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All. ALL
Speake, speake.Speak, speak.Cor I.i.3
All. ALL
Resolu'd, resolu'd.Resolved, resolved.Cor I.i.6
All. ALL
We know't, we know't.We know't, we know't.Cor I.i.9
All. ALL
No more talking on't; Let it be done, away, awayNo more talking on't. Let it be done. Away, away!Cor I.i.12
Come, come.Come, come.Cor I.i.47
We haue power in our selues to do it, butWe have power in ourselves to do it, butCor II.iii.4
it is a power that we haue no power to do: For, if hee shewit is a power that we have no power to do. For if he showCor II.iii.5
vs his wounds, and tell vs his deeds, we are to put ourus his wounds and tell us his deeds, we are to put ourCor II.iii.6
tongues into those wounds, and speake for them: So if hetongues into those wounds and speak for them. So, if heCor II.iii.7
tel vs his Noble deeds, we must also tell him our Nobletell us his noble deeds, we must also tell him our nobleCor II.iii.8
acceptance of them. Ingratitude is monstrous, and foracceptance of them. Ingratitude is monstrous, and forCor II.iii.9
the multitude to be ingratefull, were to make a Monster ofthe multitude to be ingrateful were to make a monster ofCor II.iii.10
the multitude; of the which, we being members, shouldthe multitude; of the which we being members shouldCor II.iii.11
bring our selues to be monstrous members.bring ourselves to be monstrous members.Cor II.iii.12
We haue beene call'd so of many, notWe have been called so of many; notCor II.iii.17
that our heads are some browne, some blacke, some Abram, that our heads are some brown, some black, some abram,Cor II.iii.18
some bald; but that our wits are so diuersly Coulord;some bald, but that our wits are so diversely coloured.Cor II.iii.19
and truely I thinke, if all our wittes were to issue out of oneAnd truly I think if all our wits were to issue out of oneCor II.iii.20
Scull, they would flye East, West, North, South, and theirskull, they would fly east, west, north, south, and theirCor II.iii.21
consent of one direct way, should be at once to all theconsent of one direct way should be at once to all theCor II.iii.22
points a'th Compasse.points o'th' compass.Cor II.iii.23
Nay your wit will not so soone out asNay, your wit will not so soon out asCor II.iii.26
another mans will, 'tis strongly wadg'd vp in a blocke-head:another man's will – 'tis strongly wedged up in a blockhead;Cor II.iii.27
but if it were at liberty, 'twould sure Southward.but if it were at liberty 'twould sure southward.Cor II.iii.28
To loose it selfe in a Fogge, where being threeTo lose itself in a fog, where being threeCor II.iii.30
parts melted away with rotten Dewes, the fourth wouldparts melted away with rotten dews, the fourth wouldCor II.iii.31
returne for Conscience sake, to helpe to get thee a Wife.return for conscience' sake to help to get thee a wife.Cor II.iii.32
Are you all resolu'd to giue your voyces?Are you all resolved to give your voices?Cor II.iii.35
But that's no matter, the greater part carries it, I say. IfBut that's no matter, the greater part carries it. I say, ifCor II.iii.36
hee would incline to the people, there was neuer a worthierhe would incline to the people, there was never a worthierCor II.iii.37 II.iii.38
Heere he comes, and in the Gowne of humility, marke hisHere he comes, and in the gown of humility. Mark hisCor II.iii.39
behauiour: we are not to stay altogether, but to comebehaviour. We are not to stay all together, but to comeCor II.iii.40
by him where he stands, by ones, by twoes, & by him where he stands, by ones, by twos, and by threes.Cor II.iii.41
He's to make his requests by particulars, wherein euerieHe's to make his requests by particulars, wherein everyCor II.iii.42
one of vs ha's a single Honor, in giuing him our own one of us has a single honour, in giving him our ownCor II.iii.43
voices with our owne tongues, therefore follow me, andvoices with our own tongues. Therefore follow me, andCor II.iii.44
Ile direct you how you shall go by him.I'll direct you how you shall go by him.Cor II.iii.45
All. ALL
Content, content.Content, content.Cor II.iii.46
We do Sir, tell vs what hath brought you too't.We do, sir. Tell us what hath brought you to't.Cor II.iii.62
How not your owne desire?How not your own desire?Cor II.iii.66
You must thinke if we giue you any thing,You must think, if we give you anything,Cor II.iii.69
we hope to gaine by you.we hope to gain by you.Cor II.iii.70
But this is something odde.But this is something odd.Cor II.iii.81
Certainely,Certainly,Cor II.iii.158.2
he flowted vs downe-right.He flouted us downright.Cor II.iii.159
No, no: no man saw 'em.No, no! No man saw 'em.Cor II.iii.164.2
Hee said hee had Wounds, / Which he could shew in priuate:He said he had wounds which he could show in private,Cor II.iii.165
And with his Hat, thus wauing it in scorne,And with his hat, thus waving it in scorn,Cor II.iii.166
I would be Consull, sayes he: aged Custome,‘ I would be consul,’ says he. ‘ Aged customCor II.iii.167
But by your Voyces, will not so permit me.But by your voices will not so permit me;Cor II.iii.168
Your Voyces therefore: when we graunted that,Your voices therefore.’ When we granted that,Cor II.iii.169
Here was, I thanke you for your Voyces, thanke youHere was ‘ I thank you for your voices. Thank you,Cor II.iii.170
Your most sweet Voyces: now you haue left your Voyces,Your most sweet voices. Now you have left your voices,Cor II.iii.171
I haue no further with you. Was not this mockerie?I have no further with you.’ Was not this mockery?Cor II.iii.172
Hee's not confirm'd, we may deny him yet.He's not confirmed; we may deny him yet.Cor II.iii.208
All. ALL
We will so: almost allWe will so. Almost allCor II.iii.253.2
repent in their election.Repent in their election.Cor II.iii.254.1
Downe with him, downe with him.Down with him, down with him!Cor III.i.183
All. ALL 
Tribunes, Patricians, Citizens: what ho:Tribunes! Patricians! Citizens! What ho!Cor III.i.185
Sicinius, Brutus, Coriolanus, Citizens.Sicinius! Brutus! Coriolanus! Citizens!Cor III.i.186
Let's here our Tribune: peace, speake, speake, speake.Let's hear our Tribune. Peace! Speak, speak, speak.Cor III.i.192
True, True,Cor III.i.198.2
the People are the Citie.The people are the city.Cor III.i.199
You so remaine.You so remain.Cor III.i.201.2
Yeeld Martius, yeeld.Yield, Martius, yield.Cor III.i.214.1
Downe with him, downe with him. Down with him, down with him!Cor III.i.228
He shall sure ont.He shall, sure on't.Cor III.i.271.2
No, no, no, no, no.No, no, no, no, no.Cor III.i.279
To'th' Rocke, to'th' Rocke with him.To th' rock, to th' rock with him!Cor III.iii.75.1
It shall be so, it shall be so: let him away:It shall be so, it shall be so! Let him away!Cor III.iii.106
Hee's banish'd, and it shall be so.He's banished, and it shall be so.Cor III.iii.107
It shall be so, it shall be so.It shall be so, it shall be so!Cor III.iii.119.2
Our enemy is banish'd, he is gone: Hoo, oo.Our enemy is banished, he is gone! Hoo-oo!Cor III.iii.137
Come, come, lets see him out at gates, come:Come, come, let's see him out at gates, come!Cor III.iii.142
The Gods preserue our Noble Tribunes, come. The gods preserve our noble Tribunes! Come!Cor III.iii.143
The Gods preserue you both.The gods preserve you both!Cor
Now the Gods keepe you.Now the gods keep you!Cor
Faith, we heare fearfull Newes.Faith, we hear fearful news.Cor
And so did I: and to say the truth, soAnd so did I, and, to say the truth, soCor
did very many of vs, that we did we did for the best,did very many of us. That we did, we did for the best,Cor
and though wee willingly consented to his Banishment,and though we willingly consented to his banishment,Cor
yet it was against our will.yet it was against our will.Cor