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Neighbours, God speed.Neighbours, God speed!R3 II.iii.6.1
Doth the newes hold of good king Edwards death?Doth the news hold of good King Edward's death?R3 II.iii.7
Then Masters looke to see a troublous world.Then, masters, look to see a troublous world.R3 II.iii.9
Woe to that Land that's gouern'd by a Childe.Woe to that land that's governed by a child!R3 II.iii.11
Stood the State so? No, no, good friends, God wotStood the state so? No, no, good friends, God wot!R3 II.iii.18
For then this Land was famously enrich'dFor then this land was famously enrichedR3 II.iii.19
With politike graue Counsell; then the KingWith politic grave counsel; then the KingR3 II.iii.20
Had vertuous Vnkles to protect his Grace.Had virtuous uncles to protect his grace.R3 II.iii.21
Better it were they all came by his Father:Better it were they all came by his father,R3 II.iii.23
Or by his Father there were none at all:Or by his father there were none at all;R3 II.iii.24
For emulation, who shall now be neerest,For emulation who shall now be nearestR3 II.iii.25
Will touch vs all too neere, if God preuent not.Will touch us all too near, if God prevent not.R3 II.iii.26
O full of danger is the Duke of Glouster,O, full of danger is the Duke of Gloucester,R3 II.iii.27
And the Queenes Sons, and Brothers, haught and proud:And the Queen's sons and brothers haught and proud;R3 II.iii.28
And were they to be rul'd, and not to rule,And were they to be ruled, and not to rule,R3 II.iii.29
This sickly Land, might solace as before.This sickly land might solace as before.R3 II.iii.30
When Clouds are seen, wisemen put on their clokes;When clouds are seen, wise men put on their cloaks;R3 II.iii.32
When great leaues fall, then Winter is at hand;When great leaves fall, the winter is at hand;R3 II.iii.33
When the Sun sets, who doth not looke for night?When the sun sets, who doth not look for night?R3 II.iii.34
Vntimely stormes, makes men expect a Dearth:Untimely storms makes men expect a dearth.R3 II.iii.35
All may be well; but if God sort it so,All may be well; but if God sort it so,R3 II.iii.36
'Tis more then we deserue, or I expect.'Tis more than we deserve or I expect.R3 II.iii.37
Before the dayes of Change, still is it so,Before the days of change, still is it so.R3 II.iii.41
By a diuine instinct, mens mindes mistrustBy a divine instinct men's minds mistrustR3 II.iii.42
Pursuing danger: as by proofe we seeEnsuing danger; as by proof we seeR3 II.iii.43
The Water swell before a boyst'rous storme:The water swell before a boisterous storm.R3 II.iii.44
But leaue it all to God. Whither away?But leave it all to God. Whither away?R3 II.iii.45
And so was I: Ile beare you company.And so was I. I'll bear you company.R3 II.iii.47

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