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You haue her fathers loue, Demetrius:You have her father's love, Demetrius – MND I.i.93
Let me haue Hermiaes: do you marry him.Let me have Hermia's. Do you marry him.MND I.i.94
I am my Lord, as well deriu'd as he,I am, my lord, as well derived as he,MND I.i.99
As well possest: my loue is more then his:As well possessed. My love is more than his,MND I.i.100
My fortunes euery way as fairely ranck'dMy fortunes every way as fairly ranked – MND I.i.101
(If not with vantage) as Demetrius:If not with vantage – as Demetrius'.MND I.i.102
And (which is more then all these boasts can be)And – which is more than all these boasts can be – MND I.i.103
I am belou'd of beauteous Hermia.I am beloved of beauteous Hermia.MND I.i.104
Why should not I then prosecute my right?Why should not I then prosecute my right?MND I.i.105
Demetrius, Ile auouch it to his head,Demetrius – I'll avouch it to his head – MND I.i.106
Made loue to Nedars daughter, Helena,Made love to Nedar's daughter, Helena,MND I.i.107
And won her soule: and she (sweet Ladie) dotes,And won her soul; and she, sweet lady, dotes,MND I.i.108
Deuoutly dotes, dotes in Idolatry,Devoutly dotes, dotes in idolatryMND I.i.109
Vpon this spotted and inconstant man.Upon this spotted and inconstant man.MND I.i.110
How now my loue? Why is your cheek so pale?How now, my love? Why is your cheek so pale?MND I.i.128
How chance the Roses there do fade so fast?How chance the roses there do fade so fast?MND I.i.129
For ought that euer I could reade,Ay me! For aught that I could ever read,MND I.i.132
Could euer heare by tale or historie,Could ever hear by tale or history,MND I.i.133
The course of true loue neuer did run smooth,The course of true love never did run smooth;MND I.i.134
But either it was different in blood.But either it was different in blood – MND I.i.135
Or else misgraffed, in respect of yeares.Or else misgraffed in respect of years – MND I.i.137
Or else it stood vpon the choise of merit.Or else it stood upon the choice of friends – MND I.i.139
Or if there were a simpathie in choise,Or if there were a sympathy in choice,MND I.i.141
Warre, death, or sicknesse, did lay siege to it;War, death, or sickness did lay siege to it,MND I.i.142
Making it momentarie, as a sound:Making it momentany as a sound,MND I.i.143
Swift as a shadow, short as any dreame,Swift as a shadow, short as any dream,MND I.i.144
Briefe as the lightning in the collied night,Brief as the lightning in the collied night,MND I.i.145
That (in a spleene) vnfolds both heauen and earth;That in a spleen unfolds both heaven and earth,MND I.i.146
And ere a man hath power to say, behold,And – ere a man hath power to say ‘ Behold!’ – MND I.i.147
The iawes of darkness do deuoure it vp:The jaws of darkness do devour it up.MND I.i.148
So quicke bright things come to confusion.So quick bright things come to confusion.MND I.i.149
A good perswasion; therefore heare me Hermia,A good persuasion. Therefore hear me, Hermia:MND I.i.156
I haue a Widdow Aunt, a dowager,I have a widow aunt, a dowager,MND I.i.157
Of great reuennew, and she hath no childe,Of great revenue; and she hath no child.MND I.i.158
From Athens is her house remou'd seuen leagues,From Athens is her house remote seven leagues;MND I.i.159
And she respects me, as her onely sonne:And she respects me as her only son.MND I.i.160
There gentle Hermia, may I marrie thee,There, gentle Hermia, may I marry thee;MND I.i.161
And to that place, the sharpe Athenian LawAnd to that place the sharp Athenian lawMND I.i.162
Cannot pursue vs. If thou lou'st me, thenCannot pursue us. If thou lovest me, thenMND I.i.163
Steale forth thy fathers house to morrow night:Steal forth thy father's house tomorrow night,MND I.i.164
And in the wood, a league without the towne,And in the wood, a league without the town – MND I.i.165
(Where I did meete thee once with Helena,Where I did meet thee once with HelenaMND I.i.166
To do obseruance for a morne of May)To do observance to a morn of May – MND I.i.167
There will I stay for thee.There will I stay for thee.MND I.i.168.1
Keepe promise loue: looke here comes Helena.Keep promise, love. Look – here comes Helena.MND I.i.179
Helen, to you our mindes we will vnfold,Helen, to you our minds we will unfold.MND I.i.208
To morrow night, when Phoebe doth beholdTomorrow night, when Phoebe doth beholdMND I.i.209
Her siluer visage, in the watry glasse,Her silver visage in the watery glass,MND I.i.210
Decking with liquid pearle, the bladed grasseDecking with liquid pearl the bladed grass – MND I.i.211
(A time that Louers flights doth still conceale)A time that lovers' flights doth still conceal – MND I.i.212
Through Athens gates, haue we deuis'd to steale.Through Athens gates have we devised to steal.MND I.i.213
I will my Hermia. I will, my Hermia.MND I.i.224.1
Helena adieu,Helena, adieu!MND I.i.224.2
As you on him, Demetrius dotes on you. As you on him, Demetrius dote on you.MND I.i.225
Faire loue, you faint with wandring in ye woods,Fair love, you faint with wandering in the wood;MND II.ii.41
And to speake troth I haue forgot our way:And – to speak truth – I have forgot our way.MND II.ii.42
Wee'll rest vs Hermia, if you thinke it good,We'll rest us, Hermia, if you think it good,MND II.ii.43
And tarry for the comfort of the day.And tarry for the comfort of the day.MND II.ii.44
One turfe shall serue as pillow for vs both,One turf shall serve as pillow for us both;MND II.ii.47
One heart, one bed, two bosomes, and one troth.One heart, one bed, two bosoms, and one troth.MND II.ii.48
O take the sence sweet, of my innocence,O, take the sense, sweet, of my innocence!MND II.ii.51
Loue takes the meaning, in loues conference,Love takes the meaning in love's conference – MND II.ii.52
I meane that my heart vnto yours is knit,I mean that my heart unto yours is knit,MND II.ii.53
So that but one heart can you make of it.So that but one heart we can make of it.MND II.ii.54
Two bosomes interchanged with an oath,Two bosoms interchained with an oath – MND II.ii.55
So then two bosomes, and a single troth.So then two bosoms and a single troth.MND II.ii.56
Then by your side, no bed-roome me deny,Then by your side no bed-room me deny,MND II.ii.57
For lying so, Hermia, I doe not lye.For lying so, Hermia, I do not lie.MND II.ii.58
Amen, amen, to that faire prayer, say I,Amen, amen, to that fair prayer say I,MND II.ii.68
And then end life, when I end loyalty:And then end life when I end loyalty.MND II.ii.69
Heere is my bed, sleepe giue thee all his rest.Here is my bed: sleep give thee all his rest.MND II.ii.70
And run through fire I will for thy sweet sake.And run through fire I will for thy sweet sake!MND II.ii.109
Transparent Helena, nature her shewes art,Transparent Helena, nature shows artMND II.ii.110
That through thy bosome makes me see thy heart.That through thy bosom makes me see thy heart.MND II.ii.111
Where is Demetrius? oh how fit a wordWhere is Demetrius? O, how fit a wordMND II.ii.112
Is that vile name, to perish on my sword!Is that vile name to perish on my sword!MND II.ii.113
Content with Hermia? No, I do repentContent with Hermia? No, I do repentMND II.ii.117
The tedious minutes I with her haue spent.The tedious minutes I with her have spent.MND II.ii.118
Not Hermia, but Helena now I loue;Not Hermia but Helena I love.MND II.ii.119
Who will not change a Rauen for a Doue?Who will not change a raven for a dove?MND II.ii.120
The will of man is by his reason sway'd:The will of man is by his reason swayed,MND II.ii.121
And reason saies you are the worthier Maide.And reason says you are the worthier maid.MND II.ii.122
Things growing are not ripe vntill their season;Things growing are not ripe until their season;MND II.ii.123
So I being yong, till now ripe not to reason,So I, being young, till now ripe not to reason.MND II.ii.124
And touching now the point of humane skill,And touching now the point of human skill,MND II.ii.125
Reason becomes the Marshall to my will,Reason becomes the marshal to my willMND II.ii.126
And leades me to your eyes, where I orelookeAnd leads me to your eyes, where I o'erlookMND II.ii.127
Loues stories, written in Loues richest booke.Love's stories written in love's richest book.MND II.ii.128
She sees not Hermia: Hermia sleepe thou there,She sees not Hermia. Hermia, sleep thou there,MND II.ii.141
And neuer maist thou come Lysander neere;And never mayst thou come Lysander near.MND II.ii.142
For as a surfeit of the sweetest thingsFor, as a surfeit of the sweetest thingsMND II.ii.143
The deepest loathing to the stomacke brings:The deepest loathing to the stomach brings,MND II.ii.144
Or as the heresies that men do leaue,Or as the heresies that men do leaveMND II.ii.145
Are hated most of those that did deceiue:Are hated most of those they did deceive,MND II.ii.146
So thou, my surfeit, and my heresie,So thou, my surfeit and my heresy,MND II.ii.147
Of all be hated; but the most of me;Of all be hated, but the most of me!MND II.ii.148
And all my powers addresse your loue and might,And, all my powers, address your love and mightMND II.ii.149
To honour Helen, and to be her Knight. To honour Helen and to be her knight.MND II.ii.150
Why should you think yt I should wooe in scorn?Why should you think that I should woo in scorn?MND III.ii.122
Scorne and derision neuer comes in teares:Scorn and derision never come in tears.MND III.ii.123
Looke when I vow I weepe; and vowes so borne,Look when I vow, I weep; and vows so born,MND III.ii.124
In their natiuity all truth appeares.In their nativity all truth appears.MND III.ii.125
How can these things in me, seeme scorne to you?How can these things in me seem scorn to you,MND III.ii.126
Bearing the badge of faith to proue them true.Bearing the badge of faith to prove them true?MND III.ii.127
I had no iudgement, when to her I swore.I had no judgement when to her I swore.MND III.ii.134
Demetrius loues her, and he loues not you. Demetrius loves her, and he loves not you.MND III.ii.136
You are vnkind Demetrius; be not so,You are unkind, Demetrius. Be not so,MND III.ii.162
For you loue Hermia; this you know I know;For you love Hermia – this you know I know.MND III.ii.163
And here with all good will, with all my heart,And here: with all good will, with all my heart,MND III.ii.164
In Hermias loue I yeeld you vp my part;In Hermia's love I yield you up my part.MND III.ii.165
And yours of Helena, to me bequeath,And yours of Helena to me bequeath,MND III.ii.166
Whom I do loue, and will do to my death.Whom I do love, and will do till my death.MND III.ii.167
It is not so.Helen, it is not so.MND III.ii.173.2
Why should hee stay whom Loue doth presse (to go?Why should he stay whom love doth press to go?MND III.ii.184
Lysanders loue (that would not let him bide)Lysander's love, that would not let him bide:MND III.ii.186
Faire Helena; who more engilds the night,Fair Helena, who more engilds the nightMND III.ii.187
Then all yon fierie oes, and eies of light.Than all you fiery oes and eyes of light,MND III.ii.188
Why seek'st thou me? Could not this make thee know,Why seekest thou me? Could not this make thee knowMND III.ii.189
The hate I bare thee, made me leaue thee so?The hate I bear thee made me leave thee so?MND III.ii.190
Stay gentle Helena, heare my excuse,Stay, gentle Helena, hear my excuse,MND III.ii.245
My loue, my life, my soule, faire Helena.My love, my life, my soul, fair Helena!MND III.ii.246
Thou canst compell, no more then she entreate.Thou canst compel no more than she entreat.MND III.ii.249
Thy threats haue no more strength then her weak praise.Thy threats have no more strength than her weak prayers.MND III.ii.250
Helen, I loue thee, by my life I doe;Helen, I love thee. By my life, I do.MND III.ii.251
I sweare by that which I will lose for thee,I swear by that which I will lose for theeMND III.ii.252
To proue him false, that saies I loue thee not.To prove him false that says I love thee not.MND III.ii.253
If thou say so, with-draw and proue it too.If thou say so, withdraw, and prove it too.MND III.ii.255
Away, you Ethiope.Away, you Ethiope!MND III.ii.257.1
Hang off thou cat, thou bur; vile thing let loose,Hang off, thou cat, thou burr! Vile thing, let loose,MND III.ii.260
Or I will shake thee from me like a serpent.Or I will shake thee from me like a serpent.MND III.ii.261
Thy loue? out tawny Tartar, out;Thy love? – out, tawny Tartar, out;MND III.ii.263.2
Out loathed medicine; O hated poison hence.Out, loathed medicine! O hated potion, hence!MND III.ii.264
Demetrius: I will keepe my word with thee.Demetrius, I will keep my word with thee.MND III.ii.266
What, should I hurt her, strike her, kill her dead?What? Should I hurt her, strike her, kill her dead?MND III.ii.269
Although I hate her, Ile not harme her so.Although I hate her, I'll not harm her so.MND III.ii.270
I, by my life;Ay, by my life;MND III.ii.277.2
And neuer did desire to see thee more.And never did desire to see thee more.MND III.ii.278
Therefore be out of hope, of question, of doubt;Therefore be out of hope, of question, of doubt,MND III.ii.279
Be certaine, nothing truer: 'tis no iest,Be certain. Nothing truer – 'tis no jestMND III.ii.280
That I doe hate thee, and loue Helena.That I do hate thee and love Helena.MND III.ii.281
Be not afraid, she shall not harme thee Helena.Be not afraid; she shall not harm thee, Helena.MND III.ii.321
Get you gone you dwarfe,Get you gone, you dwarf,MND III.ii.328.2
You minimus, of hindring knot-grasse made,You minimus of hindering knot-grass made,MND III.ii.329
You bead, you acorne.You bead, you acorn.MND III.ii.330.1
Now she holds me not,Now she holds me not.MND III.ii.335.2
Now follow if thou dar'st, to try whose right,Now follow – if thou darest – to try whose rightMND III.ii.336
Of thine or mine is most in Helena.Of thine or mine is most in Helena.MND III.ii.337
Where art thou, proud Demetrius? Speake thou now.Where art thou, proud Demetrius? Speak thou now.MND III.ii.401
I will be with thee straight.I will be with thee straight.MND III.ii.403.1
He goes before me, and still dares me on,He goes before me, and still dares me on;MND III.ii.413
When I come where he cals, then he's gone.When I come where he calls, then he is gone.MND III.ii.414
The villaine is much lighter heel'd then I:The villain is much lighter-heeled than I.MND III.ii.415
I followed fast, but faster he did flye; shifting places.I followed fast, but faster he did fly,MND III.ii.416
That fallen am I in darke vneuen way,That fallen am I in dark uneven way,MND III.ii.417
And here wil rest me. Come thou gentle day: lye down.And here will rest me. (He lies down) Come, thou gentle day,MND III.ii.418
For if but once thou shew me thy gray light,For if but once thou show me thy grey lightMND III.ii.419
Ile finde Demetrius, and reuenge this spight.I'll find Demetrius and revenge this spite.MND III.ii.420
Pardon my Lord.Pardon, my lord.MND IV.i.140.1
My Lord, I shall reply amazedly,My lord, I shall reply amazedly,MND IV.i.145
Halfe sleepe, halfe waking. But as yet, I sweare,Half sleep, half waking. But as yet, I swear,MND IV.i.146
I cannot truly say how I came heere.I cannot truly say how I came here.MND IV.i.147
But as I thinke (for truly would I speake)But as I think – for truly would I speak – MND IV.i.148
And now I doe bethinke me, so it is;And now do I bethink me, so it is:MND IV.i.149
I came with Hermia hither. Our intentI came with Hermia hither. Our intentMND IV.i.150
Was to be gone from Athens, where we might beWas to be gone from Athens where we mightMND IV.i.151
Without the perill of the Athenian Law.Without the peril of the Athenian law...MND IV.i.152
And he bid vs follow to the Temple.And he did bid us follow to the temple.MND IV.i.196
More then to vs,More than to usMND V.i.30.2
waite in your royall walkes, your boord, your bed.Wait in your royal walks, your board, your bed.MND V.i.31
He hath rid his Prologue, like a rough Colt: heHe hath rid his prologue like a rough colt; heMND V.i.119
knowes not the stop. A good morall my Lord. It is notknows not the stop. A good moral, my lord: it is notMND V.i.120
enough to speake, but to speake true.enough to speak, but to speak true.MND V.i.121
This Lion is a verie Fox for his valor.This lion is a very fox for his valour.MND V.i.226
Proceed Moone.Proceed, Moon.MND V.i.249
And so the Lion vanisht.And so the lion vanished.MND V.i.263
Lesse then an ace man. For he is dead, he isLess than an ace, man; for he is dead. He isMND V.i.300
nothing. nothing.MND V.i.301
She hath spyed him already, with those sweeteShe hath spied him already, with those sweetMND V.i.313
eyes.eyes.MND V.i.314