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Good Grandam tell vs, is our Father dead?Good grandam, tell us, is our father dead?R3 II.ii.1
Why do you looke on vs, and shake your head,Why do you look on us, and shake your head,R3 II.ii.5
And call vs Orphans, Wretches, Castawayes,And call us orphans, wretches, castaways,R3 II.ii.6
If that our Noble Father were aliue?If that our noble father were alive?R3 II.ii.7
Then you conclude, (my Grandam) he is dead:Then you conclude, my grandam, he is dead?R3 II.ii.12
The King mine Vnckle is too blame for it.The King mine uncle is to blame for it.R3 II.ii.13
God will reuenge it, whom I will importuneGod will revenge it, whom I will importuneR3 II.ii.14
With earnest prayers, all to that effect.With earnest prayers all to that effect.R3 II.ii.15
Grandam we can: for my good Vnkle GlosterGrandam, we can; for my good uncle GloucesterR3 II.ii.20
Told me, the King prouok'd to it by the Queene,Told me the King, provoked to it by the Queen,R3 II.ii.21
Deuis'd impeachments to imprison him;Devised impeachments to imprison him;R3 II.ii.22
And when my Vnckle told me so, he wept,And when my uncle told me so, he wept,R3 II.ii.23
And pittied me, and kindly kist my cheeke:And pitied me, and kindly kissed my cheek;R3 II.ii.24
Bad me rely on him, as on my Father,Bade me rely on him as on my father,R3 II.ii.25
And he would loue me deerely as a childe.And he would love me dearly as a child.R3 II.ii.26
Thinke you my Vnkle did dissemble Grandam?Think you my uncle did dissemble, grandam?R3 II.ii.31
I cannot thinke it. Hearke, what noise is this?I cannot think it. Hark! What noise is this?R3 II.ii.33
Ah Aunt! you wept not for our Fathers death:Ah, aunt, You wept not for our father's death.R3 II.ii.62
How can we ayde you with our Kindred teares?How can we aid you with our kindred tears?R3 II.ii.63
Ah for our Father, for our deere Lord Clarence.Ah for our father, for our dear lord Clarence!R3 II.ii.72
What stay had we but Clarence? and he's gone.What stay had we but Clarence? And he's gone.R3 II.ii.75
Were neuer Orphans had so deere a losse.Were never orphans had so dear a loss.R3 II.ii.78

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