It is spoke freely out of many mouths,It is spoke freely out of many mouths – Cor
How probable I do not know, that MartiusHow probable I do not know – that Martius,Cor
Ioyn'd with Auffidius, leads a power 'gainst Rome,Joined with Aufidius, leads a power 'gainst Rome,Cor
And vowes Reuenge as spacious, as betweeneAnd vows revenge as spacious as betweenCor
The yong'st and oldest thing.The young'st and oldest thing.Cor
Sir, if you'ld saue your life, flye to your House,Sir, if you'd save your life, fly to your house.Cor V.iv.34
The Plebeians haue got your Fellow Tribune,The plebeians have got your fellow TribuneCor V.iv.35
And hale him vp and downe; all swearing, ifAnd hale him up and down, all swearing ifCor V.iv.36
The Romane Ladies bring not comfort home,The Roman ladies bring not comfort homeCor V.iv.37
They'l giue him death by Inches.They'll give him death by inches.Cor V.iv.38.1

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