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No Vnkle, but our crosses on the way,No, uncle; but our crosses on the wayR3 III.i.4
Haue made it tedious, wearisome, and heauie.Have made it tedious, wearisome, and heavy.R3 III.i.5
I want more Vnkles heere to welcome me.I want more uncles here to welcome me.R3 III.i.6
God keepe me from false Friends, / But they were none.God keep me from false friends! – But they were none.R3 III.i.16
I thanke you, good my Lord, and thank you all:I thank you, good my lord, and thank you all.R3 III.i.19
I thought my Mother, and my Brother Yorke,I thought my mother and my brother YorkR3 III.i.20
Would long, ere this, haue met vs on the way.Would long ere this have met us on the way.R3 III.i.21
Fie, what a Slug is Hastings, that he comes notFie, what a slug is Hastings that he comes notR3 III.i.22
To tell vs, whether they will come, or no.To tell us whether they will come or no!R3 III.i.23
Welcome, my Lord: what, will our Mother come?Welcome, my lord. What, will our mother come?R3 III.i.25
Good Lords, make all the speedie hast you may.Good lords, make all the speedy haste you may.R3 III.i.60
Say, Vnckle Glocester, if our Brother come,Say, uncle Gloucester, if our brother come,R3 III.i.61
Where shall we soiourne, till our Coronation?Where shall we sojourn till our coronation?R3 III.i.62
I doe not like the Tower, of any place:I do not like the Tower, of any place.R3 III.i.68
Did Iulius Casar build that place, my Lord?Did Julius Caesar build that place, my lord?R3 III.i.69
Is it vpon record? or else reportedIs it upon record, or else reportedR3 III.i.72
Successiuely from age to age, he built it?Successively from age to age, he built it?R3 III.i.73
But say, my Lord, it were not registred,But say, my lord, it were not registered,R3 III.i.75
Me thinkes the truth should liue from age to age,Methinks the truth should live from age to age,R3 III.i.76
As 'twere retayl'd to all posteritie,As 'twere retailed to all posterity,R3 III.i.77
Euen to the generall ending day.Even to the general all-ending day.R3 III.i.78
What say you, Vnckle?What say you, uncle?R3 III.i.80
That Iulius Casar was a famous man,That Julius Caesar was a famous man.R3 III.i.84
With what his Valour did enrich his Wit,With what his valour did enrich his wit,R3 III.i.85
His Wit set downe, to make his Valour liue:His wit set down to make his valour live.R3 III.i.86
Death makes no Conquest of his Conqueror,Death makes no conquest of this conqueror,R3 III.i.87
For now he liues in Fame, though not in Life.For now he lives in fame, though not in life.R3 III.i.88
Ile tell you what, my Cousin Buckingham.I'll tell you what, my cousin Buckingham – R3 III.i.89
And if I liue vntill I be a man,An if I live until I be a man,R3 III.i.91
Ile win our ancient Right in France againe,I'll win our ancient right in France againR3 III.i.92
Or dye a Souldier, as I liu'd a King.Or die a soldier, as I lived a king.R3 III.i.93
Richard of Yorke, how fares our Noble Brother? Richard of York, how fares our loving brother?R3 III.i.96
I, Brother, to our griefe, as it is yours:Ay, brother – to our grief, as it is yours.R3 III.i.98
Too late he dy'd, that might haue kept that Title,Too late he died that might have kept that title,R3 III.i.99
Which by his death hath lost much Maiestie.Which by his death hath lost much majesty.R3 III.i.100
A Begger, Brother?A beggar, brother?R3 III.i.112
My Lord of Yorke will still be crosse in talke:My Lord of York will still be cross in talk.R3 III.i.126
Vnckle, your Grace knowes how to beare with him.Uncle, your grace knows how to bear with him.R3 III.i.127
My Lord Protector will haue it so.My Lord Protector needs will have it so.R3 III.i.141
I feare no Vnckles dead.I fear no uncles dead.R3 III.i.146
And if they liue, I hope I need not feare.An if they live, I hope I need not fear.R3 III.i.148
But come my Lord: and with a heauie heart,But come, my lord; and with a heavy heart,R3 III.i.149
Thinking on them, goe I vnto the Tower.Thinking on them, go I unto the Tower.R3 III.i.150
Dreame on thy Cousins / Smothered in the Tower:Dream on thy cousins smothered in the Tower.R3 V.iii.152
Let vs be laid within thy bosome Richard,Let us be lead within thy bosom, Richard,R3 V.iii.153
And weigh thee downe to ruine, shame, and death,And weigh thee down to ruin, shame, and death!R3 V.iii.154
Thy Nephewes soule bids thee dispaire and dye.Thy nephews' souls bid thee despair, and die!R3 V.iii.155
Sleepe Richmond, / Sleepe in Peace, and wake in Ioy,Sleep, Richmond, sleep in peace and wake in joy.R3 V.iii.156
Good Angels guard thee from the Boares annoy,Good angels guard thee from the boar's annoy!R3 V.iii.157
Liue, and beget a happy race of Kings,Live, and beget a happy race of kings!R3 V.iii.158
Edwards vnhappy Sonnes, do bid thee flourish.Edward's unhappy sons do bid thee flourish.R3 V.iii.159

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