Original textModern textKey line
You are sent for to the Senate:You are sent for to the Senate.Cor
A fearefull Army, led by Caius Martius,A fearful army, led by Caius MartiusCor
Associated with Auffidius, RagesAssociated with Aufidius, ragesCor
Vpon our Territories, and haue alreadyUpon our territories, and have alreadyCor
O're-borne their way, consum'd with fire, and tookeO'erborne their way, consumed with fire and tookCor
What lay before them.What lay before them.Cor
Good Newes, good newes, the Ladies haue preuayl'd,Good news, good news! The ladies have prevailed,Cor V.iv.39
The Volcians are dislodg'd, and Martius gone:The Volscians are dislodged and Martius gone.Cor V.iv.40
A merrier day did neuer yet greet Rome,A merrier day did never yet greet Rome,Cor V.iv.41
No, not th' expulsion of the Tarquins.No, not th' expulsion of the Tarquins.Cor V.iv.42.1
As certaine as I know the Sun is fire:As certain as I know the sun is fire.Cor V.iv.44
Where haue you lurk'd that you make doubt of it:Where have you lurked that you make doubt of it?Cor V.iv.45
Ne're through an Arch so hurried the blowne Tide,Ne'er through an arch so hurried the blown tideCor V.iv.46
As the recomforted through th' gates. Why harke you:As the recomforted through th' gates. Why, hark you!Cor V.iv.47
The Trumpets, Sack-buts, Psalteries, and Fifes,The trumpets, sackbuts, psalteries, and fifes,Cor V.iv.48
Tabors, and Symboles, and the showting Romans,Tabors and cymbals and the shouting RomansCor V.iv.49
Make the Sunne dance. Hearke you.Make the sun dance. Hark you!Cor V.iv.50.1
Sir, we haue all great cause to giue great thanks.Sir, we have all great cause to give great thanks.Cor V.iv.59
Almost at point to enter.Almost at point to enter.Cor V.iv.61