Original textModern textKey line
It is so sir, truly I haue forgot you.It is so, sir. Truly, I have forgot you.Cor IV.iii.3
Nicanor: no.Nicanor, no?Cor IV.iii.6
You had more Beard when I last saw you, but yourYou had more beard when I last saw you, but yourCor IV.iii.8
Fauour is well appear'd by your Tongue. What's the Newesfavour is well approved by your tongue. What's the newsCor IV.iii.9
in Rome: I haue a Note from the Volcean state to findein Rome? I have a note from the Volscian state to findCor IV.iii.10
you out there. You haue well saued mee a dayes iourney.you out there. You have well saved me a day's journey.Cor IV.iii.11
Hath bin; is it ended then? Our State thinks notHath been? Is it ended then? Our state thinks notCor IV.iii.14
so, they are in a most warlike preparation, & hope toso. They are in a most warlike preparation, and hope toCor IV.iii.15
com vpon them, in the heate of their diuisioncome upon them in the heat of their division.Cor IV.iii.16
Coriolanus Banisht?Coriolanus banished?Cor IV.iii.24
You will be welcome with this intelligence You will be welcome with this intelligence,Cor IV.iii.26
Nicanor. Nicanor.Cor IV.iii.27
He cannot choose: I am most fortunate, thusHe cannot choose. I am most fortunate thusCor IV.iii.33
accidentally to encounter you. You haue ended my Businesse,accidentally to encounter you. You have ended my business,Cor IV.iii.34
and I will merrily accompany you home.and I will merrily accompany you home.Cor IV.iii.35
A most Royall one: The Centurions, and theirA most royal one. The centurions and theirCor IV.iii.39
charges distinctly billetted already in th' entertainment,charges distinctly billeted, already in th' entertainment,Cor IV.iii.40
and to be on foot at an houres warning.and to be on foot at an hour's warning.Cor IV.iii.41
You take my part from me sir, I haue the mostYou take my part from me, sir. I have the mostCor IV.iii.45
cause to be glad of yours.cause to be glad of yours.Cor IV.iii.46

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