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I Mother, but I would not haue it so.Ay, mother; but I would not have it so.R3 II.iv.8
Grandam, one night as we did sit at Supper,Grandam, one night as we did sit at supper,R3 II.iv.10
My Vnkle Riuers talk'd how I did growMy uncle Rivers talked how I did growR3 II.iv.11
More then my Brother. I, quoth my Vnkle Glouster,More than my brother. ‘ Ay,’ quoth my uncle Gloucester,R3 II.iv.12
Small Herbes haue grace, great Weeds do grow apace.‘ Small herbs have grace; great weeds do grow apace.’R3 II.iv.13
And since, me thinkes I would not grow so fast,And since, methinks, I would not grow so fast,R3 II.iv.14
Because sweet Flowres are slow, and Weeds make hast.Because sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste.R3 II.iv.15
Now by my troth, if I had beene remembred,Now, by my troth, if I had been remembered,R3 II.iv.23
I could haue giuen my Vnkles Grace, a flout,I could have given my uncle's grace a floutR3 II.iv.24
To touch his growth, neerer then he toucht mine.To touch his growth nearer than he touched mine.R3 II.iv.25
Marry (they say) my Vnkle grew so fast,Marry, they say my uncle grew so fastR3 II.iv.27
That he could gnaw a crust at two houres old,That he could gnaw a crust at two hours old;R3 II.iv.28
'Twas full two yeares ere I could get a tooth.'Twas full two years ere I could get a tooth.R3 II.iv.29
Grandam, this would haue beene a byting Iest.Grandam, this would have been a biting jest.R3 II.iv.30
Grandam, his Nursse.Grandam, his nurse.R3 II.iv.32
If 'twere not she, I cannot tell who told me.If 'twere not she, I cannot tell who told me.R3 II.iv.34
Well, my deare Lord, so must I call you now.Well, my dread lord – so must I call you now.R3 III.i.97
I thanke you, gentle Vnckle. O my Lord,I thank you, gentle uncle. O, my lord,R3 III.i.102
You said, that idle Weeds are fast in growth:You said that idle weeds are fast in growth.R3 III.i.103
The Prince, my Brother, hath out-growne me farre.The Prince my brother hath outgrown me far.R3 III.i.104
And therefore is he idle?And therefore is he idle?R3 III.i.105.2
Then he is more beholding to you, then I.Then he is more beholding to you than I.R3 III.i.107
I pray you, Vnckle, giue me this Dagger.I pray you, uncle, give me this dagger.R3 III.i.110
Of my kind Vnckle, that I know will giue,Of my kind uncle, that I know will give,R3 III.i.113
And being but a Toy, which is no griefe to giue.And being but a toy, which is no grief to give.R3 III.i.114
A greater gift? O, that's the Sword to it.A greater gift? O, that's the sword to it.R3 III.i.116
O then I see, you will part but with light gifts,O, then I see you will part but with light gifts!R3 III.i.118
In weightier things you'le say a Begger nay.In weightier things you'll say a beggar nay.R3 III.i.119
I weigh it lightly, were it heauier.I weigh it lightly, were it heavier.R3 III.i.121
I would that I might thanke you, as, as, you call me.I would, that I might thank you as you call me.R3 III.i.123
Little.Little.R3 III.i.125
You meane to beare me, not to beare with me:You mean, to bear me, not to bear with me.R3 III.i.128
Vnckle, my Brother mockes both you and me,Uncle, my brother mocks both you and me.R3 III.i.129
Because that I am little, like an Ape,Because that I am little, like an ape,R3 III.i.130
He thinkes that you should beare me on your shoulders.He thinks that you should bear me on your shoulders.R3 III.i.131
What, will you goe vnto the Tower, my Lord?What, will you go unto the Tower, my lord?R3 III.i.140
I shall not sleepe in quiet at the Tower.I shall not sleep in quiet at the Tower.R3 III.i.142
Marry, my Vnckle Clarence angry Ghost:Marry, my uncle Clarence' angry ghost – R3 III.i.144
My Grandam told me he was murther'd there.My grandam told me he was murdered there.R3 III.i.145
Dreame on thy Cousins / Smothered in the Tower:Dream on thy cousins smothered in the Tower.R3 V.iii.152
Let vs be laid within thy bosome Richard,Let us be lead within thy bosom, Richard,R3 V.iii.153
And weigh thee downe to ruine, shame, and death,And weigh thee down to ruin, shame, and death!R3 V.iii.154
Thy Nephewes soule bids thee dispaire and dye.Thy nephews' souls bid thee despair, and die!R3 V.iii.155
Sleepe Richmond, / Sleepe in Peace, and wake in Ioy,Sleep, Richmond, sleep in peace and wake in joy.R3 V.iii.156
Good Angels guard thee from the Boares annoy,Good angels guard thee from the boar's annoy!R3 V.iii.157
Liue, and beget a happy race of Kings,Live, and beget a happy race of kings!R3 V.iii.158
Edwards vnhappy Sonnes, do bid thee flourish.Edward's unhappy sons do bid thee flourish.R3 V.iii.159

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