Original textModern textKey line
But had he died in the Businesse Madame, howBut had he died in the business, madam, howCor I.iii.18
then?then?Cor I.iii.19
Beseech you giue me leaue to retire my selfe.Beseech you, give me leave to retire myself.Cor I.iii.28
His bloody Brow? Oh Iupiter, no blood.His bloody brow? O Jupiter, no blood!Cor I.iii.39
Heauens blesse my Lord from fell Auffidius.Heavens bless my lord from fell Aufidius!Cor I.iii.46
I am glad to see your Ladyship.I am glad to see your ladyship.Cor I.iii.51
I thanke your Lady-ship: Well good Madam.I thank your ladyship. Well, good madam.Cor I.iii.55
A Cracke Madam.A crack, madam.Cor I.iii.69
No (good Madam) / I will not out of doores.No, good madam, I will not out of doors.Cor I.iii.72
Indeed no, by your patience; Ile not ouer theIndeed, no, by your patience. I'll not over theCor I.iii.75
threshold, till my Lord returne from the Warres.threshold till my lord return from the wars.Cor I.iii.76
I will wish her speedy strength, and visite herI will wish her speedy strength and visit herCor I.iii.79
with my prayers: but I cannot go thither.with my prayers, but I cannot go thither.Cor I.iii.80
'Tis not to saue labour, nor that I want loue.'Tis not to save labour, nor that I want love.Cor I.iii.82
No good Madam, pardon me, indeed I will notNo, good madam, pardon me, indeed I will notCor I.iii.88
foorth.forth.Cor I.iii.89
Oh good Madam, there can be none yet.O, good madam, there can be none yet.Cor I.iii.92
Indeed Madam.Indeed, madam?Cor I.iii.95
Giue me excuse good Madame, I will obey youGive me excuse, good madam, I will obey youCor I.iii.103
in euery thing everything hereafter.Cor I.iii.104
No / At a word Madam; Indeed I must not, / INo, at a word, madam. Indeed I must not. ICor I.iii.110
wish you much mirth.wish you much mirth.Cor I.iii.111
Nay, 'tis true.Nay, 'tis true.Cor II.i.102
Yes certaine, there's a Letter for you, I saw't.Yes, certain, there's a letter for you, I saw't.Cor II.i.108
Oh no, no, no.O, no, no, no.Cor II.i.115
The Gods graunt them true.The gods grant them true.Cor II.i.135
All. ALL
Welcome to Rome, renowned Coriolanus.Welcome to Rome, renowned Coriolanus!Cor II.i.160
Oh heauens! O heauens!O heavens! O heavens!Cor IV.i.12.1
You shall stay too: I would I had the powerYou shall stay too. I would I had the powerCor IV.ii.15
To say so to my Husband.To say so to my husband.Cor IV.ii.16.1
What then? What then!Cor IV.ii.25.3
Hee'ld make an end of thy posterityHe'd make an end of thy posterity.Cor IV.ii.26
My Lord and Husband.My lord and husband!Cor V.iii.37.2
The sorrow that deliuers vs thus chang'd,The sorrow that delivers us thus changedCor V.iii.39
Makes you thinke so.Makes you think so.Cor V.iii.40.1
I, and mine, Ay, and mine,Cor V.iii.125.2
that brought you forth this boy, / To keepe your name That brought you forth this boy to keep your nameCor V.iii.126
liuing to time.Living to time.Cor V.iii.127.1

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