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What Fellowes this?What fellow's this?Cor IV.v.20
What haue you to do here fellow?What have you to do here, fellow?Cor IV.v.24
Pray you auoid the house.Pray you avoid the house.Cor IV.v.25
What are you?What are you?Cor IV.v.27
A maru'llous poore one.A marvellous poor one.Cor IV.v.29
Pray you poore Gentleman, take vp Pray you, poor gentleman, take upCor IV.v.31
some other station: Heere's no place for you, pray yousome other station. Here's no place for you. Pray youCor IV.v.32
auoid: Come.avoid. Come.Cor IV.v.33
What you will not? Prythee tellWhat, you will not? Prithee tellCor IV.v.36
my Maister what a strange Guest he ha's master what a strange guest he has here.Cor IV.v.37
Where dwel'st thou?Where dwell'st thou?Cor IV.v.39
Vnder the Canopy?Under the canopy?Cor IV.v.41
Where's that?Where's that?Cor IV.v.43
I'th City of Kites and Crowes? WhatI'th' city of kites and crows? WhatCor IV.v.45
an Asse it is, then thou dwel'st with Dawes too?an ass it is! Then thou dwell'st with daws too?Cor IV.v.46
How sir? Do you meddle with myHow, sir? Do you meddle with myCor IV.v.48
Master?master?Cor IV.v.49
Oh Slaues, I can tell you Newes,O slaves, I can tell you news – Cor IV.v.176
News you Rascalsnews, you rascals!Cor IV.v.178
I would not be a Roman of allI would not be a Roman, of allCor IV.v.180
Nations; I had as liue be a condemn'd man.nations. I had as lief be a condemned man.Cor IV.v.181
Why here's he that was wont toWhy, here's he that was wont toCor IV.v.183
thwacke our Generall, Caius Martius.thwack our general, Caius Martius.Cor IV.v.184
I do not say thwacke our Generall,I do not say ‘thwack our general',Cor IV.v.187
but he was alwayes good enough for himbut he was always good enough for him.Cor IV.v.188
Why he is so made on heere within,Why, he is so made on here withinCor IV.v.198
as if hee were Son and Heire to Mars, set at vpper endas if he were son and heir to Mars; set at upper endCor IV.v.199
o'th' Table: No question askt him by any of the Senators,o'th' table; no question asked him by any of the senatorsCor IV.v.200
but they stand bald before him. Our Generall himselfebut they stand bald before him. Our general himselfCor IV.v.201
makes a Mistris of him, Sanctifies himselfe with's hand,makes a mistress of him, sanctifies himself with's hand,Cor IV.v.202
and turnes vp the white o'th' eye to his Discourse. But theand turns up the white o'th' eye to his discourse. But theCor IV.v.203
bottome of the Newes is, our Generall is cut i'th' middle, &bottom of the news is, our general is cut i'th' middle andCor IV.v.204
but one halfe of what he was yesterday. For the other ha'sbut one half of what he was yesterday, for the other hasCor IV.v.205
halfe, by the intreaty and graunt of the whole Table. Hee'lhalf by the entreaty and grant of the whole table. He'llCor IV.v.206
go he sayes, and sole the Porter of Rome Gates by th' eares.go, he says, and sowl the porter of Rome gates by th' ears.Cor IV.v.207
He will mowe all downe before him, and leaue his passageHe will mow all down before him, and leave his passageCor IV.v.208
poul'd.polled.Cor IV.v.209
Doo't? he will doo't: for look you Do't! He will do't, for look you,Cor IV.v.212
sir, he has as many Friends as Enemies: which Friends sir, he has as many friends as enemies; which friends,Cor IV.v.213
sir as it were, durst not (looke you sir) shew themseluessir, as it were, durst not – look you, sir – show themselves,Cor IV.v.214
(as we terme it) his Friends, whilest he's in we term it, his friends whilst he's in directitude.Cor IV.v.215
But when they shall see sir, hisBut when they shall see, sir, hisCor IV.v.217
Crest vp againe, and the man in blood, they will out of theircrest up again and the man in blood, they will out of theirCor IV.v.218
Burroughes (like Conies after Raine) and reuell all with him.burrows like conies after rain, and revel all with him.Cor IV.v.219
To morrow, to day, presently, you Tomorrow, today, presently. YouCor IV.v.221
shall haue the Drum strooke vp this afternoone: 'Tis as itshall have the drum struck up this afternoon. 'Tis as itCor IV.v.222
were a parcel of their Feast, and to be executed ere theywere a parcel of their feast, and to be executed ere theyCor IV.v.223
wipe their lips.wipe their lips.Cor IV.v.224
Reason, because they then lesseReason: because they then lessCor IV.v.238
neede one another: / The Warres for my money. I hope to seeneed one another. The wars for my money. I hope to seeCor IV.v.239
Romanes as cheape as Volcians. They are rising, they areRomans as cheap as Volscians. They are rising, they areCor IV.v.240
rising.rising.Cor IV.v.241

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