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I would speak with Clarence, and I I would speak with Clarence, and IR3 I.iv.87
came hither on my Legges.came hither on my legs.R3 I.iv.88
What, shall we stab him as he sleepes.What? Shall I stab him as he sleeps?R3 I.iv.101
Why he shall neuer wake, Why, he shall never wake until theR3 I.iv.104
vntill the great Iudgement day.great Judgement Day.R3 I.iv.105
The vrging of that word Iudgement, The urging of that word judgementR3 I.iv.108
hath bred a kinde of remorse in me.hath bred a kind of remorse in me.R3 I.iv.109
Not to kill him, hauing a Warrant,Not to kill him, having a warrant,R3 I.iv.111
But to be damn'd for killing him, from the which / No but to be damned for killing him, from the which noR3 I.iv.112
Warrant can defend me.warrant can defend me.R3 I.iv.113
So I am, to let him liue.So I am – to let him live.R3 I.iv.115
Nay, I prythee stay a little: / I hope Nay, I pray thee stay a little. I hopeR3 I.iv.118
this passionate humor of mine, will change, / It was wont this passionate humour of mine will change. It was wontR3 I.iv.119
to hold me but while one tels hold me but while one tells twenty.R3 I.iv.120
Some certaine dregges of conscience Faith, some certain dregs of conscienceR3 I.iv.122
are yet within mee.are yet within me.R3 I.iv.123
Come, he dies: I had forgot the Zounds, he dies! I had forgot theR3 I.iv.126
Reward.reward.R3 I.iv.127
O, in the Duke of Glousters purse.O, in the Duke of Gloucester'sR3 I.iv.129
purse.R3 I.iv.130
'Tis no matter, let it goe: There's 'Tis no matter; let it go. There'sR3 I.iv.133
few or none / will entertaine it.few or none will entertain it.R3 I.iv.134
Ile not meddle with it, it makes a I'll not meddle with it; it makes aR3 I.iv.136
man a Coward: A man cannot steale, but it accuseth him: man a coward. A man cannot steal, but it accuseth him;R3 I.iv.137
A man cannot Sweare, but it Checkes him: A man cannot lye a man cannot swear, but it checks him; a man cannot lieR3 I.iv.138
with his Neighbours Wife, but it detects him. 'Tis a with his neighbour's wife, but it detects him. 'Tis aR3 I.iv.139
blushing shamefac'd spirit, that mutinies in a mans blushing shamefaced spirit that mutinies in a man'sR3 I.iv.140
bosome: It filles a man full of Obstacles. It made me once bosom. It fills a man full of obstacles. It made me onceR3 I.iv.141
restore a Pursse of Gold that (by chance) I found: It beggars restore a purse of gold that by chance I found. It beggarsR3 I.iv.142
any man that keepes it: It is turn'd out of Townes and any man that keeps it. It is turned out of all towns andR3 I.iv.143
Citties for a dangerous thing, and euery man that means cities for a dangerous thing, and every man that meansR3 I.iv.144
to liue well, endeuours to trust to himselfe, and liue to live well endeavours to trust to himself and to liveR3 I.iv.145
without it.without it.R3 I.iv.146
Take the diuell in thy minde, and Take the devil in thy mind – andR3 I.iv.149
beleeue him not: / He would insinuate with thee but to believe him not. He would insinuate with thee but toR3 I.iv.150
make thee sigh.make thee sigh.R3 I.iv.151
Spoke like a tall man, that respects Spoke like a tall man that respectsR3 I.iv.154
thy reputation. / Come, shall we fall to worke?thy reputation. Come, shall we fall to work?R3 I.iv.155
O excellent deuice; and make a sop O excellent device! And make a sopR3 I.iv.159
of him.of him.R3 I.iv.160
Strike.Strike!R3 I.iv.162
You shall haue Wine enough my Lord anon.You shall have wine enough, my lord, anon.R3 I.iv.165
Nor you as we are, Loyall.Nor you as we are, loyal.R3 I.iv.169
To, to, to---To, to, to – R3 I.iv.175
I, I.Ay, ay.R3 I.iv.177
Neuer my Lord, therefore prepare to dye.Never, my lord; therefore prepare to die.R3 I.iv.183
And he that hath commanded, is our King.And he that hath commanded is our king.R3 I.iv.197
And that same Vengeance doth he hurle on thee,And that same vengeance doth he hurl on theeR3 I.iv.204
For false Forswearing, and for murther too:For false forswearing and for murder too:R3 I.iv.205
Thou did'st receiue the Sacrament, to fightThou didst receive the sacrament to fightR3 I.iv.206
In quarrell of the House of Lancaster.In quarrel of the house of Lancaster.R3 I.iv.207
Whom thou was't sworne to cherish and defend.Whom thou wast sworn to cherish and defend.R3 I.iv.211
You are deceiu'd, / Your Brother Glouster hates you.You are deceived. Your brother Gloucester hates you.R3 I.iv.235
Make peace with God, for you must die my Lord.Make peace with God, for you must die, my lord.R3 I.iv.252
What shall we do?What shall we do?R3 I.iv.259.1
Looke behinde you, my Lord.Look behind you, my lord!R3 I.iv.271
A bloody deed, and desperately dispatcht:A bloody deed, and desperately dispatched!R3 I.iv.274
How faine (like Pilate) would I wash my handsHow fain, like Pilate, would I wash my handsR3 I.iv.275
Of this most greeuous murther. Of this most grievous murder!R3 I.iv.276
I would he knew that I had sau'd his brother,I would he knew that I had saved his brother!R3 I.iv.279
Take thou the Fee, and tell him what I say,Take thou the fee and tell him what I say,R3 I.iv.280
For I repent me that the Duke is slaine. For I repent me that the Duke is slain.R3 I.iv.281

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