Original textModern textKey line
Where's Cotus: my M. calsWhere's Cotus? My master callsCor IV.v.3
for him: Cotus. for him. Cotus!Cor IV.v.4
Whence are you sir? Ha's theWhence are you, sir? Has theCor IV.v.12
Porter his eyes in his head, that he giues entrance to suchporter his eyes in his head that he gives entrance to suchCor IV.v.13
Companions? / Pray get you out.companions? Pray, get you out.Cor IV.v.14
Away? Get you away.Away? Get you away.Cor IV.v.16
Are you so braue: Ile haue youAre you so brave? I'll have youCor IV.v.18
talkt with anontalked with anon.Cor IV.v.19
And I shall.And I shall.Cor IV.v.38
Here sir, I'de haue beaten himHere, sir. I'd have beaten himCor IV.v.54
like a dogge, but for disturbing the Lords a dog, but for disturbing the lords within.Cor IV.v.55
By my hand, I had thoght toBy my hand, I had thought toCor IV.v.152
haue stroken him with a Cudgell, and yet my minde gauehave strucken him with a cudgel, and yet my mind gaveCor IV.v.153
me, his cloathes made a false report of his clothes made a false report of him.Cor IV.v.154
Nay, I knew by his face thatNay, I knew by his face thatCor IV.v.158
there was some-thing in him. He had sir, a kinde of facethere was something in him. He had, sir, a kind of face,Cor IV.v.159
me thought, I cannot tell how to tearme it.methought – I cannot tell how to term it.Cor IV.v.160
So did I, Ile be sworne: He is So did I, I'll be sworn. He isCor IV.v.164
simply the rarest man i'th' world.simply the rarest man i'th' world.Cor IV.v.165
Who my Master?Who, my master?Cor IV.v.168
Worth six on him.Worth six on him.Cor IV.v.170
Faith looke you, one cannot tellFaith, look you, one cannot tellCor IV.v.173
how to say that: for the Defence of a Towne, our Generallhow to say that. For the defence of a town our generalCor IV.v.
is excellent.Cor IV.v.174
Both. BOTH
What, what, what? Let's partake.What, what, what? Let's partake.Cor IV.v.179
Both. BOTH
Wherefore? Wherefore?Wherefore? Wherefore?Cor IV.v.182
Come we are fellowes and friends:Come, we are fellows and friends.Cor IV.v.189
he was euer too hard for him, I haue heard him say soHe was ever too hard for him, I have heard him say soCor IV.v.190
himselfe.himself.Cor IV.v.191
And hee had bin Cannibally giuen,An he had been cannibally given,Cor IV.v.195
hee might haue boyld and eaten him too.he might have boiled and eaten him too.Cor IV.v.196
And he's as like to do't, as anyAnd he's as like to do't as anyCor IV.v.210
man I can I can imagine.Cor IV.v.211
Why then wee shall haue a stirringWhy, then we shall have a stirringCor IV.v.225
World againe: / This peace is nothing, but to rust Iron,world again. This peace is nothing but to rust iron,Cor IV.v.226
encrease Taylors, / and breed Ballad-makers.increase tailors, and breed ballad-makers.Cor IV.v.227
'Tis so, and as warres in some sort'Tis so. And as wars in some sortCor IV.v.233
may be saide to be a Rauisher, so it cannot be denied, butmay be said to be a ravisher, so it cannot be denied butCor IV.v.234
peace is a great maker of Cuckolds.peace is a great maker of cuckolds.Cor IV.v.235
Both. BOTH
In, in, in, in.In, in, in, in.Cor IV.v.242